Maintaining Pressure in Tyres of Your Car

Tyre care adds to the safety of the vehicle. Tyres should be checked before going on long drives and also at regular intervals. Tyre pressure maintained correctly in both will improve efficiency, fuel, safety of vehicle and extend life of tyres. Mostly tyres are neglected parts in a car.

Once a week check for pressure in tyres
Tyres leak and they need to be checked at regular intervals. Maintain the right amount of pressure in tyres to avoid poor mileage, tyre getting blown out or wearing of tyre. Poor tyre pressure affects the comfort level and handling or steering of car. Check for tyre pressure once a week and get them inflated as mentioned in owner’s manual.

Check for tyre pressure once a week. Rotate your tyres for every 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles to distribute wearing of tyre evenly in order to ensure longer road life. Your owner’s manual will mention the pattern and period of rotation you need to undertake else ask your car dealer.

Fill air in your car tyres for every 5,000 miles or 8,000 km
Under – inflation or over – inflation of tyres can damage your car. Fill air in tyres for every 5,000 miles or 8,000 km. Under-inflated tyres will expand and bulge putting more pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre resulting in poor driving performance. If you stay in a place where the temperature changes a lot, fill air in your tyres as and when required.

Check for tyre pressure during weather changes
When the weather changes, tyres are adversely affected. Tyre pressure changes during rise or soar in temperatures. As weather changes, you need to do regular maintenance once a year or twice a year. It is better if we check the tyre pressure for every two months or during extreme changes in weather. If you experience vibrations while steering then the tyres need to inflated. When there is rise in temperature the tyres can blow out.

Check for proper alignment of wheels
Wheel alignment should be checked for every 30,000 miles or as recommended in owner’s manual.
If tyres are not aligned properly, it will shorten the life of tyres and there will be problem in your steering too. An over-inflated, under-inflated, worn-out or not properly aligned tyre can be very dangerous especially during hot summer days. If your tyres are inflated properly, uneven wear shows the improper alignment of wheels.

Tyre depth should be maintained
The tyres should have a minimum of 1.6 mm of tread depth. Always keep a spare tyre with you in car. See that the spare tyre is properly inflated and has sufficient tread depth. Replace your tyres if your tread depth is low. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme