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October 10th, 2012

Tips to Get Out of Obesity

by Jonathan Cogley

Obesity is a kind of slow poison that may not harm you initially. But if a person becomes lazy and eats whatever junk food without maintaining a proper diet will suffer more in later stages of his life. It takes years of effort to reduce your body weight. If you really want to be healthy, you need to control your diet or maintain a proper diet that helps in losing your weight. Along with this, you need to work hard with maintaining regular exercise schedules. The following are simple and easy tips to get rid of your obesity.

  • You can burn your fat by regular dieting and physical workout. You must reduce intake of calories and salt from your diet. The high amount of sodium with a combination of fat results in retaining water in the body which in turn results in accumulation of fat body or weight gain.


  • Restrict consuming food that contains high calories because fats generally target the body parts which are already thicker than other body parts.


  • Regular exercise is the most important thing to do. Aerobics training classes, physical fitness classes, yoga are considered as an effective way to get rid of obesity. In order to get rid quickly, you need to exercise daily.


  • Avoid taking junk food, canned food, packed food, oily food etc in your dietary plan. Ensure you take all the green leafy vegetables, fruits, nutritious food in your diet. The substances like pectin, fiber can help you make your appetite full.


  • Drink as much as water you can. This helps your body keeping hydrated by removing toxic materials.

These tips can help you get out of obesity, if you follow them regularly. Don’t neglect your body weight gain in the initial stages, consult a good medical practitioner for maintaining a diet that helps in reducing weight gain or body fat.
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June 17th, 2011

Yoga is One of the Best Practices for Weight Loss

by Edwin Rosenthal

Excess weight or obesity is one of the major problem in many of the people. Due to the rapid developments in lifestyles of people and food with extra calories, many people are getting over weight and are facing obesity problems. Nowadays’ there are many equipments and tools that reduce physical work of human body. With this increase of technology and tools, there is a lack of physical work among the people. Everyone would like to use machines and equipments to do their works. Even if it is a smaller work, people depend on tools and equipments. Hence, there is less strain on physical body as well as, there is no consumption of calories and energy. So the cholesterol, fat, and calories percentage rises continuously that leads to over weight and obesity. Excess weight and higher cholesterol, fat are the main factors to get health diseases, such as, higher fat can block blood vessels which can lead to high blood pressure and heart strokes.

The best way to loose weight is through yoga. It has been proven that, the practice of yoga can reduce fat and cholesterol in body and can help to loose weight effectively. There are many ways to lose weight, but yoga is proven as the best way to lose weight for anyone.

Yoga practice requires practitioners to follow few fundamental principles. They are regular exercise, meditation, proper diet, proper relaxation, etc. Naturally yoga involves posture, meditation, and pranayama also called as controlled breathing technique.

Yoga uses postures to give proper exercise to body and muscles. Yoga postures consume lot of calories to perform. There are certain yoga postures that are particularly helpful for losing weight. These poses stimulate hormonal secretion in sluggish glands. Yoga poses, such as Sarvangasna (shoulder stand), and Matsyasna (fish pose) are very effective for people suffering from problems of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for excess body fat. These two poses increases the fat metabolism and converts fat into energy.

Bikram yoga is very effective workout for people who put on weight due to anxious eating. As it calms the mind, the deep breathing poses in yoga help burn fat cells due to increased oxygen intake.

Power Yoga, is a form of yoga which involves a bunch of poses which can make you not only come back to the right shape but also into great fitness and give your work abilities a great boost.

Yoga uses breathing technique to control heart rate. The controlled heart rate can help to reduce high blood pressure and heart diseases. And the meditation helps you to get out from stressed mind. A stress mind is one of the major factors for over weight.

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