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Safety Features to Look for When Buying a Car

In car, there are many features that will help in keeping you and your family safe. Initially some features were introduced for convenience like central locking etc. Nowadays, there are more advanced features that will provide you with greater safety. Whether you are buying a used car or a new car, it is important to first check for safety features in the car. In this article, we will discuss about the safety features to look for when buying a car.

Solving Your Car’s Brake Squeal

When the brake pad against the caliper piston is not properly fit, the friction material has a problem, or gone, the brakes will squeal. The squealing is the result of high frequency vibration among the brake rotor, the caliper piston and the pad in either of the cases. Some vehicles come with the squeal problems directly from the manufacturer or factory. In these cases manufacturer simply change the brake pad to cure the problem. Because there are different harmonic frequencies for different pads.

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