Using Microwave Is Simpler With Some Tips

Microwave is a great tool we have for cooking and is a great time saver. The biggest advantage is microwave functions based on the time set. Using microwave is more simper with using the following tips.

Only non-metal utensils are to be used in a microwave. Vegetables and meat should be cut in uniform size for thorough cooking. Avoid using foil-lined paper products, paper towels like nylon or synthetic instead use paper plates, cups and napkins in microwave.

Discard the wire twist tie available with plastic bags or cooking bags if you are using them in microwave for cooking. Stir food and turn dishes periodically while it is in microwave and it helps for cooking fully and evenly.

Place even pieces for cooking especially remove the large bones from meat before cooking it in microwave because it prevents the proper cooking of remaining pieces. This also helps in peeling the vegetables, to get more juice from citrus fruits and many more.

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