How to Get the Accent of the Language You are Learning

If you are learning a language and also want to learn the accent of that language, here are a few steps that will help you in learning the accent of the language that you have learned.

Listen to the sound carefully
While you are learning you should hear even small sounds of speech that your tutor is conveying. Hear them carefully and grab those sounds well so, that this will help you while practicing the accent. Listen the tones, phrases, vocabulary and inflection of various speakers of the language. Don’t distract in the middle because even a small disturbance will effect the sound you listen.

Record the words
The best way when you can’t listen to your tutor clearly is recording those sounds in your mobile recorder and use this recording when you practice the accent. You should pronounce and repeat those words along with the recording so that you will get the accent. Along with this watch some videos of the language that will help you, if you can’t understand repeat it twice or thrice until you hear them.

Learn the pronunciation
Pronunciation again relates to the recording of words. If your language course has a guide of pronunciation, try to listen to it until you get all the points. Don’t try to learn all at once. If possible take the help of a native speaker who can help you in pronunciation. Try to grab the way they pronounce and the way they move their lips and gestures.

Know about phonetics
Phonetics is also a part of language. So, learn a bit about phonology and phonetics. This will help you pronounce the language. To start it go with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which shows all the phonemes of the human speech which is reliable guide for pronunciation.

These are some of the best ways and steps to learn accent very easily and efficiently. So concentrate on this points and learn through proper guidance and counseling. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme