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April 18th, 2010

Types Of Basic Yoga Positions

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga is kind of ancient health exercise, which helps to improve both mind and body. Yoga practices are capable to transform the person in such a way that he/she can able to perform those things, which were never possible for him earlier. Wide range of yoga helps to attain self-awareness, balance and strength. Practicing yoga is a great way of relaxing but in beginning following basic yoga poses should peruse:

Adho Mukha Svanasana
This basic pose of yoga is also known as cat and dog pose. This helps to buildup the flexibility of the spine and it is also helpful in treating stress and strain related back pains.

Forward Bend
This yoga is capable to remove all stress and strain of spine. This pose stretches the legs, spine, back and also helps to relax the mind as well as the body.

The Triangle Pose
This yoga exercise will stretch the spine, opens the torso, and improves balance as well as concentration. It is improved style of yoga poses.

The Corpse Pose
It is an easiest and simplest basic poses for beginners. With this yoga pose, a person can refresh his body, mind and he can also get relieved from stress and anxiety. Savasana is a kind of Corpse pose.

These basic yoga poses will give better results only if it is practiced regularly. Addition of some more yoga poses is advisable after the learning of all basic poses. Sun salutations and many more are common examples of additional exercise.

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April 14th, 2010

Practical Advices: Starting Yoga

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga, a kind of body exercise offers many benefits like stronger-flexible body, toning of muscles, reducing stress, and also improves mental and physical well-being. It is an old health practitioner exercise. But to enjoy the real pleasure and benefits of yoga following advices should be followed:

Choose yoga asana
Before starting yoga it is advisable to choose an asana, which suits the person’s personality and state of physical fitness. In starting phase, choose basic asanas of yoga like Hatha and Vinyasa.

Search a yoga class
A yoga class will be good for those people who are new to yoga. A person can search for a yoga class through local newspapers or wellness magazine. Search these classes either near to home or office. It will be easy to get in a class.

Know what to bring – to a yoga class; a person needs to bring some comfortable, breathable clothing and a yoga mat.

Yoga ethics – In yoga classes following things should to be learnt:
Put the yoga mat in such a way that your companions do not feel any problem
Short meditation at the start of class

A big meal before the class
Drink water in a class
Wear shoes or shocks during the class

Always review yoga etiquette
Ask for help during any problem

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February 13th, 2010

Basics And Types Of Pranayama

by Edwin Rosenthal

Lungs are made up of nearly 73 million cells. On normal breathing, to which all are adapted, only nearly 20 million cells in the lungs receive oxygen, whereas unused 53 million pores remain poor of the benefit, as a result they easily get infected by several diseases such as tuberculosis, respiratory diseases and several disorders like coughing, bronchitis etc.

This ineffective functioning of the lungs can disturb the process of blood purification, which in turn weakens heart, and person gets more prone to untimely death. This problem can be solved with pranayama.

The meaning of the word Pranayama is the “expansion of prana” which means development of vital energy. The main aim of pranayama is to stimulate, instill, control, regulate and balance the vital energy in the body.

As bathing is important for the purification of the body, in the same way Pranayama is necessary for the purification of the mind. Pranayama helps in improving retention (memory) power and concentration power, which in turn results in soundness of mind and soundness of body. The liver, stomach, kidneys, intestines, digestive organ, veins and entire nervous system get rejuvenated by the regular practice of Pranayama. If it is practiced regularly, one can control the sense organs and the mind.

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January 11th, 2010

Tips And Precautions For Practicing Yoga

by Edwin Rosenthal

If yoga is not practiced with care and correct procedures and methods, it will have adverse effects on health. Here are few tips and precautions need to be considered when practicing yoga.

  • The best suitable time for practicing yoga is during morning and before eating breakfast. Because in morning time, the mind will be fresh, calm and the yogic exercises can be easily done.
  • Before doing yoga exercises, bladder, and bowels should be emptied, then mucous from throat and nostrils should be cleaned and after this glass of water should be taken. Yoga exercises should be done after a gap of 15 minutes after doing all these procedures.
  • A balanced diet is suggested for yoga trainers and also there should be a break or gap of 4 hours between each meal that is taken.
  • For doing yoga, clothing should be loose, since more surface area of body should be exposed to air. Firm-fitting Lycra or cotton shirts and pants are good choice.
  • Start yoga with postures that are easy and later should be continued to difficult ones. Compulsorily graded steps of yoga should be followed.
  • When doing yoga deep and long breath should be taken and only nose should be used for inhaling and exhaling, mouth should not be opened.
  • Yoga exercises should be done only on blanket or a mat, which is spread on ground. It should not be performed on bare ground at any cost.
  • Yoga should be done in a clean, well lit and well ventilated place or room where there will be no smoke.
  • Yoga exercises must be concluded by massaging arms, legs and the entire body
May 9th, 2009

Benefits Of Yoga

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga is an ancient practice that anyone at any age can do. Nowadays every one facing the stress, this stress is carried in our shoulders and our backs and our necks. Basically we lost our balance, our inner and outer balance.

Generally yoga helps us restore that balance. Actually you don’t want to be an expert to do yoga or enjoy the benefits of yoga. And also do not need be incredibly flexible. Because of these yoga positions and movements can be adapted to fit any flexibility level. When you more perform yoga the more flexible you will become. Now I explain some of the main advantages of yoga.

  • Yoga gives the sense of relaxation in the mind and the body.
  • Relaxation is something that everyone including children can benefit from. Relaxation of the mind and the body will refresh the nervous system and promote feelings of peace and stability from the inside out.
  • Yoga will help you keep good posture because you will become acquainted with muscles that you didn’t know you had. I do not mean bulking up with muscles, but tightening those little muscles in our bodies that don’t get the attention or care they need.
  • Yoga will increase the more self discipline, more self control and an increase in your determination and these three traits will flow into every aspect of your life. And also yoga will helps you to improve your ability to concentrate and also decrease the frustration associated with decreased concentration.
  • And also some body pains and deceases are controlled by natural yoga.

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