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March 17th, 2014

How to Paint Your Interior Walls for Your Wedding?

by Edwin Rosenthal

Painting is important for wedding as it gives the new look to your home and changes entire look of the rooms and also the feel of the home within a very short period of time and cost. Painting is therefore, a very affordable way to update your rooms with such a small expense.

The tools required for the painting are as follows, the painting brush, house hold cleaner, drop cloths, putty knife, paint roller and paint tray, drywall compound or sparkling, latex interior paint, screw driver etc. Arrange all of them; they are easily available at paint and hardware stores.

Many people think that painting an interior wall is like an easy design fixing and think that painting with a light color needs only one coating, but that will be in rare cases according to the previous paint color, if it is light and same color then it is possible for one coating.

For starting of painting the first thing, you need to do is move all furniture away from the walls and remove wall papers, photos, and any other items which are hanging from the wall. Also remove the electrical plates and the outlet covers. After removing the switch plates replace the screws so that they may not missed or get lost. After that, cover all the flooring with the drop cloths.

Then, the next step is to remove all the dust from the wall and clean the walls thoroughly by using the cleaning solution of household. Then after that rinse them with water and allow them to dry. Then again prime the areas of strains by using the oil based primer. After that repair, remove all the holes of the nails and any other blemishes with the help of the putty knife and compound or sparkling.

Then trim around all the doors, windows, baseboards, and the intersections of the ceilings, also the walls by using the brush. Choose a color of your choice but choose a light color because it not only looks decent but also gives a bright look when you switch on the lights in the evening and you can also decorate nicely on the light colored walls without any risk because the light color will suit for each decorations and even it will look nice after decoration.

Then, start painting the walls from the corners of the top, by using a paint roller and paint tray that should be in down way of the wall. Start painting small sections and began new sections beside the previous, then blend the paint edges together while still wet. Then continue doing quickly so that you may not pause before completing a wall.

After completion of wall, let it dry completely and then you decide whether the second coating is necessary or not. If necessary then repeat the procedure for one more coat. Then finish all the walls in similar manner.

After finishing the painting completely, clean all the brushes, trays, and rollers using warm soapy water. Then remove the drop cloths, so it is better if you leave it for one full day to dry, remove because there may be chances of damaging the furniture and floors. After completely drying, replace the pictures back on the walls.

This is how you should paint your walls for your wedding, hope you will enjoy the painting and feel good and happy at the end.
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May 14th, 2012

Tips for Choosing A Wedding Cakes on a Budget

by Jonathan Cogley

The Wedding cake is the most important in a wedding. It is the centerpiece of the wedding reception and aside from the bride, features in more photographs than almost anything else. However, wedding cake is the most costly that can increase your budget.

Below are the tips for choosing a wedding cake in a budget:

Suppose if you don’t have enough budgets then just have the wedding cake as part of the meal. There is no need of displaying the traditional cake that is served for the same purpose as the wedding cake. You can serve white chocolate cake decorated with full of fruits and nuts and flowers to the guests and also it can be a centerpiece.

Buy a simple iced cake available in different flavors and sizes. If you select three flavors and each of different size then you can make a layered cake by stacking them using cake stands. Then you arrange this cake with ribbons, shiny metal sheets, fruits etc. according to your wish. It will look like a classic cake but inexpensive.

Instead of buying flowers separately for decorating cakes, buy some more flowers while ordering flowers for your entire wedding. This will reduce some amount of money on the cakes.

Buy fake cakes to place on the small wedding cake. This is needs when you wanted to place the cake as a centerpiece of the wedding. Suppose your small cake is enough to feed for all the guests who are attended to your wedding, then there is no need of going for a larger cake which is costlier. So, here you can reduce the cost of the cake.

Whenever you are budgeting for your cake, don’t forget to decide how you are going to serve it. Suppose you wanted to send some piece of cake with your guests then consider the cake boxes as well as cake itself.

April 19th, 2012

Tips for Selecting a Videographer for Your Marriage

by Andrew Veazey

A Videographer is a person who captures in his camera all the memorable moments of any events or occasions from small part of the occasion to the large part of the occasion. Wedding is also such an occasion which has most memorable events. Every one want to save those memorable events of their wedding for future purpose because wedding is the most special day in everyone’s life. So, in order to record all these things we need a correct Videographer. Many people get confused while choosing a wedding Videographer. So here are the tips for selecting a wedding Videographer.

  • The first point is to find out how much years of experience he has in Video graphing.
  • Ask for demos of previous videos.
  • Ask for references from previous customers.
  • Find out how much effective is he in the aspect of communication skills.
  • Find out the style of the Videographer so that you are comfortable with him while doing photography. The styles may be: Fly-on-the-wall, reality-TV style and documentary, including interviews, voice-overs, etc.
  • Ask about how much charge he costs to cover your entire wedding. However, professional Videographer will charge a lot. It also depends on how much labor they are hiring to cover your wedding.
  • Ask about how many cameras and equipment are used and what type of cameras are used to cover the wedding.
  • Ask questions related to editing and final versions. It makes a huge difference.
  • Ask the format of the video for wide-screen high-definition if at all possible.
  • Many Videographers retain copyright of the finished product, usually so that they can charge extra for additional copies. We feel that this is unjustified but you might have no choice. In any case it’s important to clarify the situation.
  • Ask whether you will be able to take still photographs from the video.
  • At last, choose the Videographer who is having experience and who is affordable.

The above are the useful for selecting a videographer for your wedding.

April 14th, 2012

Five Proven Wedding Makeup Tips

by Jonathan Cogley

To women, wedding day is a very important day. Not only is the bride going to be joining herself to a man for life, but she has to do so in front of an entire lot of people gathered at the function. She is the glittering personality at the function; that is why everyone eyes are on her. So she has to look her best on that day. Makeup is an essential part of the beautification process on the special day. It is, however, important for a bride to know some important makeup tips that she finds very helpful.

Following are five wedding makeup tips for brides:

1) The wedding gown should not be worn while putting on makeup: Wait until the makeup has been applied before putting on the wedding dress. This avoids the risk of stains falling on the dress before the ceremony.

2) Use sunscreen: If your wedding is planned outside, it is essential that every bride should use a sunscreen with SPF 30. Using it on the face, arms, or any exposed areas on the skin can prevent sunburn and subsequently skin that is too pink.

3) Use waterproof mascara: Weddings are infamous for making the onset of tears. Using waterproof mascara will prevent the makeup from streaming down her face. Two coats of waterproof mascara will be adequate to prevent tears.

4) Use foundation to even out the skin tone: The color of the bride’s face should not be too different from the rest of her exposed skin, such as neck and arms. Using foundation that matches her complexion is a good way to combat that situation.

5) Use a brighter lipstick: Using a colorful lipstick brightens up the bride’s look and keeps her from appearing too bland. Use a lipstick that is moderate in look.
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March 2nd, 2012

Tips for Decorating the Venue Garden Wedding

by Andrew Veazey

Many people love to have their wedding in the open weather, close to the nature. But due to some climatic conditions arranging the wedding or theminiature houses reception outdoors is not possible every time. But in favorable seasons like summer and spring we can plan weddings in the garden. However, if you have a well maintained garden then go for it or else you can hire some well groomed gardens like parks for the occasion. Despite few challenges in organizing garden wedding, it is really an amazing experience which makes your day special.

If you are planning to pick a public venue like a park, make sure that the gardens themselves have some flowers and some hard scapes which form a different architecture. Those flowers and structures create a good environment and they are great value additions for your decorations. The fragrance from the flowers and the beauty of the garden definitely makes your wedding moments special and memorable. However, make sure that the scents and the other plantings in the garden are making your guests comfortable.

You cam make special path with the petals of flowers for the bride to walk in, instead of the regular red carpet welcome. Also add some fountains, withminiature trees some floating candles in the water to make the location more attractive and appealing. Use subtle lighting which blends well with all the natural things and also try to include this herbal touch in the foods and beverages. This makes your decorations in to themed decorations which are quite apt for the situation. read more »

January 17th, 2012

How to Get a Great Wedding Hair Style

by Dov Waxman

Wedding is a special day in every couples life. So they need to look their best on that day. The dress, accessories and make up of the bride and bride groom is given much attention, as these are the most observed aspects by the guests. Their dressing style brings them the much needed attention. Already they are the center of attention at the wedding, but right and unique kind of dressing makes them look even more appealing.

Among the various aspects that contribute to the beautiful looks of the couple, hair style is highly important. Especially brides, take more care in selecting the right and beautiful hair style that completes their entire wedding look. Here are few tips for the bride to get a beautiful wedding hair style.


  • First thing is your budget. Decide how much you want to invest for your hair style, then search for the good hairstylist and salon.
  • Explain to the hairstylist about your wedding dress and take suggestions for the best styled hairstyle, that makes your dress and your entire look more attractive.
  • Consider your own hair style ideas like curly hair or oily hair or fine hair. Communicate those ideas with your hair stylist and get a good hair style as per your satisfaction.
  • Also consider the weather during the wedding time. Think about your hair and how to respond with the weather changes, then choose the suitable hair style.
  • Consider your wedding location. Is it indoor or outdoor ? Then set your hairstyle to suit the wedding location.
  • Ask the salon owners for the do’s and dont’s after finishing the hair setting.

Always select a hair style that best suits your facial appearance. Also match the hair style with your dress and theme of the wedding. This makes you look wonderful on your special day. read more »

January 3rd, 2012

Tips to Plan a Wedding That’s Three Months Away

by Andrew Veazey

Is your wedding just three months away? Don’t get worried on how to plan for your big day. It may seem that you cannot have a dream wedding if you have less time for its preparations. However, it’s not true. Perfect wedding plan and implementation of right things at the right time helps you to make your big day more memorable.

Prepare a pre-wedding preparations list first. It includes major things like the venue, invitations, attire and favors. Also, include the decoration, photographer and catering services in this list. Gather information with regard to these things and choose the best services. Take help from your friends and family in preparing the list and plan accordingly. Choosing a wedding theme upfront makes most of your job easy. Decide the theme based on the season – different seasons demand different themes. Ideas for many things like decoration, invitations and so on linked with wedding theme can be selected easily based on your wedding theme.

Better organization helps you save a lot of time. Make separate file folders for each wedding element, like flowers, wedding dress, food, the cake and so on to store the tear sheets from magazines, brochures and catalogs. You can compile a master contact information list on your computer so that you need not search for anything.

Choosing a wedding planner can relax you well if the wedding date is only three months to go. However, it is your part to choose the best wedding planner. Provide all the necessary details such as your names, numbers and addresses of people you want to invite, and so on to the planner to get the arrangements done in your desired way. Whether you go for a wedding planner or do everything on your own, stay cool and be focused to finish the important wedding preparations. read more »