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October 28th, 2014

Raised Garden Bed and Its Benefits

by Edwin Rosenthal

Raised bed gardening is one of the popular gardening that consists of elevated soil were planting is done. The planting can be done in large planter boxes or else in the big area were you can construct the raised bed yourself. So, do you want to know how to construct the raised bed and advantages of raised bed gardens? Then, this article will be helpful for you.

fairy housesConstruction of raised beds
Construction of raised bed garden consists of several steps but, here we are briefly explaining it to you in few simple steps.

  • Select the location according to the structure that you need for your raised beds. The location that you choose for the raised bed must have the facilities required for the plants growth, it includes, sunlight or shade, temperature etc.
  • Next, take the help of a professional gardener to start the construction. At first plan the design that you need for the garden with the help of the professional.
  • Prepare the list of appropriate materials for construction and that suits the design of the location. Raised garden beds are constructed with wood, garden rocks, bricks, concrete etc. So, see to it that you need temporary or the permanent bed for the garden and based on that you should choose the materials.
  • Prepare the area for the raised bed by leveling the soil and avoid any distractions near the raised bed.
  • Now, start the construction of the bed with the materials gathered and with the help of the professional. Lay the border of the bed with the material selected for construction and then, fill it with the soil through proper leveling. Also use good quality composite for helping the plants to get enough nutrients.
  • Water it in regular intervals after the construction to make sure that soil is settled completely in the bed. With this the construction is completed.

Benefits of having raised beds in the garden

  • Raised beds are good for organizing the same species of plants in a group.
  • You can separately prepare the beds for various types of plants in a confined area.
  • Soil erosion will be less in the raised beds during the heavy rain when compared to the other areas in the garden.
  • It is a good option for the gardens that are having the small space.
  • Raised garden beds are good for the long rooted plants which require several layers of the good soil.
  • With the nutrient rich and weed-free soil you can control weeds in the small space of raised beds.
  • Maintenance is easy in the raised beds.

This is all about he construction and the benefits that you can get through raised garden beds. Garden beds are also attractive parts of the garden. So, you can use them even if your garden is big or small.

July 22nd, 2011

Beautify Your Lawn by Decorative Ideas

by Andrew Veazey

One of the best ideas to make an extended outdoor area of a home more beautiful is to create a lawn. However, a plain lawn area can be a little boring to watch. Enhance its look by adding certain décor items. Here are some decorative ideas for making a lawn beautiful and attractive.

Allow taller growth of bushes and shrubs in your lawn area. Then, trim them into any design of your choice. A yard border of round shrubs, square-cut shrubs or even shrubs with different animal shapes can make the lawn beautiful.

One of the elegant lawn decoration ideas is to add appropriate lighting. Include lighting arrangements to enhance the outline of your lawn. Elegant lighting also enhances some of the prominent features of the lawn. Lighting not only serves as an attractive feature but also as a visual aid for people walking along the lawn during night. Shining landscaping spotlights and LED programmable lights of different colors add beauty to your lawn.

Colorful water fountains are the lawn décor classics. A fountain set at the center of the lawn makes your lawn more elegant. Another decorative idea is to add ceramic rabbits which can bring a little lighting to the area. Statues of various types can be placed at different areas of your lawn. However, the model and size of the statues should be chosen based on the size and nature of the lawn area. Landscaping your lawn can be a great complement with birdbaths. They provide the birds with refreshing water and even heighten the lawn décor. You can also place greenhouses and birdcages of suitable sizes. There is no limit for lawn decoration ideas. It even depends on your creativity and interest. Try to tune some of these decorating ideas to make your lawn more beautiful.

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April 30th, 2010

Tips On House Lighting

by Dov Waxman

Lighting is the main thing that people notice when they enter into a room, consciously or sub-consciously. The total mood of the room can alter with proper lighting.

Basic tips on house lighting for home improvement are:

  • For party purpose, the room can be made more decorated by changing the lights and hanging mirrors to bounce candlelight throughout the room. This provides a warm glow to the room.
  • A large room having high ceiling can be made to appear homely by including small lights throughout the room. To make a small room appear larger, uplighting a colorless ceiling will be suitable.
  • Garden can be decorated with tea lights.
  • Natural light is the best light and to make maximum use of natural light, mirrors should be hung in key positions. Thick curtains will block a great deal of light, so thin filmy curtains should be used.
  • Uplights are more preferred with decorators. Correct positions for uplights would be on the floor, next to a plant or next to furniture to project light beautifully on the wall and can be easily plugged in.
  • Under cabinet lights are mainly used in kitchens or home offices as they bring light exactly to work surface.
  • Lampshades are also excellent for lighting.
  • In picture lighting, light is fixed above or below a picture to make a beautiful difference.
  • Task lighting is used for a particular purpose, like reading, working at a computer or cooking. This light should be focused on the area where the work will be done, as it percolates the possibility of receiving glare from other surfaces.
  • Lights which can be angled and lowered is a best choice. Installing a dimmer is a good thing as it can set moods for various occasions with a switch. Dim lights are suitable for quite dinners and bright lights for homework.

As different rooms will have different operations, it is essential to provide proper lighting for each room. The style of lighting will have impact on ambience, mood and setting. Ensure that lighting controls (switches) are placed in convenient locations.

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