Tips for Keep Your Home Secure when You Are Away

If you are planing for a vacation or if you are going away from your home, you need to take certain precautions for the safeguard of your home. Today, security issues are more frequent, so you need to make sure that you abide by certain things. Here are a few tips.

Avoid making know that you are away
You can ensure this, by keeping the house lit. This is likely to be a deterrent to intruders such as burglars. Burglars tend to attack houses that give an impression no one is inside. You can keep the curtains, drapers, etc. on windows open, which gives an impression that people are in.

Make sure to lock doors and window
Lock the doors and windows. Avoid keeping the keys that burglars can easily spot.
Use good quality locks, use locks that have ANSI grade 1 rating.

Don’t hide a spare key
Avoid hiding spare keys in surroundings of their homes like fake rocks or flower pots or some thing else. Burglars can easily find them. So it is better to give the spare key in relatives homes or any other people who you trust.

Inform police
If you are planning for a long vacation say more than a week, it is sensible to inform to the police about your trip, especially if you are living in a small town because whenever they are patroling, they may visit your home and they will have attention on your home. Make sure that your house number is known to police.

Keep the area around neat
If your door number is covered by a tree branch or bushes. Cut it before your going for a trip. These places might become hideouts for burglars.

Make friendship with your neighbors
It is helpful if you make your neighbors as your friends. This is because you can build up a bond with them. And, that will helpful for you in many ways, say when you are away from home, they will take care of your home.

Make sure newspapers and postal delivery collected by your neighbor. Avoid stopping getting newspapers. If newspapers are found lying at the door, your home it may signal to the thieves.

If there is an option like community group it is better to join that. They will also keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Likewise, you need to have a look on their homes when they are in vacation.

Therefore, it is always advisable to you is think some time about home security when you are planning for a trip.

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