Choosing Container Materials for Your Garden Plants

miniature gardenChoosing the right container is very important for your plants to grow well. Based on your plant type you need to choose the container. It also depends on the design of your garden and your budget. There are various types and sizes of containers available, choose the one that fits in your needs.

Some containers made of wood are long-lasting and good for water retention. Especially the containers made of solid hardwood barrels can be used for permanent plantings with good rustic settings. Containers made of hardwood can resist the rot. Though wood container is good for permanent plantings you need to use some preservatives to make it lasting. To ensure that soil doesn’t come out of the container you should check the joints of the container while you are selecting it for your plantings. If you are planting woodland plants then rustic wood would be the best choice.

Clay pots are traditional choices of many people of its huge benefits against the other containers available in the market. They add sculptural touch to your garden. Clay pots come in variety of sizes and shapes. They are usually inexpensive than the designer pieces like metal and many other containers. The major disadvantage with clay pots is they dry out quickly. So to prevent them from drying out you need to place them in a semi-shaded area. Make sure the containers are frost proof.

Stone is a good choice for maintaining soil moisture and temperature. It has a solid and ornamental look. Stone containers can be used for permanent plantings as they are strong enough to withstand the climatic conditions especially in winter. For plants which need plenty of space choose large stone containers. Containers made of concrete are less expensive as they are available in huge quantity, but some genuine old stones are very expensive. Soft stone containers give a beautiful look to your garden.

Metal is a good choice for winter containers. Metal containers are known for their durability. But, the major drawback with this containers are they heat up quickly and dries out through which they damage the roots if regular watering is not done. If you need to add decorative pieces to your garden, you can use them but, you need to take regular care of plants planted in metal containers.

Many people think that synthetic is a natural material, but the fact is, it is man made. But, the benefits with synthetic containers are, they are light miniature gardenweight, inexpensive and durable. They come in variety of finishes, sizes and shapes.

Baskets or bags
Apart from the above containers, you can also use old baskets or bags that are available in your home as a containers for small plants or shrubs. This saves some of your money on containers. Baskets are light weight and can be hanged anywhere in your home as a decorative pieces. Grow bags are also lightweight and are very compact. Bags can be used for temporary home plants. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme