Importance of Learning a New Language

Language is an essential tool required by us for good communication. With the help of this tool we can communicate our feelings, ideas and thoughts.

People over the globe belong to different ethnic groups and they developed their own linguistic form to communicate in their own segments. Over the time, subsequent modifications to these languages have given birth to many other daughter languages. Consequently we have today innumerable languages. As per Ethnologue around 6900 languages are used over the globe.

Language is a very vital and integral part of our existence. It is a part of our everyday activity. We make new friends, express our feelings and thoughts and share our ideas. World is a beautiful place and languages have a considerable part in ensuring same. Languages have brought many cultures together and they are an element for ensuring world peace. A person must put efforts to learn some new languages to explore the world and understand it from a little closer stance. It is really fun to learn and speak new languages and it comes with a lot of benefits.

Increased business and career prospects
Learning languages can make you understand people better from that country. This in particular will have bright prospects for your business as you can understand your clients and their needs and can serve them in a better way. Employees knowing a new language can be recommended by their manager for a foreign trip enhancing his chances of promotion. Learning a new language hence comes with lot of bright prospects for business owners and subordinate employees.

Good for mental health
Not only you have knowledge for an extra language in your pocket, but you also come up with a lot of mental benefits over the process. Learning a new language helps you improve your memorizing skills and open up your skills to perceive things in a better way and get good understanding of things and situations. It improves your learning process by inculcating an attitude for it and enhance your knowledge over a period of time.

Perfect tool while traveling
If you are planning to travel abroad, learning a language is not mandatory. It may be also not as important as your passport and visa. But getting yourself equipped with the native language of that place makes a significant impact on your traveling experience. The traveling experience is even more enthralling when you know how to speak their language. You can easily communicate with new people over travel. Getting directions and purchasing becomes easy. It gives a whole dimension to your traveling experience and makes it more exciting.

Having friends globally
Interacting with various people on the roads and streets you may pick up liking for someone and be friends with them. Your trip can no longer be lonely and monotonic. You do it every place you visit and soon you will have a friend in different parts of the world. You will apparently get to know a lot of things from the people you meet. People tend to like the people who try to speak their language. It is fun and adds color to life.

Knowing global cultures
You packed your bags, grabbed your tickets, visited some new places, spent enough fortune, but when you return; you will return with something far more valuable than your time or money. It is the friendship and the knowledge of culture over there. The language of the land tells you a lot about the culture of the land and you can know a lot over conversations. Over the time, you will develop liking and tolerance for cultures and learn to respect others’ culture.

Stand different in crowd
It is normal over the globe for a person to know at least two languages. But rarely people are multilingual. Just turn around and see for yourself how many people around you know more than three languages and you will see that you will rarely find anyone. If you are having knowledge of a new language over your peers, sure you are at a better edge than your peers. You will be thing of discussion at some point of time and you will be recognized for it. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme