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October 20th, 2011

Light-up Halloween Toys for Your Kids

by Jonathan Cogley

Enlightening products like glow sticks used for late night parties including Halloween celebrations bring fun and entertainment for kids. It is a well known fact that kids are excited to use interesting and flashing glow products that enhance the enjoyment in Halloweens.

As glow sticks are simple plastic tubes which are easy to handle and use, they can be even used by kids. They love to use glow sticks for performing unique tricks and treats. Different sizes of glow sticks of various colors like green, yellow, orange, blue, red, purple and so on are considered to be the best party favors for kids. Assorted glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets are not exceptions to be used in Halloween parties.

Apart from the glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets, several other flashing lighting toys which make use of LED batteries are even available that bring fun for kids in the scary celebrations. Flashing devil horns, skull and bone lanyard necklaces, devil horn hats, pumpkin glasses, skull flashing glasses, flashing skull wands and eye ball rings are some of the elegant lighting toys which are perfect novelties for kids. Children even love to have these as the accessories for their Halloween costumes. It is often considerable to prepare and make use of glow costumes with glow sticks in peculiar scary designs. A right choice can be made from these flashing lighting pieces to accentuate the glow costume. When arranging a Halloween party for kids, do not forget to include these flashing products along with the glow sticks to upgrade the entertainment.

September 24th, 2011

Differences Between Light Sticks and Glow Sticks

by Jonathan Cogley

Though glow sticks and light sticks are considered the same, there are certain differences between them. The major difference is that glow sticks are considered in general as novelties for recreation and entertainment whereas light sticks are considered for handling emergency situations.

A glow stick is a small plastic tube containing a chemical and a fluorescent dye. Inside the plastic tube is a glass vial which contains another chemical. When the plastic tube is bent enough, the inner glass tube breaks combining the two chemicals. A chemiluminescent reaction occurring between them gives a glow of light that is colorful due to the dye. Glow sticks are found in different colors including blue, red, green, yellow, pink, green, orange and white. Any colored glow stick can be used for parties and events celebrated in dark. However, light sticks are found only in bright colors like yellow, green and orange.

As said, glow sticks are perfect for night parties where as light sticks are used for handling emergency situations. Any rescue operations conducted after natural disasters such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, ice storm, tsunami, power outages, etc., need a perfect light source that can be handled easily. Emergency light sticks serve well for this purpose. The other difference between them is the mode of foil packaging. Glow sticks are packed in bulk where as light sticks are packed in individual foils. This changes their shelf life too. Items of individual foil packaging last for a longer time for about four years. However, those which do not include foil packaging have a shorter shelf life of just two years. Glow sticks and light sticks are the terms used interchangeably in general, but they are used in two entirely different markets. However, both glow sticks and light sticks are excellent sources of reliable and safe light for a longer time.

August 4th, 2011

What is the Chemistry Involved in Glow sticks

by Jonathan Cogley

Glow sticks are small plastic tubes with a glass vial inside them. They glow when the glow stick is bent and both the chemicals present in them mix together. They do not use any sources of electricity but still glow brightly like all electric lights and lamps. By observing a glow stick one can easily say that some chemical reaction is taking place which makes the glow stick glow. But only few of us know what exactly happens during the chemical reaction.

Let us have a look on the chemistry involved in glow sticks.

The three major components which constitute the chemical reaction in the glow stick are the

  • Diphenyl Oxalate Ester
  • Hydrogen peroxide and
  • Florescent dye.

The first two components are used to release the energy and the dye is used to accept that energy and to convert it in to light.

When the Diphhenyl oxalate Ester is combined with hydrogen peroxide, it oxidizes the Ester giving rise to two molecules of phenol and one molecule of peroxy acid ester. That peroxy acid ester immediately decomposes in to Carbon dioxide. This decomposition reaction releases the energy that excite the dye. The energy excites the electrons in the florescent dye. This causes the electrons to jump to a higher energy level and then fall back which releases light.

The chemical reaction which takes place in glow sticks releases energy in the form of light. The light produced by this chemical reaction is called as chemiluminescence.

This is the chemical reaction that takes place inside a glow stick and makes it glow.

July 8th, 2011

Different Glow Stick Products

by Jonathan Cogley

Glow Stick is a single translucent tube which contains a couple of chemicals which when mixed together emits light. The phenomenon used in glow sticks is called as chemiluminescence, which produces only light with out any kind of heat. Previously the usage of glow sticks was mostly in its original form. They were used directly as glow sticks. However due to the change in the ideologies of people more creative forms of glow sticks are available at present.

Let us have a look on the range of products available in glow sticks.

1. Glow Sticks: These are ordinary Glow sticks which are also called as light sticks. Their sizes varies from 1.5 inches to 12 inches and even more. They emit light for longer hours and are mostly used in emergency situations.

2. Glow Sport Articles: The most popular form of glow sticks are sports articles, which are used for different games. Many products are designed to provide the flexibility of playing the games even during twilight or night times. Especially popular games like golf, basket ball, Frisbee are played using glow products.

3. Glow Jewelery: The latest and most hottest form of glow sticks is glow jewelery. Most of the accessories are available using these glow sticks. They include glow necklaces, glow rings, bracelets, ear rings etc. Apart from these glow bunny ears, glow glasses and glow hair pins are also available these days.

4. Glow Glass ware: This is the most interesting part of glow sticks. Glasses which are used to serve different beverages are attached with mini glow sticks to make them more attractive. Along with the glow glasses, glow stir rods, glow straws and glowing glass jars are also available.

5. Promotional Glow Sticks: These are particularly used for corporate events. Customized glow sticks are great promotional products. They can be used within the logo or promotional text to make it more attractive.

6. Other Products: In addition to the above things many light up toys, decoration articles, glow candles are also available.

These many products of glow sticks have made it a very popular tool which can be used for multi purpose applications.

July 7th, 2011

Availability of Glow Sticks in Different Sizes

by Jonathan Cogley

Everybody knows the versatile uses of glow sticks. Because of their durability, resistance to different climatic conditions and the way they effectively work with out using any energy source made their use more wider. Since they are being used for different purposes they should be available in difference sizes. The availability of glow sticks in different sizes made them convenient to use. Let us see different sizes in which glow sticks are available.

Glow Sticks are mainly available in four different sizes. They are as below.

Mini glow stick: These glow sticks are about 1.5 inches long and 5mm wide. These glow sticks glow for 1-2 hours and after that they continue glowing with a dimmer light for several hours. They are popularly sold as fishing glow sticks. We can find a lot of products available in the market which are related to mini glow sticks, they include glow stick rings, bracelets etc.

Normal glow sticks: These glow sticks are about 8 inches long and 5 mm wide. They can glow for 5-6 hours and will continue in a dimmer state for 2 more days. They come along with connectors to make them into bracelets and rings. They can also be made into glow glasses and glow bunny ears.

The six inches glow stick: These Glow sticks are about 6 inches long and 10 mm wide. These are brightest glowing sticks but do not last for long time. They glow for around 12 hours brightly and after that they will continue to glow in a dimmer state for several hours. These sticks are little bit more expensive than the other models.

The 22 inches glow stick: These glow sticks are 22 inches long and rest of the operations are quite similar to that of normal glow sticks. They come along with the connectors a bit longer. They are more expensive as than the other types and can be available only in major stores.

These are different types of glow sticks and every size can be available in different colors. They are available for low cost if they are purchased in a bulk.

May 19th, 2011

Exciting Halloween Parties with Glow Sticks

by Jonathan Cogley

Any parties in dark are made more exciting by adding glow products. A glow stick was once used mainly for military purposes. However, with time, they are being used for various other purposes. They have become the best party favors these days. You can use glow sticks to make your Halloween parties more enjoyable.

Glow sticks are very cheap and even provide bright light. Glow sticks are also available in different colors like orange, purple, pink, yellow, green, red, blue and white. You can arrange these different colored glow sticks to decorate the front drive of your home or the path leading to your house. They make your home and the path look more amazing and amusing. They also provide safety to move in dark. You can also decorate your home with glow sticks in many other ways.

Kids are more enthusiastic to use glow sticks in Halloween parties. Glow bracelets, glow earrings and glow necklaces can be added to their costume as perfect glow accessories. Kids can even wear glowing hair bands. They also assure safety of your kids when going out in dark. They can be seen by passing vehicles and other people around at night in the party. Among different colored glow sticks, orange is more appropriate and common color used in Halloween parties. However, you can choose any other color based on your interest. If you want your kid to wear a skeleton costume, then you can add blue glow sticks to their costume. If you want a green glow around them, you can choose green glow sticks. So, glow sticks of various kinds and colors multiplies your enjoyment in Halloween parties. Therefore, do not forget to include it in your checklist while planning a party.

April 18th, 2011

What is the Durability of a Glow Stick?

by Jonathan Cogley

A glow stick serves as an alternative source of illumination. There are many ways that you can use it. You can use it for parties, diving, fundraising, general emergencies, weddings, and so on. Whatever the purpose may be, it is obvious that we ask the manufacturer for the durability of glow sticks. However, that depends on various factors such as quality, storage, size, age, and color of the glow sticks.

The size and quality of the glow sticks affects durability of the glow of glow sticks. A good quality chemical present in large amounts make the stick glow brighter for a longer time. Therefore a good quality 6” glow stick lasts for about 12 hours and a 1.5” mini glow stick lasts for four to six hours.

The heat and cold elements of the environment are the other factors that vary their durability. When a glow stick is placed in a freezer, the chemical reaction is stopped. However, it is stopped partially so that it can last for longer time. When it is taken out of the freezer and kept under hot water, it starts glowing again. Heat speeds up the chemical reaction of the glow sticks and make it glow brighter for shorter period of time. For instance, a glow necklace lasts for 10 to 12 hours when put down at some place. However, when you wear it, the body heat is sufficient to enhance its activity. So it glows much brighter and lasts for three to four hours.

Furthermore, an older glow stick glows with dim light for shorter time. The brightness and glow time also gets affected by the color of the glow stick. Green and yellow colored lights are brighter and last for longer time. Hence, they are mostly used for safety and emergency purposes.

Different types of glow products have different ranges of durability. High quality and large sized sticks are used for glow lights pertained for emergencies. They are much effective and may last for about 30 minutes after activation. However, glow necklaces, bracelets, toys, and others which are used for parties glow for a few hours. The shelf life of glow sticks depends on the mode of packaging and storage conditions. They should be kept in a cool and dry place. The shelf life of glow sticks may vary from one to two years based on their storage.

February 11th, 2011

How are Glow sticks Used for Emergency and Safety?

by Jonathan Cogley

Glow sticks are associated mainly with entertainment events. In addition, they can also be used for emergency and safety purposes. The size of a glow stick used for emergency or safety purposes is about 6″. An immediate and dependable light output is provided by it for 12 hours. The advantages of glow sticks are that they are non-flammable, windproof, and non-toxic. They can also be used in explosive situations. A string can be attached to the stick by a hook and a hole provided at the top of the stick.

Here are some of the uses of glow sticks as emergency or safety devices.

  • Sometimes you may come across situations like changing tires and seeking for help while traveling. So it is better to carry glow sticks. You can use them for emergency roadside assistance. You can easily mark the path and location of vehicle by glow sticks instead of using battery powered charge lights.
  • Traffic control can be done by using 12″ and 16″ glow sticks. They can also be used at roads where much brighter output is essential.
  • Natural disasters including tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks may cause blackouts. Glow sticks can be used as light source at these situations. They are used in place of flash lights as they do not require battery power. Glow sticks are better for use at blackouts, instead of gas-lanterns due to their safety.
  • Offices and residence houses store glow sticks in the event of blackouts or gas leaks.
  • You can wear glow sticks when biking, jogging, or walking pets in twilight. This is safe for yourselves as it provides some visible light. Also roadside travelers in vehicles can watch you by the source of light.
  • Local police officials use glow sticks for increasing visibility and safety.
  • Glow sticks can be used at events in hallways and pathways of dark theaters.
  • Campers and divers can also use glow sticks for illumination.

Glow sticks are available in different colors. However, green color is the most brightest one among them. So it is better to use green colored emergency and safety glow sticks.

January 10th, 2011

Want to Know About Glow Sticks?

by Edwin Rosenthal

Many of us might have seen glow sticks adding fun at parties. A single-use translucent plastic tube that provides light without an electric source is termed as a glow stick. They are of about four or five inches long and less than an inch in diameter. A more flexible plastic is used for making glow sticks. They are available in many shapes.

A chemical process called chemiluminescence is the basic property in glow sticks. Certain factors such as composition and quality of chemicals inside the stick affect the duration of glow sticks. Glow sticks are generally used for recreational purposes. However, they can also be used in many ways as a light source that may range from military equipment to hiking.

Glow sticks or other slow stick instruments are used for a form of dancing called as ‘glowsticking’. The roots of glowsticking are found in the electronic and rave scenes. Use of glow sticks on a string, the swinging motion, and others is possible in glowstringing. Certain martial arts and performances with swords, flails, and ropes can be done with glow sticks or glow stick-like instruments which are tied with a durable string to one end of it. Freehand glowsticking is also practiced that does not use any strings attached to the glow sticks. Many lightshows are performed with glow sticks. They can be used to trace audience of one to several people who are closer to the performer.

Glow sticks are used at many parties with many colors. A party can be made enjoyable and attractive by using them. The use of glow sticks is not only pertained to kids, they can also be used at certain emergency situations.