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April 7th, 2014

Minimizing The Risks in Driving with Eyes off the Road

by Jonathan Cogley

The risk factor
Driving is a very responsible job and is a skilled one. Apart from the need of getting the things and people from one place to another, safety is a major issue. The driver can compromise with the safety levels if he keep his eyes off from the windscreen for small things like picking up a mobile phone, looking at the fuel gauge, etc. Unfortunate things can happen in blink of an eye. Many vehicles in the market do not provide provisions in this effect. The premium vehicles are coming up with such provisions only recently.

Vocal recognitions and commands
This is a very innovative feature in assuring that the driver do not divert his vision off road as this can lead to serious implications. This technology posses the skill of authenticating the owner and performing certain actions in response to his commands. The systems can be trained to deliver on the commands and recognize voice through audio processing. The driver can summon certain actions like calling for diagnostics on the AR windshields. He can also switch on the radios with simple voice commands and also turn on AC or shuffle radio channels. This is an impressive approach in mitigating the risks associated with divergence of vision off road.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality is the new face of windscreens. In the future, all the windscreens will be most probably replaced by AR windscreens. AR windscreens can display information without compromising the visibility of the driver right in front of the eyes. Augmented reality windscreens can be helpful to a great deal in smart vehicles by displaying collision alerts, GPS maps, path projections and be helpful in enhancing the night vision and pedestrian detection techniques. Alternatively he can have various touch controls on the windscreen through which he can perform certain operations.

Hands-free for safety
Hands-free is a decent option to choose if it is inevitable to answer a call while driving. The feature disengages one hand to operate over the phone so that he can put his both hands to the cause of driving. Recent cars have inbuilt hands-free systems to avert the risks of talking over phone while driving.

A safe future
Earlier cars posed the indispensable risk of looking off road for gauge checks and other activities like shuffling radio channels, turning the AC and looking over messages in phone. Cars today are pioneering in the wake to avert such distractions while driving. This is an commendable initiative by the manufacturers and is all set to make the future of driving even more safe.
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March 5th, 2014

How Can Your Car Steering Go Wrong at Different Dynamics

by Andrew Veazey

You know that when we turn the steering wheel of the car, the car’s wheel also turn. There are a lot of interesting mechanisms going on between this cause and effect. The basic components in the car steering system are almost same throughout the world. The steering components are steering wheel, steering system, track rod, tie rods, and the steering arms. The steering wheel connects to the steering system, the steering system connects to the track rod, the track rod connects to the tie rods, and tie rods are to the steering arms. In this article, we are going to learn how the steering can go wrong at different dynamics.

  • Over steer: When the car goes far more efficiently than you think, it is called over steer. This means you go into a corner which is much more quickly than you expected. By car losing the grip in over steer bring the weight to the rear wheels under braking. It results in the rear as kicking out in the corner. If it is racing, the driving will end up by spinning the car inside of the corner backwards. In normal driving, the driving will end up in the way you come by pointing back.
  • Under steer: When the car steers less than that you pointed is called under-steer. It can be brought on by all manners of speed issues, suspension and chassis. It means on the front wheels car is losing its grip. When you appliy the brakes, the wight of the car is transferred to front. In this case, the front tires mechanical grip overpowered and they lose their grip. It results that the car goes very wide corner.
  • Counter steering: When you are experiencing over steer, you need to do counter steering. The situation like car’s back end is loses its grip and swing out, opposite direction steering to the corner can often catch over steer.

In the simplest form of steering system, the direction of both the front wheels are always in a same way. When you turn the steering wheel both wheels will point in a same direction around the corner. By doing this, you will end up with a vehicle that crabs around the corner, loss of grip and tires scrubbing. As well, the outside wheels of the car travel further than the inside wheels when you goes around a corner. To make the front wheels and tires to do not get stress, they point at little different angle to the car’s center line. All of this is to do with the geometric circles. With the simple geometric arrangements of steering components, this difference of angles can achieve. At present most vehicles do not use the pure Ackermann steering. Because, some of the dynamic things do not take. But some of its derivatives use in almost all steering systems.
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March 5th, 2014

Tips for Safe Driving for Teens

by Edwin Rosenthal

The highest fatal crash risk having by the teens than any other age group drivers. The problem is among sixteen years old drivers. They don’t have sufficient experience and results in risk taking while driving. If you are a teen driver, it does not mean that take only public transportation, ask for older driver to take, and stay at home all the time. Make sure to follow the safety norms. Some of them are as follows:

  • Teen drivers are doing crashes because of driving errors more often when compared to older drivers. Equip the sufficient experience for error free driving.
  • Studies show that driving the vehicle by using a cell phone is equivalent of driving drunk. It includes hands free phone also. Some states are prohibited the usage of cell phones while driving. So keep your cell phone switched off.
  • Researches are showing that texting is a cause of loss of focus on road on average for five seconds. While you are driving, this is a precious time and a lot can go wrong. Don’t try the texting while you are driving. Many states ban texting while driving. If you keep your head down, you can’t recognize the major developments that happen on the road, it even at the red signal light.
  • Turn on your vehicle headlights even on sunny days. This will increase your visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Drive a safe car that has an excellent crash safety record or with latest safety equipments such as air bags, electronic stability control and anti lock brakes.
  • Always aware of the traffic. It can be next to you, behind, and ahead to you. Get ready with the possible escape routes from traffic in your mind.
  • At lower speeds, maintain minimum one car length to your front car. In faster speeds maintain a larger distance.
  • Statistics are showing that teen passengers in the car while a teen is driving is more likely to happen a crash. More the teen passengers, more the crash chances. So try to avoid teen passengers and drive solely.
  • Minimize the distraction while you are driving. It may be tempting to play music loudly, flip around the radio dial, drink and eat while you are driving. These will distract you from driving even for a few seconds. It is enough for an unexpected incident.
  • Speed is the major cause for teen drivers. More than 40 percent of the accidents are caused because of speed.

Wisdom comes with age and driving experience, there are no substitutes for safety. But applying the these tips, you can drive in a safe way. Use common sense while you are driving to make it safe for your self and for others.
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February 10th, 2014

Tips to Design SEO Friendly Website for Auto Dealership Businesses

by Jonathan Cogley

Today, there are numerous websites available to search for automobile dealerships. Very rarely people type the website of the auto dealership firm. Mostly, they use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So, to stand on the first few pages of these websites is very important. This is possible with search engine optimization for the auto dealership website. Following are some tips to design SEO friendly websites.

  • Keyword research and optimization: Make sure that meta descriptions, meta title, meta tags, and page title are keyword friendly. Find in the content of the website for the keywords and do some research for more clear about the required keywords for your auto dealership website. This is one of the important step to better SEO optimization.
    • Page title: Google only shows sixty five characters of the title, so remember while giving the title to the page. The page title preferably one of the main keywords and should be keyword friendly.
    • Meta keywords: The meta keywords are the keywords trying to optimize.
    • Meta title: The meta title shows in the search results as title. This also should be a keyword friendly.
    • Meta description: The meta description is the little description displayed next to the title most search pages of Google. While writing meta description, make sure that those keywords are search engine friendly and make it as inviting.
    • Permalinks: The URL of each page is called permalinks. Every permalink should be at least relevant to the page or should be keyword friendly.


  • Good and unique content: Use keywords in the content as natural as possible. Use the primary keyword for the page five to six times and the secondary keywords two to three times each. Post original and unique content in the website, because Google’s algorithm can recognize if taken from elsewhere. Use the content title keywords in H1, H2 etc. heading tags of those pages. Add the relevant and content to the website, because Google give more credibility to the quality content than the number of pages that the website have.


  • Image optimization: Images are essential for a auto dealership website. This is because content can never give the effectiveness without an image, especially for automobiles. Even though Google algorithms does not see images in the website, it can help get good ranking in search results. Now, we will see some of the image optimization tips.
    • Name of the image: While uploading an image to the website, make sure that the image name is keyword friendly or at least relevant.
    • Title of the image: This is the title of the image and should be keyword friendly. Also, search engines can consider this to be another heading for the page.
    • Description: The image description optimization is required when plans to display in the search results.

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February 7th, 2014

Winter Driving Tips for Electrical Vehicle

by Jonathan Cogley

Most electrical vehicle (EV) buyers do not think about winter season. If you are in northern climates where temperatures are extreme, you should care your vehicle to do not trouble in the middle of the journey. In the winter seasons after charging your EV you can observe significant dip in range. The following tips will be helpful for you in the winter care of your EV.

  • Jump-start: If you live in North Dakota, Minnesota or other northern state where the the winter is extremely cold, you may asked the help or other asked you for the car needed jump-start. Nearly all the hybrid vehicles still use a 12 volt conventional battery within the system, jumpstarting the hybrid vehicle to start its gasoline engine should be easy. Check your operator’s manual, but expect to follow same process like other car. If you are confused and not having any clarity, call a professional. Before you are going for poking under the hood read and follow the warnings and instructions printed on the vehicle’s parts.
  • Monitor moving parts: The EV’s moving parts also effected by the cold temperatures. Tire inflation, wheel bearing and transmission are the major areas that you you need to pay some attention in winter season. The winter transmission lubricant is made in such a way that it does not get thick in cold temperatures, use it and keep transmission things properly moving. Lower temperatures cause to loss of pressure in tires, so regularly check the pressure of inflation.
  • Keep it warm: Cold temperatures affect on battery’s ability and efficiency to give out the power and take charge. If temperatures fall below zero, the battery capacity of an electrical vehicle will reduce by 40 percent. The large battery banks cars are less affected compared to smaller batteries cars in the cold conditions.

Newer technology in the electrical vehicles such as thermal systems and lithium-ion batteries help address this challenge. But you need to keep battery from getting cold as outside temperatures will help with range and starting. In the night time, keep your EV in a garage, if you have a heated garage, it is the best to keep. If this is not available for you, try the following as per availability:

  • Whenever possible park in the full Sun.
  • Do not let your EV for days without using in the freezing weather.
  • Keep the EV battery charged. It helps warm up.
  • To keep the battery warm overnight, use a heating pad or heat tape or an electric blanket.
  • If your batteries are not either thermal systems or lithium-ion batteries, insulate your batteries. Fiberglass batting or Styrofoam insulation will keep Your EV warmer.

Your driving habits will effect much on your EV battery. Those are like start and stop, acceleration, brakes usage, heater, etc. The other important one is aware of your surroundings in the regular journey and some tools to face winter and basic problems to repair, because it will be helpful in emergency.
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February 7th, 2014

Tips on Purchasing Car Insurance

by Jonathan Cogley

Everybody needs to have an auto insurance. But you need not have to overpay it. When planning to purchase a car insurance policy. Following are tips that are likely to help you in buying a car insurance. It will not only save you with money, but also help in getting the best deal.

Tips for buying car insurance

1) Deciding on the coverage you need
To find the right insurance for the car, it is a good way to figure out the amount of coverage you require. Search and find out, what coverage is actually required where you live, as it varies from state to state. You can find a list of requirement for a particular sate and details about the types of car insurance, thus you get ready with the list of various types of coverage.
Once you get to know what all is required, you can easily decide what you need.

2) Collecting and gathering quotes
When you are researching about the insurance company, carefully make a note of the prices and coverages comparisons. Make a list of:

  • Monthly and annual rates for various types of insurance.
  • Telephone numbers of insurance companies, so that you are easily answered to the questions you can’t find online.
  • The payment policy of insurance company, payment plans, etc.

3) Contacting different insurance companies
Once you have information of various insurance companies in hand, now contact those companies from which you were not able to get online quote. Researching through phone can actually be faster and easier than finding it online, as information provided online may be incorrect.

4) Looking for discounts
Either online or through phone calls, see to it that you get information on discounts if any. Insurance companies offer discounts for those who have good driving record. Moreover, if there is a teen driver in your family, ask for more discounts.

5) Assessing the insurance company’s track records
Now you have all the information to make a decision. You can compare and see which company’s insurance is least expensive, but see to it that being cheap should not be the only basis for opting for the car insurance of the company. Develop a clear picture about how the company’s financial stability and how will it respond to you in the event of a claim. Check at some places by using National Association of Insurance Commissioner Information source that gives you the better idea about the company’s track records.

6) Reviewing the policy before signing
Once you close thorough research, it is time for planning to finalize the insurance policy, read and understand all the main points. Make sure to verify whether the policy contains the requested coverage and price. Rather than fighting later, it is a sensible idea to review the policy thoroughly.

Following these tips is likely to help you purchase an insurance policy for your car.
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February 3rd, 2014

Tips for Non-Written SEO in Social Media

by Debbie Harry

Social media helps the people to gather at a single platform and allows to share comment and discuss on anything they like. So most of the businesses are looking for make this opportunity as leads. Having good presence in the social media websites will also help for good search engine rankings. The social websites are more visual optimizing, even though optimizing non written content is more important. The following are some tips for non written search engine optimization practices for specific social media websites.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an image centric social media network. Recently it has come out with analytics. Do the following practices to get the better search engine optimization from Pinterest.
    • Optimize your account description and account name.
    • On every pin include links back to your dealership website.
    • Use the appropriate keywords in the alt text of images you pin and file names.
    • To describe the image and to include keywords, take your own time with each pin’s description.
    • To amplify the social reach of your pins, incorporate the hashtags.
  • Facebook: The content along with photos on Facebook generate 53% of more likes than the average posts. Videos and images are obviously a huge part of encouraging the followers and fans. These are not only interact with your dealership’s brand, but also consume content and that moves them down the funnel. Share the most interesting, most attractive and most engaged themselves.
  • Twitter: With new multimedia updates Twitter is buzzing. The new vine video app is the biggest integration to Twitter has with multimedia content. By using vine app you have the opportunity to do the following:
    • You can include CTAs within your profile image.
    • On brand pages, can optimize cover photos.
    • With featured tweets you can showcase multimedia content.
    • You can identify what keywords your dealership account should focus on.
    • By creating a vine account you can incorporate your video strategy into this, if you have.
    • To optimize conversions and reach you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of Twitter and Vine.
  • Google Plus: The most important thing to think about with the Google plus is authorship. If you have the author image and it is next to an article’s listing in the search engine results pages will prompt it much more to click than the plain text.

In any social media website, make sure that your content is fresh, unique and valuable to the followers or fans. The goal for the non written search engine optimization in social media networks is not necessarily to be found by the search engines, but these are to make sure that you are using non written content to it’s full advantage.
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January 20th, 2014

Tips to Handle Complaints on Social Media

by Edwin Rosenthal

There is a rule when it comes to managing bad reviews and complaints on social media. The same rule applies for the good reviews and for the compliments also. However, the good reviews or complements are easy. Handling complaints and negative reviews can be challenging and the dealership may not want to do it. However, the rule is you must reply to everything for the people talking to you publicly, it may be either bad or good.

There is another rule that is unfortunately getting broken about every day by many reputation management and social media companies. Never use the canned responses. Not every response should be repeated, should be written by an actual human and personal. People can easily identify with your responses how you are interested with your dealership’s business. The following are given by the Pardot about five most prominent complainer types on the social media websites. If you are able to identify the person under which category he or she fell, it becomes easy to handle them appropriately. There are is no need to become a psychologist to understand personality types. Just read the following.

  • Meek customers: The meek customers normally will not complain. Even though, they will comment or post on the social media websites (such as Facebook or Twitter), when they have really suffered. These will often have little or no history of complaining. The meek customer often just looking to be reassured that their voice is heard. The difficult of fixing the problem is very small. A simple sorry in the public will rectify the issue and they will become a passive brand advocate.

  • Aggressive customers: The aggressive customer readily complains at length and often loudly. Even though, if you fix the problem for this type of customers in a quick and efficient manner, you are seems to have a very prolific and vocal brand advocate through all social media channels. The aggressive type customers do not respond well to aggression or excuses. It is always better to precede offline with this customer. Use direct messaging or email, listen completely, and ask for anything else. Agree that the problem is exists and tell what need to be done to resolve it.

  • High roller customers: The high roller type of customers expects the utter best and these are willing to pay for it. Unless these are a hybrid of the aggressive type of customers, high roller customers are likely to complain in a reasonable manner. They are interested in what you are going to do recover from the customer service break down and results. Always listen actively and respectfully, questioning them should be careful to fully determine cause. Acknowledge the problem publicly and solve the issue offline.

  • Opportunist customers: For the opportunist customers, the goal is to win by getting something that the customer is not entitled to receive, rather than the complaint satisfied. A repetitive and constant not good enough response to efforts to satisfy is indication for an opportunist customer. Fixing the problems of these people is very difficult. To back up your response use accurate quantified data. Ask them what they need to make things better after the first they said not good enough.

  • Chronic complainer customers: The chronic complainers are at the peak. These will never satisfied and there is always something wrong. The mission of these customers is to whine. Yet, they are the customers for you, and as frustrating as these customers can be, these cannot be dismissed. In spite of their continual complaining, they will be good customers and they will tell others about the positive response from you. To handle these types of customers you must need patience. Never attempt for a two-way dialogue through the social media channels. Listen carefully and never get angry.

Once you find which type of customer complaining then proceed as per the personality trait of that customer. It will make you easy for conversation with the customers.
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November 12th, 2013

Car Body Inspection Tips while Buying a Used Car

by Debbie Harry

While purchasing a new car there is no such need to clearly inspect all the parts. But in case of a used car, inspection is a must. There are many accidents occurring everyday. Some cars are squashed or stripped for parts and some are written off, but the remaining cars are come into the market as used cars. Any car can restore ever after a collision, in these cases identifying of collision is very difficult.

Carpets, trim and upholstery: Check for the wear and tear in trim, upholstery and carpets of the car.

Accident damage or Rust: Check inside the boot, lower sills and doors for dark, red or other stains, the floor wells, bubbled or dimpled paint. Check the panels for plastic body filler with a soft fridge magnet. Rust or other damage may conceal with a vinyl roof. Once the car is having five to six years old, it will show at least some rust unless the car is rust proofed properly. Rust is an issue with used cars in winter months where salt is used.

Some cars have the rust on a few spots, and in some cars brake components, body panels and through floors. The rust spots can fix or repair for temporarily. But it is difficult to stop when the corrosion process is started. If the car had many rust parts, it will reappear later. So if you found major rust parts, it is better to avoid for used cars.

Paint: Look for over spraying, ripples or dents and color variation. Look at the car alongside and from different angles to check paint texture of different panels match, color, and everything looks straight. The possible body repairs can also recognize by checking the quality of a paint job. Fresh paint looks slightly different in appearance or different texture. By looking at the reflection, sometimes can spot the differences in paint textures. The original paint should be perfectly smooth, check it by touch.

Panels fit: Check for the panel fit. If the panels are loose, it indicates that the car has been driven regularly over the rough roads or caused because of accident. For example when doors are closed, with the other panels it should be perfectly flush. This is same for trunk lid, hood and other other panels.

Hail damage: The hail damage is mainly found on horizontal panel surfaces like boot lid, roof, and bonnet. If there are any signs of hail damage on the car, check with the insurance company. Because they may not insure the hail damaged cars until it is fixed.

Floods and water logging damage the car. They might not effect immediately, but it becomes more more expensive to repair the car in the long run. Flooded water can enter into the different parts of the car and damage by corrosion.

Check out for musty smell, water stains on door covers, roof liner and on the seats. Inspect trunk covers and door covers for water level signs. Check for the history report and if the car is came from the recent flooded area, check more thoroughly. read more »

October 31st, 2013

Tips to Find a Good Mechanic on the Internet

by tocuser4

Finding a good mechanic is a common challenge for most automobile users. Some of them are first buyers, and some people using from far but they are unable to find a good mechanic. In the past it is really a question mark. We need to know through word of mouth by the people who are regular customers for such mechanic. But now this is just a few touchscreen taps or a few mouse clicks away. Here are some tips to work on different sites to find a good mechanic in your area. But remember this is not exact science. Sometimes a highly rated mechanic shop might disappoint. It helps to know the others experience with that shop. So might be a good one for you too.

  • Google: Google has a big database. It can yield plenty of search results. It contains both near to you and from the remaining world. So you need to do extra filtering to find the exact results for you. In the Google search bar type ‘auto repair shops near’ and at the end give you ZIP code. It will display a number of search results. Ignore the advertisements or sponsored advertisements at the top of the page. About half way down the repair shops will appear with their addresses. Google has its own scoring and review system.
  • Message boards: Some enthusiast message boards are particularly dedicated to a car model or car make. These will have forum threads which are by the discussions of the members. So you can find independent repair shops and local dealerships with those threads. Forum members give their recommendation or experiences as they do.
  • Yelp: helps people connect to businesses. It also has auto repair reviews. The site is free and has mobile apps and mobile website version. In the Yelp search field type auto repair and enter your or required area ZIP code. Based on highest rate, most reviewed and distance you can filter the results. Your goal should be to find the balance between a substantial reviews and a good rating.

You can spot misleading reviews with yelp algorithm, but sometimes if they undetected, they can slip. So it is not good to trust in one review. Look for the reviews that give users experiences plenty. Sometimes the owner of the mechanic shop will reply to the review.
This response may be either an apology or defense if the review was a negative or a thank you if the review is good. If the reviews are good fine. In case of negative response, the owner apology is there, we have to understand the owner is taking care of reputation for his business.

There are so many other sources in the internet like yellow pages, forums etc. Many consumers are writing the reviews and their experiences with that mechanic shops or dealerships. Check the best and nearest one. read more »