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March 5th, 2014

Tips for Safe Driving for Teens

by Edwin Rosenthal

The highest fatal crash risk having by the teens than any other age group drivers. The problem is among sixteen years old drivers. They don’t have sufficient experience and results in risk taking while driving. If you are a teen driver, it does not mean that take only public transportation, ask for older driver to take, and stay at home all the time. Make sure to follow the safety norms. Some of them are as follows:

  • Teen drivers are doing crashes because of driving errors more often when compared to older drivers. Equip the sufficient experience for error free driving.
  • Studies show that driving the vehicle by using a cell phone is equivalent of driving drunk. It includes hands free phone also. Some states are prohibited the usage of cell phones while driving. So keep your cell phone switched off.
  • Researches are showing that texting is a cause of loss of focus on road on average for five seconds. While you are driving, this is a precious time and a lot can go wrong. Don’t try the texting while you are driving. Many states ban texting while driving. If you keep your head down, you can’t recognize the major developments that happen on the road, it even at the red signal light.
  • Turn on your vehicle headlights even on sunny days. This will increase your visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Drive a safe car that has an excellent crash safety record or with latest safety equipments such as air bags, electronic stability control and anti lock brakes.
  • Always aware of the traffic. It can be next to you, behind, and ahead to you. Get ready with the possible escape routes from traffic in your mind.
  • At lower speeds, maintain minimum one car length to your front car. In faster speeds maintain a larger distance.
  • Statistics are showing that teen passengers in the car while a teen is driving is more likely to happen a crash. More the teen passengers, more the crash chances. So try to avoid teen passengers and drive solely.
  • Minimize the distraction while you are driving. It may be tempting to play music loudly, flip around the radio dial, drink and eat while you are driving. These will distract you from driving even for a few seconds. It is enough for an unexpected incident.
  • Speed is the major cause for teen drivers. More than 40 percent of the accidents are caused because of speed.

Wisdom comes with age and driving experience, there are no substitutes for safety. But applying the these tips, you can drive in a safe way. Use common sense while you are driving to make it safe for your self and for others.
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August 5th, 2009

Teenage Depression Signs And Symptoms

by Dov Waxman

Depression in teenager is often difficult to determine as teenagers with depression don’t display the same symptoms as adults with depression. Sometime this depression may cause the self harm and even suicide so make sure you know the signs of teenage depression before it are too late. Some studies show that 500,000 teens attempt suicide each year, and 5000 are successful. Here are some signs and symptoms of depression teen. A clinical diagnosis of depression may describe the following behaviors.

  • Feelings of not be understood by parents or teachers
  • rising antisocial behavior
  • Wanting to leave home
  • Becoming negative and feeling ‘picked on’ or disapproved of
  • Withdrawal from family and other social activities
  • Aggression
  • Spends more time in own company
  • Lack of attention to personal grooming
  • In common, teenage girls with depression may become anxious with this of a morbid nature, while teenage boys will act up, becoming aggressive at school or at home, and perhaps getting into trouble with the police.

So take care of your teen’s depression and give the proper treatment before they go for suicide. Here are some recommendations to prevent teen’s depression.

  • Get a medical evaluation. Symptoms of depression can be the result of a large assortment of illnesses, including thyroid problems, viral infections, and other factors.
  • Deprex is an amino acid and homeopathic medicine for the treatment of depression that we have seen work well with our patients. It may be worth trying as long as the situation is “steady” and there is no suicidal thinking on the part of the depressed person.
  • Medications such as Prozac can be extremely helpful for more complicated cases. Consult your doctor. These medications are often prescribed by Family Practice Doctors, but in most cases have to to be monitored by Psychiatrists.
  • Increase intake of Protein somewhat. Use a protein powder supplement, just like a weight lifter.
  • Exercise daily. Just get out and walk for about 15 minutes.
  • Seek out counseling from someone who is good at treating depression. This can do a world of good for you. However, always use huge wisdom and common sense when choosing a therapist. Some are good, and some are not, so choose wisely.
July 5th, 2009

Tips To Find The Math Tutor For Your Teen

by Edwin Rosenthal

Today most of our teens are stressed in mathematics class so their parents were decided to take the tutors help. But majority of the parents are confusing to find the right math tutor. Actually you want someone who relates well to your student, is knowledgeable, and is able to communicate effectively. Now I give some tips to find the right math tutor.

One possibility, with is perhaps most economical, can be the same generation tutor. Some person is being very good same who did well in the course a year or two earlier might be interested in doing one-on-one tutoring. If you choose this route, perhaps you request student’s name which teacher may be competent. The high school consultant’s office is other good place investigation possibilities. Many they retain may the use tutor name list in the different subject area. And if they do not have a name list, many they will borrow the assistance to try to discover a suitable tutor. Teacher or retired teacher which proved can be an outstanding choice is private tutoring. Many schools have forbid classroom teacher to counsel his/she student for the compensation rule, perhaps but other teachers obtain in the school or a teacher in other areas. Many teachers the tutoring work achievements which welcome are supplemented their income method. But, you should prepare to pay more than 1 to prove or a more experienced person.

If your community has a place institute, considered employs the university student to take the tutor. When I was teaching I often referred parents to the chairman of the math department of our nearby college He always has is to counsels the high school arithmetic student to feel the interest student’s name list. Converse with the high school student’s other parents. Accounts orally the news is possibly the wonderful information source when seeks the correct tutor. The parents sat nearby you already had perhaps discovered at the soccer game sought the more students tutor’s gem. Perhaps you and the consideration publishes the advertisement to find the tutor in yours local paper. Certainly you want are the affirmations carefully screened the applicant and the request reference. Finally, your young people’s might is a good candidate artificial on-line tutoring service. Some many these services may use today and they grow in the popularity.

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September 16th, 2008

Hygienic Food For Kids

by Dov Waxman
Most of the mothers prepare the food as they like and wanted to do but very few prepares the hygienic food for their kids. Here are some easy ways to get your kids the nutrients they need, without the fight!

  • Make some macaroni and cheese
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix the minced nuts into the macaroni and cheese
  • Give it to your kids and tell them there is a secret ingredient OR
  • Give it to your kids and tell them there are some crunchy munchies and they make it even better
  • 2 Make some chicken
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix the nuts into ranch
  • The kids won’t notice because of the chicken!!
  • 3 Take a Popsicle of the stick
  • Put it in a microwavable bowl
  • Put it in for 10 seconds on low until it will be easy to mash
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix it into the Popsicle
  • Tell the kids that the people who made it forgot to take out the seeds
  • To make a little bit better for you, get organic chicken and light ranch.
  • You don’t haft to use nut, you can use carrots, broccoli, or anything you want.