Tips for Safe Driving for Teens

The highest fatal crash risk having by the teens than any other age group drivers. The problem is among sixteen years old drivers. They don’t have sufficient experience and results in risk taking while driving. If you are a teen driver, it does not mean that take only public transportation, ask for older driver to take, and stay at home all the time. Make sure to follow the safety norms. Some of them are as follows:

  • Teen drivers are doing crashes because of driving errors more often when compared to older drivers. Equip the sufficient experience for error free driving.
  • Studies show that driving the vehicle by using a cell phone is equivalent of driving drunk. It includes hands free phone also. Some states are prohibited the usage of cell phones while driving. So keep your cell phone switched off.
  • Researches are showing that texting is a cause of loss of focus on road on average for five seconds. While you are driving, this is a precious time and a lot can go wrong. Don’t try the texting while you are driving. Many states ban texting while driving. If you keep your head down, you can’t recognize the major developments that happen on the road, it even at the red signal light.
  • Turn on your vehicle headlights even on sunny days. This will increase your visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Drive a safe car that has an excellent crash safety record or with latest safety equipments such as air bags, electronic stability control and anti lock brakes.
  • Always aware of the traffic. It can be next to you, behind, and ahead to you. Get ready with the possible escape routes from traffic in your mind.
  • At lower speeds, maintain minimum one car length to your front car. In faster speeds maintain a larger distance.
  • Statistics are showing that teen passengers in the car while a teen is driving is more likely to happen a crash. More the teen passengers, more the crash chances. So try to avoid teen passengers and drive solely.
  • Minimize the distraction while you are driving. It may be tempting to play music loudly, flip around the radio dial, drink and eat while you are driving. These will distract you from driving even for a few seconds. It is enough for an unexpected incident.
  • Speed is the major cause for teen drivers. More than 40 percent of the accidents are caused because of speed.

Wisdom comes with age and driving experience, there are no substitutes for safety. But applying the these tips, you can drive in a safe way. Use common sense while you are driving to make it safe for your self and for others. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme