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March 27th, 2015

Five Steps to Care for a New Car

by Edwin Rosenthal

Buying a new car can be intense and many people think that there is no need to maintain it which making a misconception. If you want to keep your car new then you should protect your car by preventing it from exposing to harsh environmental elements. For keeping the new vehicles in superior condition one should learn what to do and what not do.

Five steps for car care: wash- clean- perfect- protect- maintain
Proper care for your car is necessary whether it is ten years old or a brand new one. Old cars take more time than that of new one’s as they require removal of defects like scratches, swirl and oxidation. Long term protection of your vehicle depends on how properly you prepare and protect for it. This article will help you understand the significance of the five steps used for proper car care.

  • Washing: Loose dirt and grime can be removed by thoroughly washing your car.


  • Cleaning or clay the new car: Even though being a new car it will be subjected to environmental affects and getting contaminated.
    • Hence the paint should be cleaned with detailing clay for removing surface bonded contamination did before polishing process that gets stuck up to the paint which is usually not removed by normal washing.


  • Polishing the exterior: Polishing enables to remove defects in your paint, staining and finally improve overall shine.
    • The paint surface of the new car can be protected from harsh environmental affects and prevent from other aging process by covering it with paint protectant or paint sealant and car wax.


  • Protecting the interior: The interior of the vehicle usually have the vinyl and plastic which needs special care.
    • Either apply a protective product over the surfaces or allow them to breathe either for a month or two.


  • Maintaining
    • Oil changes: Oil should be changed only after driving about 20 miles.
      • In new engines, it will release small pieces of metal due to the rubbing of surfaces inside it.
      • Hence the oil should be changed after the initial rubbing and ensure that particle do not move through the components of the engine.
      • The rubbing dissipates after the initial 20 miles and normal conditions occur after certain point.
  • The initial engine operation: Initial engine acceleration which is required for the cylinder walls and piston rings occur with the first drive from the production line to the parking lot.
    • This is necessary for creating the right seal between the cylinder bores and the piston rings for opening the choke all the way up.
    • To avoid breaking in new vehicles, one should be driven at constant speed for the first 1000 miles.
  • Brakes operation: After driving first few miles, the extra brake pad material wears down and enable steady braking whenever required.
    • Better to avoid complete stops from high speeds for initial 20 miles.

New vehicles are irresistible investments made, so its important to follow few steps for protecting them and make them last longer. The above information helps to understand the steps to be taken which makes a big difference thus extending the life of your car.
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March 16th, 2015

Best Practices of Using Images in Your Website and Its Impact

by Edwin Rosenthal

website monitoring serviceToday importance of images in a website has grown dramatically. A good image will bring a lot of changes in your website rankings. So, while using images in your website you should take care of few things to obtain good results. Here, we have listed few best practices of using images in your website. If you are a website owner this article will be very helpful for you. Figure out, the list and see what all changes you can make to your website images.

Use realistic images
Most of the website owners will not pay much attention towards the images, they just download a picture from the web and use them in their site. But, it is not the right way. Using the same copied image from the web will not be that effective and they don’t bring any benefit to your site. So, better to use realistic images that are interactive, which catches the attention of your visitors. People react more to the interactive images rather than normal ones. So, spend time in collecting realistic images that are captured by your camera or that are created by your own thoughts. This helps a lot to your business.

For example, when it comes to eCommerce sites, people come for purchasing a good and before purchasing they will look for its features and the look of the product. If the images that are placed in the site are real they will be willing to look and buy the product based on it or else if it looks artificial no one even sees it as they feel that the image shown in the website and the image delivered will be same or not. This makes them to go to your competitors website. So, realistic images have that much huge impact on your business.

Bring uniqueness
Being unique from others turns people attention. So, bring uniqueness in the images. Some tips that help you are, use highlights wherever necessary in the image through some arrows, question mark symbols that are visible to the users, this makes your visitors curious and make them to see it. Use the images of correct size that fits in your page, and it should complement the content in your website.

Use infographics
Usage of infographics in today’s website has grown dramatically, because this helps in making the website services or products more visually website monitoringaccessible. This play a major role in interacting with your potential customers. With a single inforgraphic people can get a lot of information. In general they won’t ignore it because, reading the entire content will take their entire time but seeing the infographic will just take few minutes and they can understand it easily than the content. So, infographics play a key role in your website.

Pay attention of image attributes
Finally, take care of the image attributes such as, alt tags and anchor text. Make sure that the image tag contains a “alt” tag and for this use relevant keywords but limit them, don’t just keyword stuff your alt tag. Use, good anchor text that makes the user to view the image.
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March 7th, 2015

Matching Countertops with Your Cabinets

by Edwin Rosenthal

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Then, you need to take care of two things – one is countertops of your kitchen and the other is the kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen looks beautiful if both the countertops and the cabinets match each other. Therefore, when it comes to matching theme selection is an important aspect. Selection of the countertops and cabinets will depend on many factors. So, are you ready for selecting the good countertops that match the cabinets, which makes your kitchen beautiful? Then, here are a few facts on selecting the countertops that help you match the cabinets.

Based on lifestyle
Lifestyle varies across families, and the people have different requirements. So, when it comes to selection of the cabinets, the first thing that you need to consider is the life style. Consider the lifestyle of your entire family from small to big. See to it that the cabinets are available to all the people in your family and even your kids too. After that go with the countertops that matches the look of your cabinets. If you are regular user then you need the countertops that are durable and maintenance is must for any type of countertop. For more usage consider the dark colored counterttops and see to it that it matches with the cabinet.

Based on the style
The style of the countertops and the cabinets must match each other. If your countertop is sleek, then try to pick the right cabinet that matches its look. This is suitable for the homes that have contemporary look. If you want to create a contrast between them, then select the dark colored countertops with white or light colored cabinets or if you want to make the coordination between them, then choose the similar color choice. It depends completely on the style of your kitchen.

Based on the color and texture
Some countertops are natural and the color of the countertop comes naturally with various patterns and the cabinets were also prepared by the natural wood, metal or glass. So, see to it that they both match with each other in the pattern and color. Most people love dark countertops with light colored cabinets. But, few conutertops like laminate will have more no. of colors and patterns, so with this various patterns and colors it becomes easy for you to match both your countertops and cabinets.

Based on the budget
Budget is one of the most important factors that you need to consider and above all are completely dependent on the budget that you have for spending on your kitchen cabinets and the countertops. Some of the conutertops are pre-built which can save lots of your money but, they don’t come with finishing sometimes. So, you need to paint them. Custom designed cabinets are pre-counstructed and finished and just you need to install them in your kitchen. These are economically friendly countertops. So, you can match up them if your budget is low otherwise go with your own customized countertops and cabinets.

This is how you need to select and match the countertops and your kitchen cabinets based on the above factors.
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February 28th, 2015

Benefits of Having Dedicated IP Address

by Edwin Rosenthal

A dedicated IP address has more direct and indirect benefits as compared to the shared IP address. Only a few hosting plans provide you a dedicated website monitorIP address. But, it is not that all hosting plans offer a unique IP address. It means, in case of shared hosting, you will not have a dedicated IP address for your website, rather your IP address is shared with a number of other websites. Sharing IP address sometimes may create problems, while the dedicated IP address offers you many benefits. To know them in detail, read the following information.

You can have your own private SSL certificate
Private or dedicated SSL certificates are required and important for some e-commerce websites especially for accepting the online payments. It also shows the credibility of the site. This advantage is not possible in case of shared hosting, where shared SSL certificate is provided leading to some security issues.

Security is the major problem in the shared IP address; because, if your website has the shared IP address, it may get affected with virus or malware from other website sharing the IP. Thus, it makes your site unreachable. Apart from this, it also leads to the false alarms against your site. Your site may lack the credibility and trust as the modern browsers have the capability of showing the message, “This site may harm your computer”, leading your site to lose the credibility.

Speed and performance

There is a possibility that – in shared hosting, allocation of resources may or may not be equal for all the websites. This may lead your website to slowdown. However, it also doesn’t mean that having the unique address boosts the speed and performance. But, having dedicated IP will ensure higher uptime of your website i.e., you will have less down time and it doesn’t reduce the performance of your website, as the site doesn’t share the IP with other websites on the server.

Remote accessibility
Having the unique static IP address makes it possible that you can access your website from any place in the world. You can just login from any place of your choice and access your site. Though the connection is up, it is mandatory to have a static IP. Also, it is necessary to maintain it; otherwise, the program will not identify, if your PC refreshes the dynamic address.

Protects from spam and blacklist
In shared IP, you will have the problems of spamming and scamming, as your IP will be shared with various other sites; and sometimes IP may get banned by the internet service provider (ISP) because of these issues that in turn affects all the sites sharing that particular IP, their businesses, their reputation, etc. But, if you have the dedicated IP, you will not have such problems of being affected by other sites. The ultimate significance is – it will be completely dedicated to you and you alone have the sole authority.

Better identity for your site
If you have a dedicated IP address, you can have your own SSL certificate, which proves the identity of your website among the customers. Customers may not trust those sites especially that share the SSL certificates. It is most common for the e-commerce sites. So, having dedicated IP address makes your services easier and convenient for your customers.

These are the few benefits that your website will have if you have a dedicated IP address.
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February 7th, 2015

Considerations for Improving your Kitchen Ambiance

by Edwin Rosenthal

Remodeling and renovating kitchen would be the first option for most people while renovating their house. In this article, a few considerations are mentioned that you can implement in making your kitchen more appealing than before.

List of considerations
Miniature plantsUse quality materials in Flooring
Flooring in the kitchen has wide options available in the market. You can choose the right flooring according to their requirement where most of the people prefer flooring with less maintenance. Also traditional flooring options like tiles, wood, brick, bamboo, vinyl can be preferred accordingly. Research and shop around before choosing the right flooring option for your kitchen

Select classic Counter tops
Counter tops form the horizontal work surface for placing the furnace/stove along with other appliances in your kitchen. Depending on the material used in making them and the styles present their costs vary being expensive. Counter tops made up of natural stone like granite, marble or other materials like stainless steel, plastic laminates, wood and concrete can be used. They impart an interesting look to your kitchen.

Storage shelves
Storage shelves form an important part in every kitchen for storing the content, utensils and other boxes which are required. If enough storage shelves are not present make arrangements for adding up racks/storage shelves in your kitchen. Depending upon the size of the utensils used and other boxes get the storage shelves done accordingly which gives a tidy and clean look to your kitchen.

Elegant lighting
Lighting is an important part in kitchen as it is the place where people spend most of the time for preparing food. Ensure that the kitchen is installed with good lights for making the kitchen functional, comfortable and making easy for you to cook.

Opt for good quality hardware
By installing hardware requirements such as door, hinges, knobs, latches, etc. completely changes the look of your kitchen. Kitchen hardware is important in making the kitchen look stylish and interesting. Choose the right cabinet from the market depending on your budget and the availability of space.

Decide whether to stain or paint
Brush painted cabinets lasts long compared to that of stained wood cabinets and give a unique look.

Install an island in the middle of the kitchen
Ensure to create a bulky, open and airy look island in the middle of the room free of appliances or can also be provided along with a dish washer or a cook top.

This articles helps you in renovating your kitchen with the best needs required for making it interesting and giving it a good look. By considering and improving the above aspects in your kitchen will enhance its looks creating a positive impression for onlookers.
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December 10th, 2014

Winter Vehicle Care and Driving Precautions for Drivers

by Edwin Rosenthal

You need to take special care of your vehicle in winter. This is because – lower temperatures may bring several problems to the vehicles as well as the driving conditions. Here are some winter driving tips along with a checklist that would help you make your vehicle prepared for winter.

Preparing the vehicle for winter
This is the first step that you need to take to make your driving smooth and hazard less in winter. For this, you need to winterize your vehicle – check the working conditions of various parts of the vehicle and get them repaired, if any. This helps you avoid sudden breakdowns. For this, you need check the following parts and keep them in a good condition either by repairing or by replacing those parts. Some of them are:

  • Batteries
  • Wiper blades
  • Antifreeze
  • Brakes
  • Ignition system
  • Exhaust system
  • Heater
  • Tiers and their air pressure
  • Thermostat
  • Any leaks in the vehicle etc.

Keep the winter emergency kit in car
Once the above step is done, keep all the necessary and emergency things in your vehicle. These things include: torch and batteries, ice scrapers, battery jump leads, extra screen wash, reflective jacket, shovel, windshield scraper, tow rope, etc. This emergency kit can help you in times of need, throughout the season.

Essential measures before you drive

  • Check the conditions of the road.
  • Watch out for weather forecasts, traffic reports and instructions with the help of your car radio.
  • Avoid shortcuts and stay on designated roads.
  • Fill your vehicles oil tank before start traveling.
  • As said above, keep all emergency kit in your car especially for long drives.

Necessary precautions on the road

  • Use brakes with caution to avoid skidding – especially when you are driving in snow or ice, and in intersection points.
  • Use fog lights or dim headlights when you are in fog, to make sure that the way is clear for your driving.
  • Go in low speed and maintain the distance from the other vehicles to avoid accidents or hazards.
  • Never try to go in blowing snow, as there may be vehicles which are not visible.
  • Be physically and mentally alert when driving.

Taking care of your vehicle, apart from having a car driver in winter would avoid hazards.
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November 21st, 2014

Tips to Get the Accent of the New Learning Language

by Edwin Rosenthal

Ever tried learning a language and found that people cannot understand what you speak? Not only learning the grammar rules and vocabulary are important but also should have the command over accent which forms a key.

  • Learn proper pronunciation: Pronunciation relates to recording of words spoken. Try to go through the guides of pronunciation if you have one. Never go learning everything at once. Take help of native speakers and try to grasp the way they move their lips, Pronounce and the gestures they show off.


  • Find internet resources for the language you are learning: Listening to recordings and watching videos will help in learning the native accent. Practice them and compare the way you sound with that what the native speaker sounds.


  • Recoding the words: One best way where in case you cant listen your tutor is by recording the sounds in your recorder and use them when practicing the accent. One should pronounce and repeat the words along with the recording for excelling in accent.


  • Try listening the accent or sound carefully: Listen to the inflections, tones, sentences and phrases spoken by varied native speakers.
    • Vocabulary can be gained during this process and by hours of careful listening to the rhythms and speech sounds will add up value before beginning to pronounce them by self.
    • It can be practiced by watching television movies and shows in the language you are interested to learn.
    • Turn on subtitles fro proper understanding and ensure to pay attention to the pronunciation and dialogue when watching.
  • Know about phonetics: One should know about phonetics which forms a part of the language. Learning about phonology and phonetics helps to learn pronunciation. Go start with international phonetic alphabet which shows up all the phonemes forming a reliable tool for pronunciation of human speech.
  • Try doing some basic translations/ interpretations in your language.
  • Take enough time to learn things once you get done with the tuning of your ears with the language and learning at your own pace.

The above data provides with some of the best ways for learning accent efficiently and very easily. By keeping these points in view and learning through proper counseling and guidance helps one to develop the accent effectively.

October 28th, 2014

Raised Garden Bed and Its Benefits

by Edwin Rosenthal

Raised bed gardening is one of the popular gardening that consists of elevated soil were planting is done. The planting can be done in large planter boxes or else in the big area were you can construct the raised bed yourself. So, do you want to know how to construct the raised bed and advantages of raised bed gardens? Then, this article will be helpful for you.

fairy housesConstruction of raised beds
Construction of raised bed garden consists of several steps but, here we are briefly explaining it to you in few simple steps.

  • Select the location according to the structure that you need for your raised beds. The location that you choose for the raised bed must have the facilities required for the plants growth, it includes, sunlight or shade, temperature etc.
  • Next, take the help of a professional gardener to start the construction. At first plan the design that you need for the garden with the help of the professional.
  • Prepare the list of appropriate materials for construction and that suits the design of the location. Raised garden beds are constructed with wood, garden rocks, bricks, concrete etc. So, see to it that you need temporary or the permanent bed for the garden and based on that you should choose the materials.
  • Prepare the area for the raised bed by leveling the soil and avoid any distractions near the raised bed.
  • Now, start the construction of the bed with the materials gathered and with the help of the professional. Lay the border of the bed with the material selected for construction and then, fill it with the soil through proper leveling. Also use good quality composite for helping the plants to get enough nutrients.
  • Water it in regular intervals after the construction to make sure that soil is settled completely in the bed. With this the construction is completed.

Benefits of having raised beds in the garden

  • Raised beds are good for organizing the same species of plants in a group.
  • You can separately prepare the beds for various types of plants in a confined area.
  • Soil erosion will be less in the raised beds during the heavy rain when compared to the other areas in the garden.
  • It is a good option for the gardens that are having the small space.
  • Raised garden beds are good for the long rooted plants which require several layers of the good soil.
  • With the nutrient rich and weed-free soil you can control weeds in the small space of raised beds.
  • Maintenance is easy in the raised beds.

This is all about he construction and the benefits that you can get through raised garden beds. Garden beds are also attractive parts of the garden. So, you can use them even if your garden is big or small.

October 8th, 2014

Choosing Container Materials for Your Garden Plants

by Edwin Rosenthal

miniature gardenChoosing the right container is very important for your plants to grow well. Based on your plant type you need to choose the container. It also depends on the design of your garden and your budget. There are various types and sizes of containers available, choose the one that fits in your needs.

Some containers made of wood are long-lasting and good for water retention. Especially the containers made of solid hardwood barrels can be used for permanent plantings with good rustic settings. Containers made of hardwood can resist the rot. Though wood container is good for permanent plantings you need to use some preservatives to make it lasting. To ensure that soil doesn’t come out of the container you should check the joints of the container while you are selecting it for your plantings. If you are planting woodland plants then rustic wood would be the best choice.

Clay pots are traditional choices of many people of its huge benefits against the other containers available in the market. They add sculptural touch to your garden. Clay pots come in variety of sizes and shapes. They are usually inexpensive than the designer pieces like metal and many other containers. The major disadvantage with clay pots is they dry out quickly. So to prevent them from drying out you need to place them in a semi-shaded area. Make sure the containers are frost proof.

Stone is a good choice for maintaining soil moisture and temperature. It has a solid and ornamental look. Stone containers can be used for permanent plantings as they are strong enough to withstand the climatic conditions especially in winter. For plants which need plenty of space choose large stone containers. Containers made of concrete are less expensive as they are available in huge quantity, but some genuine old stones are very expensive. Soft stone containers give a beautiful look to your garden.

Metal is a good choice for winter containers. Metal containers are known for their durability. But, the major drawback with this containers are they heat up quickly and dries out through which they damage the roots if regular watering is not done. If you need to add decorative pieces to your garden, you can use them but, you need to take regular care of plants planted in metal containers.

Many people think that synthetic is a natural material, but the fact is, it is man made. But, the benefits with synthetic containers are, they are light miniature gardenweight, inexpensive and durable. They come in variety of finishes, sizes and shapes.

Baskets or bags
Apart from the above containers, you can also use old baskets or bags that are available in your home as a containers for small plants or shrubs. This saves some of your money on containers. Baskets are light weight and can be hanged anywhere in your home as a decorative pieces. Grow bags are also lightweight and are very compact. Bags can be used for temporary home plants.
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October 6th, 2014

What Does Quality Assurance of a Website Involve?

by Edwin Rosenthal

web site monitoringQuality assurance of a website involves all the information and the features of your website are functioning properly which shows the performance of a website. In quality assurance, the site is examined and validated for various issues and checkpoints, to make sure that performance and quality of the website are good. Some of the issues that are examined in the quality assurance are:

Checking for the broken links
To ensure that your website pages are available to the visitors without any errors, you must check for all the links in the website and make sure that they are redirecting to the correct location without any breakage in the link i.e., without any broken links, because this may slow down your website and leads to several other problems. So, see to it that your website doesn’t have any broken links.

Checking for spelling, grammar
Spelling and grammar will show the quality of the content at your website. Mistakes in the spelling and grammar will degrade the quality of the website and make your website vulnerable to loss of popularity.

People Won’t have interest to read your site’s content unless it is informative and meaningful. Therefore, make sure that your site doesn’t have any issues with spelling and grammar.

Check the file size
See to it that your files of the web pages are not too large. Because, if the file size is too heavy with more images or video files then, it takes your web monitoring servicepage to load slowly or the loading time of the website increases which in turn affects the website performance.

Check the languages and scripts
See to it that all the server side languages and scripts are functioning properly without any issue. Check if there are any holes and try to correct them. This won’t give a chance to the hackers to make any vulnerable changes in the website.

Check for proper functioning of applications
Make sure that all the applications and the forms in your website are functioning properly. This keeps the trust your website visitors.

Check for missing page titles and content
See if your website is having any issues like not having the page title or not loading the images in the content. If the page title is missing, give it a title because without page title visitors can’t recognize your information. In addition, check the size of the image file and try to compress it if it is too large to make the image visible in the web page.

Check for browser compatibility
See to it that your website is functioning properly in all the commonly used web browsers and check whether it is compatible to those browsers or not. Every website on the web should be compatible to all the common or basic web browsers because, people use various web browsers for loading the site. If it is unavailable people leave your site. This affects negatively affects the website rankings.

Quality assurance should be made for every website. Checking and making corrections for all these issues ensures that your website is of good quality that satisfies the search engines and visitors requirements. This boosts-up the rankings in the search engines along with the website revenue.
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