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January 27th, 2011

All You Need to Know About Quartz Infrared Heaters

by Andrew Veazey

An infrared heater is a heater which uses a portion of invisible light spectrum of electromagnetic waves to heat another object. Infrared heaters use a number of heating elements such as ceramic, glass, metal, and quartz. The heaters that use quartz as heating element are called quartz infrared heaters.

A quartz bulb is used by quartz heaters for providing the heat needed. A reflector panel is located at the back of the heater which projects the heat out into the room. The quartz heater can operate on electricity. The heat output of these heaters can be adjusted accordingly. Quartz heaters are cost-effective and highly efficient. They are the most popularly used heaters because of their affordable costs.

Quartz infrared heaters may be of two types including quartz tubes and quartz lamps. Quartz tubes can generate shorter wavelength radiations. They are available in medium-range of cost. However, they are less durable when compared to other types of infrared heaters. Quartz lamps can emit medium-length electromagnetic waves. The power of quartz tubes is higher when compared to any other type of infrared heaters. So they are used for high-speed production processes. Quartz lamps are more durable than quartz tubes. The most important feature of quartz infrared heaters is that they include an instant on and off heat source. So we need not wait for some time to get the room warm. The cost of quartz tubes is much higher than that of quartz lamps.

The quality of heat output of quartz infrared heaters is constant. Due to higher efficiency, they can be used for outdoor events. Many attractive designs of quartz infrared heaters are available in market.

November 29th, 2010

Different Benefits of the Infrared Heaters

by Andrew Veazey

Infrared heaters are becoming more popular. Many people are using them as there are different benefits of the infrared heaters, such as:

Heats floor and people: Unlike other conventional heaters, infrared heaters do not waste the time by warming the air, instead they penetrate the object directly for heating it up. Thus, the heat from the infrared heaters will be absorbed into the floor and people.

Safe: Infrared heaters do not have open wires, flames. They do not run on fuel and they do not have moving parts which are breakable. Almost all the products used in these heaters are nontoxic. All these make infrared heaters safer.

Efficient: Infrared heaters are very efficient to convert the energy into heat. They will not disappoint you in this sense.

Clean: They are cleaner than other heaters, because they do not deal with toxins or fuels.

Instant heat: Many people don’t like to wait much time to get their room heat, so it is best for those people, because they have the capability of instant heating.

Cost effective: You can get them at lower cost. And it is more comfortable too.

They never reach the highest temperature, so no need to worry about accidental fires. Portable infrared heaters are also available which can be carried to outdoor. They are odorless and dust free and quick and easy to start and shut down.

These are the benefits of the infrared heaters which are more convenient to people than other heaters.