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May 14th, 2012

Tips for Choosing A Wedding Cakes on a Budget

by Jonathan Cogley

The Wedding cake is the most important in a wedding. It is the centerpiece of the wedding reception and aside from the bride, features in more photographs than almost anything else. However, wedding cake is the most costly that can increase your budget.

Below are the tips for choosing a wedding cake in a budget:

Suppose if you don’t have enough budgets then just have the wedding cake as part of the meal. There is no need of displaying the traditional cake that is served for the same purpose as the wedding cake. You can serve white chocolate cake decorated with full of fruits and nuts and flowers to the guests and also it can be a centerpiece.

Buy a simple iced cake available in different flavors and sizes. If you select three flavors and each of different size then you can make a layered cake by stacking them using cake stands. Then you arrange this cake with ribbons, shiny metal sheets, fruits etc. according to your wish. It will look like a classic cake but inexpensive.

Instead of buying flowers separately for decorating cakes, buy some more flowers while ordering flowers for your entire wedding. This will reduce some amount of money on the cakes.

Buy fake cakes to place on the small wedding cake. This is needs when you wanted to place the cake as a centerpiece of the wedding. Suppose your small cake is enough to feed for all the guests who are attended to your wedding, then there is no need of going for a larger cake which is costlier. So, here you can reduce the cost of the cake.

Whenever you are budgeting for your cake, don’t forget to decide how you are going to serve it. Suppose you wanted to send some piece of cake with your guests then consider the cake boxes as well as cake itself.

August 16th, 2009

Cake Decorating Tips

by Andrew Veazey

A finished cake is often improved by casing it with icing, or frosting, and toppings such as sprinkles, which are also known as “jimmies” in certain parts of the United States and “hundreds and thousands” in the United Kingdom. Frosting is generally completed from powdered (icing) sugar, sometimes a fat of some sort, milk or cream, and frequently flavorings such as vanilla extract or cocoa powder. Some decorators use a rolled fondant icing. Commercial bakeries tend to use lard for the fat, and often whip the lard to introduce air bubbles. This makes the icing light and spread able. Home bakers either use lard, butter, margarine or some combination thereof. Sprinkles are small firm pieces of sugar and oils that are colored with food coloring. In the late 20th century, new cake decorating products became available to the public. These include several specialized sprinkles and even methods to print pictures and transfer the image onto a cake.

The special appliances is necessary for more complex cake embellishing, such as piping pockets or needles, and several piping ends. A piping pocket or to use, is a piping end in appendix to the pocket or the needle spouts which a link uses. The pocket or the needle is filled partially with sugar glaze which has sometimes colored. Using several piping ends and several techniques, cake decorator can make a lot of different designs. Basic decorating tips include open star, closed star, basket weave, round, drop flower, leaf, multi, petal, and specialty tips. Royal icing, marzipan (or a less sweet version, which is confessed as almond paste), the fondant icing (that as sugar paste it is also confessed) and the butter cream are used such as treating sugar glaze and to create decorative. Flowers sugar craft industry or telegraphed sugar flowers are an important part of cake decorative. The cakes for special occasions, such as marriage cakes, are traditionally rich fruitcakes or now and then the cakes of Madeira cakes that are covered with marzipan and either iced using royal icing or sugar paste. They are finished with piped borders (made with royal icing) and adorned with a piped message, wired sugar flowers, hand-formed fondant flowers, marzipan fruit, piped flowers, or crystallized fruits or flowers such as grapes or violets. Some famous kits are the Betty Crocker kits.

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June 16th, 2009

Wedding Cake Ideas

by Andrew Veazey

Nowadays majority of the brides and groomsplan for a traditional marriage, with a white dress, the traditional cake of marriage, and all is very nice, but nice and typical. There are some, however, is little distinctive, and they choose to show their characteristics by their marriages. There are only so many manners however, to be distinctive in your celebration. Actually a wedding cake is the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception after a wedding. In modern western culture, it is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally over a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple. Other common motifs include doves, gold rings and horseshoes, the latter symbolizing good luck. Achieving a dense, strong cake that can support the decorations while remaining edible can be considered the epitome of the baker’s art and skill. The average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. in 2005 was $543.

Tradition mostly requires that the best cut of the cake be performed by bride and bridegroom jointly, frequently with a formal tongue or still a blade. An older, archaic tradition had the bride serve all portions to the groom’s family as a symbolic transfer of her household labor from her family to the groom’s family. Tradition may too prescribe that the bride and bridegroom eat the best bites of this cake to each new. Again, this may represent the original household unit formed and the successor of the older parent-child marriage. Other guests may so partake of the cake; portions may be taken house or shipped to folk who missed the festivities. A part may be stored, and eaten by the pair at their best marriage anniversary, or at the christening of their best kid. Sometimes this part is the best tier, and sometimes a part of the slice from which the bride and bridegroom fed each new, depending on the local customs. The portion of the cake may be frozen for this purpose; the top tier of the cake may sometimes consist of fruitcake, which could be stored for a great length of time.

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