Gardening Tools, Equipments and Their Uses

Basic gardening tools are required for gardening. There are some basic gardening tools used in gardening such as:

miniature treesGloves
Gloves are the one of the essential basic tool in the gardening. It protects our hands from blisters, cuts, sunburns and thorns. Gloves are designed in different forms based on the tasks around the garden.

Seedling gloves are water proof gloves and provides extra Dexterity. Leather gloves are lack of flexibility and protects us from thorns and sharp objects. Full length glove reaches elbow and protects our hands from sun burn.

Watering can
Watering can is an essential gardening tool. It is used to provide water to the plant and to provide weedkillers or fertilizing the plants. Water cans are designed in different material such as copper, plastic, brass and ceramic and also available in different sizes from half liter to 10 liter cans. Plastic cans with 10liter cans are light weight and can use easily than others.

Utility bags
Utility bags are important through out the gardening process. It is used to hold all the tools for gardening. It is also used to place all the discarded weeds and debris from the garden. These are available in collapsible pop up styles and fold down polypropylene bags.miniature houses

Pruners are used to cut overgrown shrubs, stems and branches. These are available in knives and saw forms. Pruning knives are used to cut shrubs and prune branches. It is used to break up the soil before planting seeds. Pruning saw has larger teeth with rough surface and used to cut small branches and limbs and also fireworks.

Gardening forks
Gardening fork is a basic tool in gardening as it has several uses in gardening. It is used to dig the soil and to break up the compacted soil. It is also used to collect the loose materials such as leaves, compost and tree clippings as a result of pruning. It is used to lift the potatoes with out causing any damage.

Spades are long and having narrow blade at the edge. Transplanting spade is used to dig the soil to accommodate the plant root in the soil. It is used to avoid occurring damage to the adjacent plants and also to remove damaging weed. Fork spades are used to gather all the loose debris such as leaves, tree clippings, etc.

HoesFairy houses
Hoes has a long handle with flat and perpendicular blade at the end. It is used to remove weeds and drilling soil for plantation. There are two types of hoes are available one is push hoes and other is draw hoes. Push hoes is moved backwards on the un-hoed ground and avoids walking on the newly hoed weed. Draw hoe is moved forward and walks on the newly hoed weed.

Scissors is one of the basic tool required for gardening. It is used to cut overgrown stems and branches. It is also used to remove dead flowers from plant.

Aerators are used to aerate soil by penetrating into the earth and increases the uptake of oxygen, water, nutrients and encourages the plant growth. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme