How to Replace the Wiper Blades of Your Car

The wiper blades are used to clean the front window of your car. These are very helpful in rainy on snowy climate. Wiper blades are generally made of rubber. They would be a wear and tear of wiper blades after endlessly wiping snow, rain and dust from your windshield. Replacement of the wind shield is very easy and you can change them by yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss how to change the wiper blades of your car.

How to change the wiper blades on your car

  • Before changing Know what are the part of the blade to be changed
    • Windshield wipers consists of three basic parts: the lower wiper arm that prolongs from the base of the windshield
    • The metal blade attached to the lower arm and a rubber blade that wipes the windshield. Make sure that if you were really want to changing only the rubber blades that get worn down by water and bad weather conditions.
  • Buy a new replacement wiper bladesWater pump car
    • Before buying a new wiper blades find out the size replacement blades you need by gong through the owners manual or by measure the old rubber blades using a measuring tape.
    • Now note down the measurements and go to the automotive spares shop and buy a new rubber blades with exact sizes that fits your car.
    • Check the left and right wiper blades because they may not come in the same size. One blade is often one or two inches smaller than the other one.
  • Raise the metal wiper arm away from the windshield
    • Raise the metal wiper’s arm away from the windshield after raising make sure that it should be able to hold in a steady position perpendicular to the windshield.
    • Be careful with the positioning of the wiper blade, the metal wiper arm is a spring-loaded and it could roll back and crack your windshield.
  • Disconnect the old wiper blade
    • Locate the joint that connects the rubber wiper blade and the metal arm.
    • Make sure that a small plastic stopper holding the blade is attached to it.
    • Press the stopper and remove the old wiper blade and separate it from the metal arm.
    • Some wiper blades are equipped with pins to hold the rubber wiper in place of hook.
    • Make sure one hand carries the wiper away from the windshield during the entire process.
  • Install a new wiper blade
    • Move the refill wiper blade to the same end of the arm where you removed the old wiper out.
    • Now gently turn the new wiper blade until the hook moves to its original position to secure it.
    • Reconnect the wiper blades back against the windshield of your car.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the second wiper blade
    • The procedure is same for replacing of the second wiper blade.
    • Just you need to make sure that your using the correct size for each side.
  • Inspect the new wiper blades if they are working properly
    • After installing new wiper blades to your car inspect them by turning on the wiper blade mechanism.

It’s important to replace the windshield wiper because it’s likely impair visibility when driving, which may lead to fatal collision. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme