Basic Car Maintaining Tips

Car is very important living consideration in modern world. And we invest much income to buy cars. You need to maintain it properly to get long life and also to get good value when you resale it. Below are the basic tips to maintain a car properly

Check your oil level and change it frequently
Engine needs oil that we all know. It reduces the heat generated by the engine. If any engine related problems occur that costs more. So if you check your oil level and oil color you can know about the engine conditions. Dipstick is used to check the oil level. Oil level should not be low and should not be high. If it level is low you can add some amount. Some times oil color also changing. It becomes muddy. That time you need to change the oil. There no universal time for oil changing. It is better to follow owners manual. But the average time for oil change is 10000 miles.

Clean your car Engine
You need to clean your engine at least once in a year. Because cleaned one will runs cooler than a dirty engine. And also if you clean it properly you can find if any leaks are there. If you want to do it your self then you need to take care of some sensitive parts.

Maintenance of tyres
Tyre maintaining is very important for car safety. So you need to check that frequently. And also tyre pressure you need to maintain as mentioned in your user manual. If you maintain tyres properly it saves your fuel consumption and also tire life also increases. Whenever the steering vibrates then it is indication that your tyres are not balanced.

Battery check ups
Battery is main component in your electrical system of car. So you need to make sure that it is cleaned and having no problems. This will gives a long life for battery. For every 3-4 years it is better to change and place a new one.

Change Wipers
Changing wipers once an year is good thing. Because some people don’t care about the wipers until they replaced by technicians. Wipers are very less expensive and easy to fix. So you can also fix that when it is needed. And also make sure your glass is clean not only from the out side but also from the inside.

Take help of Technology
Now a days due to technology improvements many apps are available for maintaining a car. They will tell you about the car conditions and mileage and also it will remind you when ever the services are needed.

These all are the basic tips to maintain a car properly. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme