Tips to Get the Accent of the New Learning Language

Ever tried learning a language and found that people cannot understand what you speak? Not only learning the grammar rules and vocabulary are important but also should have the command over accent which forms a key.

  • Learn proper pronunciation: Pronunciation relates to recording of words spoken. Try to go through the guides of pronunciation if you have one. Never go learning everything at once. Take help of native speakers and try to grasp the way they move their lips, Pronounce and the gestures they show off.


  • Find internet resources for the language you are learning: Listening to recordings and watching videos will help in learning the native accent. Practice them and compare the way you sound with that what the native speaker sounds.


  • Recoding the words: One best way where in case you cant listen your tutor is by recording the sounds in your recorder and use them when practicing the accent. One should pronounce and repeat the words along with the recording for excelling in accent.


  • Try listening the accent or sound carefully: Listen to the inflections, tones, sentences and phrases spoken by varied native speakers.
    • Vocabulary can be gained during this process and by hours of careful listening to the rhythms and speech sounds will add up value before beginning to pronounce them by self.
    • It can be practiced by watching television movies and shows in the language you are interested to learn.
    • Turn on subtitles fro proper understanding and ensure to pay attention to the pronunciation and dialogue when watching.
  • Know about phonetics: One should know about phonetics which forms a part of the language. Learning about phonology and phonetics helps to learn pronunciation. Go start with international phonetic alphabet which shows up all the phonemes forming a reliable tool for pronunciation of human speech.
  • Try doing some basic translations/ interpretations in your language.
  • Take enough time to learn things once you get done with the tuning of your ears with the language and learning at your own pace.

The above data provides with some of the best ways for learning accent efficiently and very easily. By keeping these points in view and learning through proper counseling and guidance helps one to develop the accent effectively. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme