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October 5th, 2014

Tips for Keep Your Home Secure when You Are Away

by Debbie Harry

If you are planing for a vacation or if you are going away from your home, you need to take certain precautions for the safeguard of your home. Today, security issues are more frequent, so you need to make sure that you abide by certain things. Here are a few tips.

Avoid making know that you are away
You can ensure this, by keeping the house lit. This is likely to be a deterrent to intruders such as burglars. Burglars tend to attack houses that give an impression no one is inside. You can keep the curtains, drapers, etc. on windows open, which gives an impression that people are in.

Make sure to lock doors and window
Lock the doors and windows. Avoid keeping the keys that burglars can easily spot.
Use good quality locks, use locks that have ANSI grade 1 rating.

Don’t hide a spare key
Avoid hiding spare keys in surroundings of their homes like fake rocks or flower pots or some thing else. Burglars can easily find them. So it is better to give the spare key in relatives homes or any other people who you trust.

Inform police
If you are planning for a long vacation say more than a week, it is sensible to inform to the police about your trip, especially if you are living in a small town because whenever they are patroling, they may visit your home and they will have attention on your home. Make sure that your house number is known to police.

Keep the area around neat
If your door number is covered by a tree branch or bushes. Cut it before your going for a trip. These places might become hideouts for burglars.

Make friendship with your neighbors
It is helpful if you make your neighbors as your friends. This is because you can build up a bond with them. And, that will helpful for you in many ways, say when you are away from home, they will take care of your home.

Make sure newspapers and postal delivery collected by your neighbor. Avoid stopping getting newspapers. If newspapers are found lying at the door, your home it may signal to the thieves.

If there is an option like community group it is better to join that. They will also keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Likewise, you need to have a look on their homes when they are in vacation.

Therefore, it is always advisable to you is think some time about home security when you are planning for a trip.
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September 17th, 2014

Traveling Tips: Learn the Art of Packing

by Debbie Harry

Packing is an art
Believe it or not, packing luggage is an art and everyone is not capable of doing it well. Good packing leads to less luggage and a nice journey. It is good to prepare a checklist so that you do not miss out on any important things.

Perfect clothes for perfect trip
You should do a little research about the culture, climate and tradition of the place and pack your clothes likewise. Just the required number of clothes will do and you do not need to stuff a whole boutique for a trip. Keeping light and comfortable clothes is preferable. You should restrict to clothing that do not violate the cultural and religious beliefs of the place. Clothes that attract the attention can make you victim of burglary or molestation. So be wise while choosing clothes. Be comfortable, be appropriate.

Don’t forget cameras and other gadgets
Life has become tech savvy now-a-days. We have gadgets and devices for everything. Likewise, if you want to go on a trip, gadgets are there. Camera being one of them is very important while on the trip. It helps you to capture memorable moments that make you nostalgic long after the trip is over. You can capture every bit of your fun and trip if you keep a camera with you. You come across some wonderful thing, snap it with and share it with friends and family. Always keep Mp3 players and video games with you so that you can keep yourself amused during hectic and dull journeys.

Keep the first aid and medication
Becoming sick can devoid you of the fun and enjoyment. Just as a matter of precaution, keeping a first aid comes handy, particularly if you are traveling with children and old people. Likewise, if any of you is already undergoing some medication for some ailment, you have to make sure that medicine is bought in enough quantity. Always keep antiseptic lotion, band aids, antacids and few other medicines while traveling.

Extra space to accommodate shopping
Sighting different things and colorful things in the market, tourists develop a tendency to go for shopping. Usually they shop a lot and thereafter they do not find space to accommodate them. So if you have any such plans, take with yourself some extra luggage.

Passports, visas and tickets
Get passports, visas and tickets renewed and keep them in a safe place and do not forget them at home. It is necessary to keep them safe during the trip. Missing them can place you into legal complications. Preferably, keep copies of these documents or mail them to your email account.

Organize your stuff
Though every thing on your checklist is important, while packing you have to pack in a good way. You have to prioritize your things. Packing should be done in such a way that if you want something from your bag during the journey, you do not need to get everything out. Also the things should be kept in a organized manner in bags. Proper packing saves a lot of space. So, it can reduce your number of bags and accommodate more in less space.
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August 25th, 2014

How to Make an Event Successful

by Debbie Harry

Event is a public gathering for the purpose of celebration or marketing. Event success depends on many factors. Here are some tips that will help you make the event successful.

Choosing the right team members
To make an even successful, it is important to select right members in a team. The number of members in a team depends on the event. The team should be enthusiastic about their work.

Selection of date and time
Date and time of an event also plays a vital role in the success of an event. Date of the event should be on Sunday, festivals, holiday dates. The event date should not match with any other big events. Time of the event should be comfortable for the targeted audience.

Selection a location
Location of the venue should have all the facilities like parking, lighting, transport, to avoid discomfort of the audience and guest. Noisy location should be avoided.

Define your objective of the event
Clear objective of the event plays an important role in making an event successful. The objective should be clear.

Draft a written plan
You should draft a written plan for your event in advance. Most of the events fail due to lack of proper plan. Preparing a draft includes the planning the event, budgeting and execution of the event. This planning creates confidence and makes us manage the event without any hassle.

Promote your event
Promoting means raising awareness of the event in public. The event can be promoted by giving advertisements in newspapers, social websites, banners, distributing pamphlets, etc. Before promoting the event, make sure that objective is clear and short.

Run your event like a business
After planning and promoting the event, execute your thoughts and plans in a proper way. Manage your event budget and run your event like a business.

Analyze the event
Then finally analyze your event’s success by taking feed back from audience, discussing with staff members and public talk. This helps you at what extent you reached your goals. This helps in organizing events in the near future.
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August 25th, 2014

Benefits of Purchasing Used or Recycled Auto Parts for Your Car

by Debbie Harry

Are your worried whether to purchase used or new parts for your car? To give you a solution we have came up with an article that shows the privileges that you get when you purchase used car parts over the new ones. Read the article and get benefited by purchasing recycled or used auto parts for your car.

You can get exact part
If you go for choosing a used auto parts then there will be chances of getting the exact auto part that matches your cars auto part specifications. But, when you go for new ones the availability of exact part is very less as the chances of manufacturing the part is less. Manufacturers are trying to discontinue the manufacturing of old parts as the new parts are always on the way. So, it is better to go for used parts.

Customization for less amount
As used auto parts will be available for less amount when compared to the new ones you can customize your car as much as possible and get benefited with more accessories and services. This will also enhance the look and comfort of the car without spending much.

Mechanic net profit is avoided
If you have approached the mechanic for the repair of the car he may go through the inspection and let you know the problem or asks you for the auto part replacement as it may be worn out. In middle he may gain some net profit for the inspection or else uses old part without your intention or saves money on purchasing new one on their own. So, it is better to ask the mechanic twice or thrice for chances of using old ones instead of new ones so that you can cut down the net profit of him.

Save money
With the used or recycled auto part you can save lots of money when compared with the brand new parts that are very expensive. There will be chances of saving at least 50% of money on the used or recycled ones.

Protects environment
Using the used or recycled parts there will be chances of reduction in the e-wastage through the vehicles that are out in the landfills.

Gives ways for new parts
Using or purchasing old parts will help the manufacturers or manufacturing companies to produce the new ones i.e., they are giving the way for the new generation of the vehicle parts according to the changing needs of the environment and it is must.
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July 31st, 2014

Website Maintenance: A Checklist

by Debbie Harry

website monitoring serviceDo you want your website to function to give your customers good experience? Then, this is possible through a proper maintenance. Maintenance includes several parts in both technical and non-technical aspects. To take appropriate care of your website, you can follow the checklist mentioned under. This will help you make your site get a good ROI and good page rank.

Website maintenance checklist includes the following.

1. Backups of the website information and database
Backups are very important for every site because if any security issues affect or if your website is under attack by hackers, you may lose all the data on your website, even if the data are in the database. Check whether your database and file backups are done at least on a weekly basis automatically, and see that the backup information is stored offline. If you want to know that the backups are valid, restore for every six months.

2. Removing unwanted or unnecessary software
Remove software or plug-ins that are really not necessary. Doing so, reduces the load. Also see to it that, you apply software updates that are available on which your site relies and don’t go for unwanted or non-critical software updates.

3. Checking page speed or loading time
Loading time of the page or page speed is an important aspect in website maintenance. Check whether your page loads quickly. You can use tools that are available to check the page speed. This will show you the issues that are affecting the page speed and warns you to correct them. If you take corrective measures for these issues, your website loads fast.

4. Website functionality
Check the functionality of your website, such as sign-up forms, contact forms, etc. Make sure that they are working correctly. If they are not working, check the problem and make them work. Or visitors may feel irritated and won’t get interested to come back to your site later.

5. Checking for broken links:
Broken links may affect your website in search engine rankings. So, to avoid this problem use link checkers that will crawl your website and gives yousite monitoring information regarding broken links i.e., whether they are any broken links or not.

6. Check whether your site has proper security:
This is the an important point that every site owner should take care of. If you are under a hosting service that is shared with multiple sites, you may or may not get security issues or there is a chance of getting hacked by an attacker. Therefore, it is better to take care of things such as installing security plug-ins (updated), framing difficult passwords, not disclosing your user name and password to anyone, etc.

Taking care of your site along the points discussed in the checklist will help the website owner to make it perform optimally.
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July 21st, 2014

Things to Keep in Your Car When You are Going for a Drive

by Debbie Harry

Are you going for a drive in your car? If so, you must keep certain things that might be necessary for you some or other time. Some of the things are listed out here.

  • Car Maintenance Kit
    The car maintenance kit is an important thing that you need to keep it in your car, because the car may brake down any time. We can’t predict the situations that are going to occur. Therefore, it is better to keep the car maintenance kit always in the vehicle. This kit should contain all the tools necessary for the repair of the car and spare parts such as tiers, etc.


  • First aid kit
    This kit will help when you meet with any kind of accidents or small injuries during driving. First aid kit not only helps you it may also help the other people in accidents spots when you meet with other vehicles. This kit will also be useful to make the first aid treatments before taking the people meet with accidents. This may save the life of them.


  • Blankets
    This may be helpful when you are going for a long drive in winter or rainy seasons. This keeps you safe from the bad weather conditions. Protects you and makes your drive smooth without any distractions. Make you comfort while driving.


  • Flashlight
    A flashlight is a very useful tool. In some situations when your car light is not working and when you can’t see the gears or steering it torch will help you a lot. In such situations if there is no torch you may not clearly observe the vehicle parts and this may cause or lead you to accidents. so, better to have a torch with you always.


  • Ice Scrapers
    This will help you when you are driving in winter season where the snow fall is too much. This ice scrapers will helps your cars windshield get cleared easier and faster.


  • Water Bottles and Tissues
    This will be useful when you eat some food or when you are thirsty while driving. During long drives you must have water bottles with you especially when you are traveling in the areas where there won’t be availability of water. In that situations tissues will also help a lot to wash your hands etc.


  • Extra money
    Money is necessary always. When you are going for long drives better keep some money with you apart from ATMs because some areas may not have the facility of ATMs or banks to access your money when you need them urgently. In that conditions it will horrible if you don’t have money with you. So, have some money with you always.

These are some of the necessary things that you must have always when you are driving.
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June 27th, 2014

How to Plan an Event

by Debbie Harry

Events may be of different types, private celebrations, corporate events and others. Event is nothing but a occasion were people gather in the name of parties, functions, meetings, etc.

It is the process of planning for an event like festivals, party, functions, ceremony, etc. Event planners are involved in planning an event. Event planning is a part of event management which have several steps to perform from starting of the event till the successful completion of the event.

Steps required to plan for an event:

  • Once you have designed the event then you must start planning for the event. It is the crucial stage because planning involves all the steps of event management.
  • Planning varies for every event. There should be a event planner to plan for an event. Without an efficient even planner it is not possible to organize an event successfully.
  • Planning takes much time due to changes that may happen while planning like adding, deletion, etc. Planning will be smooth if research and design are done efficiently and carefully. You must also have the SWOT analysis.
  • Planning involves time, space and tempo. These three laws will affect the final decision you make for the event. So, you must be careful in this step. It involves selecting of event, date, venue, etc.
  • Event planning can be done with 5W’s concept ie., why, what, when, where and who.

1. Why: At first you must define the objective of the event. i.e., why you want to organize the event. This will give the path to organize the event and helps you to accomplish your objectives.

2. What: It is nothing but organizing the event like doing the tasks like event name, program menu, event budget, etc.

3. When: See when you want to organize the event. Select the date, time and venue of the event. These must be planned according to the climate conditions because this may effect your event. Be sure that date and time of the event should not match with the other events date.

4. Where: This involves selection of the venue for your event or where you want to organize.

5. Who: See that who will be your organizers, sponsors and partners and also check how many audience you are expecting in the event.

This is about 5 W’s concept involved in planning for an event. Every event that uses 5W’s concept will lead to success in all the aspects. This is all about event planning and management.
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June 18th, 2014

Importance of Learning a New Language

by Debbie Harry

Language is an essential tool required by us for good communication. With the help of this tool we can communicate our feelings, ideas and thoughts.

People over the globe belong to different ethnic groups and they developed their own linguistic form to communicate in their own segments. Over the time, subsequent modifications to these languages have given birth to many other daughter languages. Consequently we have today innumerable languages. As per Ethnologue around 6900 languages are used over the globe.

Language is a very vital and integral part of our existence. It is a part of our everyday activity. We make new friends, express our feelings and thoughts and share our ideas. World is a beautiful place and languages have a considerable part in ensuring same. Languages have brought many cultures together and they are an element for ensuring world peace. A person must put efforts to learn some new languages to explore the world and understand it from a little closer stance. It is really fun to learn and speak new languages and it comes with a lot of benefits.

Increased business and career prospects
Learning languages can make you understand people better from that country. This in particular will have bright prospects for your business as you can understand your clients and their needs and can serve them in a better way. Employees knowing a new language can be recommended by their manager for a foreign trip enhancing his chances of promotion. Learning a new language hence comes with lot of bright prospects for business owners and subordinate employees.

Good for mental health
Not only you have knowledge for an extra language in your pocket, but you also come up with a lot of mental benefits over the process. Learning a new language helps you improve your memorizing skills and open up your skills to perceive things in a better way and get good understanding of things and situations. It improves your learning process by inculcating an attitude for it and enhance your knowledge over a period of time.

Perfect tool while traveling
If you are planning to travel abroad, learning a language is not mandatory. It may be also not as important as your passport and visa. But getting yourself equipped with the native language of that place makes a significant impact on your traveling experience. The traveling experience is even more enthralling when you know how to speak their language. You can easily communicate with new people over travel. Getting directions and purchasing becomes easy. It gives a whole dimension to your traveling experience and makes it more exciting.

Having friends globally
Interacting with various people on the roads and streets you may pick up liking for someone and be friends with them. Your trip can no longer be lonely and monotonic. You do it every place you visit and soon you will have a friend in different parts of the world. You will apparently get to know a lot of things from the people you meet. People tend to like the people who try to speak their language. It is fun and adds color to life.

Knowing global cultures
You packed your bags, grabbed your tickets, visited some new places, spent enough fortune, but when you return; you will return with something far more valuable than your time or money. It is the friendship and the knowledge of culture over there. The language of the land tells you a lot about the culture of the land and you can know a lot over conversations. Over the time, you will develop liking and tolerance for cultures and learn to respect others’ culture.

Stand different in crowd
It is normal over the globe for a person to know at least two languages. But rarely people are multilingual. Just turn around and see for yourself how many people around you know more than three languages and you will see that you will rarely find anyone. If you are having knowledge of a new language over your peers, sure you are at a better edge than your peers. You will be thing of discussion at some point of time and you will be recognized for it.
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March 11th, 2014

Care after Wisdom Tooth Surgery

by Debbie Harry

As with other surgical procedure, post operative care is very essential. Unnecessary complications like infection, swelling and pain can be avoided if instructions are carefully followed. In this article, we will discuss how to care should be taken following wisdom tooth extraction.

  • A gauze pad is placed where surgery has been done. It needs to be replaced every 40-45 minutes until you bleeding slows down.
  • Touching of surgical area should be avoided. This action can remove the blood clot and initiate bleeding.
  • Take medications as prescribed especially painkillers. Don’t wait till you start feeling pain.
  • Restrict your activities and resume back to your regular activities when you feel normal.

Care when bleeding occurs
Certain amount of bleeding is normal for first 24 hours. Slight redness or bleeding in saliva is common. To prevent excessive bleeding, the surgeon puts pressure by placing a gauze pad on the surgical area. It should be replaced every 40-45 minutes. If bleeding continues for more than 24 hours, contact your dentist.

Care when you have swelling
Swelling is normal following surgery. To reduce swelling, apply an icepack or a towel filled with ice cubes on the cheek on the area of the surgery. Continue applying ice for 36 – 48 hours.

Care when you feel pain
Pain and discomfort is part of any surgical procedure. Take painkillers as prescribed by your dentist. Do not wait until the local anesthesia wears off.

Diet following surgery
Switch to soft diet for a couple of days. Drink plenty of liquids, like water, fruit juice, milk etc. Avoid using straw, as this will put pressure on the surgical area. Do not take hot foods or liquids. You can return to your normal diet when you feel normal or unless your dentist advises.

Oral hygiene
Good oral hygiene is essential for better healing. You can start brushing your teeth from the next day after surgery, but take care when brushing the tooth next to surgical area. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water at least 2-3 times a day. This will help to heal soon.

Make sure to contact your dentist if swelling, bleeding and pain do not subside or become worse.
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March 7th, 2014

How To Keep Your Kid’s (Infant) Teeth healthy?

by Debbie Harry

Maintaining your kid’s teeth healthy from the infant stage helps you avoid the dental problems in future. Healthy teeth can be maintained by brushing teeth regularly.

How to keep your kid’s teeth healthy?
At the Infant stage:

  • Before teeth appear, The gums should be cleaned with a wet soft cloth. This removes the plaques in the surface of the gum which leads to the decay problems.
  • As soon as tooth appear, brush the teeth with water. Do not use tooth pastes.

By the age of 2 years:

  • By the age of two years, start brushing the teeth with a soft bristled tooth paste.
  • Brush twice a day for 2 minutes. Once at bed time and before breakfast.
  • Use a fluoridated tooth paste to clean the surface of the teeth.
  • A pea sized amount of tooth paste is enough for brushing.
  • Make sure that your child is not eating the tooth paste.
  • After brushing ask them to spit, so they do not swallow the froth.
  • Always use a good quality nylon soft bristle tooth brush and make sure that the head of tooth brush should be small.
  • Change the brush once in every 3-4 months.
  • Once all the teeth appear and the teeth are touches to each other. Floss the teeth weekly once.
  • Do not rinse the mouth much with water. It removes the fluoride content from the teeth and does not work effectively.
  • Do not a put a bottle of juice or sugary liquid during bed time. Baby may fall asleep with the bottle in the mouth. This causes the exposure of teeth to the liquid leads to dental decay and discoloration of teeth
  • Avoid sugary juices. Most of the people think that juices are healthy but continuous consumption of juices causes tooth decay and obesity.
  • Sticky foods should be avoided. This may clog into the teeth leads to tooth decay problems.
  • Always wear a mouth guard when playing outdoor games.
  • Drinking more water makes children healthy. This helps to remove any food particles clog in the mouth.
  • Take your child to the dentist for regular checkup.
  • Balanced diet also helps in the maintenance of healthy teeth. Calcium containing food helps the teeth become stronger.

Oral hygiene can be maintained by brushing twice daily. This helps prevent dental problems in future and teeth become more healthy.