Steps to Follow if Your Website Goes Down

website monitoring serviceIs your website is down? If so, follow you need to follow certain remedial steps. You need to find the reasons that your site went down. You must check the possible reasons and correct them to make your site function optimally.

Check for the website is down really
At first, know whether your website is really down. The probable reasons might be Internet connection, number of visitors in a unite time, and so on. Check the problem by visiting your website and press shift+refresh and see you are getting any cached version. If yes, then your website is down otherwise not. If not so, check your Internet/broadband connection. If it is not the problem go to your hosting company to diagnose the problem. There are also other problems like networking problem, server crashing, expired domain, an programing error on a website, etc.

Check web server software of your website
After checking the aforementioned problems, you need to check your web server and check whether it is alive or not. This can be done by telnet command which will be available on windows, mac and Linux. Now it shows the web server is live or not. As this is a technical issue which you can’t handle, it is better to contact your host for a solution.

Host company for assistance
See if your hosting company can help you out in this matter. As there will be technical people serving you your problem will be solved if not go to the IT-support company or the approach the people who can solve the issue.

Take a back-up of your websitemonitoring service
It is you or your hosting company. If it is you take a back-up of all the resources of your website or if it is a hosting company ask them keep a complete back-up. This will help you preserve data and when lost, you can get get them into your web pages.

Make users know the problem
Don’t make your users leave your site for ever. Communicate with them through social networks and tell them the problem and make them aware of your site from time to time.

Have an up-time monitoring service
This service is important because it will let you know immediately when your site goes down. They will let you know through an SMS.

These are the few steps to be followed for a website to avoid the website down or down time of your website. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme