Benefits Fluoride for Teeth

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a mineral which is available naturally in most of the foods and in water. Fluoride helps the teeth to strengthen in many ways. Their are multiple benefits of fluoride that every one need to be aware of.

Why fluoride is recommended for teeth?
As said above fluoride is a valuable mineral which is a essential for body and in teeth. Fluoride supplement is necessary for all. Some of the uses of the fluoride are stated below:

  • It helps your teeth enamel strong, resists tooth decay and also it helps to reduce the bacterial infections on your teeth.
  • Children who are at the starting stage of the tooth development are more benefited from the fluoride.
  • The kind of fluoride that you get from the fluoride treatments, tooth pastes is good for the people of all ages as it fights against the tooth diseases like tooth decay and this kind of fluoride is called as “Topical Fluoride”
  • Most cities in the United States add fluoride to their water to avoid such tooth damages.
  • Many Australian countries and organizations like World Health Organization recommends water fluoridation.

Who must take the fluoride treatments?
The people with dry mouth, people with braces, who had radiation therapy done to their neck or head, and whose gums are pulled away from mouth need the fluoride treatment.

Fluoride treatments
There are various kinds of fluoride treatments depending on the condition of your teeth. Treatments are done by dentists or else you can do it yourself. Most dentists make your mouth dry and apply a paint in your mouth or a varnish, gel and foam. You can do it yourself by applying the gels prescribed based on the level of teeth condition.

Effects of over fluoridation
There is a chance of occurring “dental fluorosis” if fluoride intake is more. This is usually seen in the children under the age of seven years during the teeth development stage. So, they should have minimal amount of fluoride supplements.

How can you protect your teeth?

  • Cleaning your teeth regularly with a tooth paste containing fluoride and rinse your mouth. Brush at least twice a day.
  • Having a good diet with fluoride supplements.
  • Dental check up once or twice a moth keeps your teeth healthy.

Most studies show that fluoride is good for teeth and many countries have the fluoride in drinking water. Approximately 300 million people are drinking water containing fluoride. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme