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October 17th, 2012

Different Uses of Towels

by Edwin Rosenthal

A towel is a cloth made of an absorbent material and is used for drying or wiping. There are a variety of towels made of different fabrics and used in a wide range of purposes. A towel is used for various reasons in our daily life. Some uses of towels apart from drying things are:

  • Towels can be used as a medium to sit on, stand on. A towel avoids direct contact to ground, sand etc.
  • Barbers use towels for wiping wet face etc. Steamed towels are placed on people to prepare skin for shaving.
  • Towels can also be used as head dress if the hair is wet.
  • Some towels which are smaller in size than hand towels are used as handkerchief by men and women.
  • They provide a means to cover shoulders to protect from cold conditions.
  • To hold hot objects.
  • Used to mop spillages and clean equipment.

There are a number of uses of towels and benefits depending on the purpose. A towel is used by every person for living comfortably. It should be properly used, kept clean. Replace the towels after a period of time and use new towels. read more »

September 26th, 2012

Dressing Tips for an Air Plane Journey

by Jonathan Cogley

Most travelers are clueless as to what to wear on the air planes but they are too crazy and enthusiastic that they wear whatever they like. Nowadays, sudden situations can arise in landing airplanes or journey of airplanes that you certain dressing styles can also save you in some situations. Mostly the dressing sense in the air planes should be comfortable as well as it makes others to feel comfortable but not irritating to co-passengers.

Following are some of dressing tips for airplane journey:

  • While traveling in airplane, you need to consider many aspects such as medical conditions, weather conditions, emergency landings, fires etc.,. So, in accordance to it, you have to select the dressing style and wear it.
  • The outer garments which you wear should be of warm clothing, breathable and comfortable to you. Make sure that you better wear long sleeves because there will be sudden change in the weather conditions of the plane. Whenever plane lands, suddenly the temperature inside the plane will be so cold.
  • Never wear tight clothes because it can hamper your blood circulation.
  • Choose a dark colored dresses because when plane lands, the foods in your hands can spill on you. The spilled food cannot be seen in dark colored clothes.
  • Do not wear thin clothes because you may feel too cold.
  • You should wear inner garments made of natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. If you wear other than these fabrics, you may be injured or get irritated by skin burns if any fire incidents occur.
  • Wear jackets or sweaters in the plain to get rid from the cold.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes inside the airplane because you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never wear metal jewelry because it will raise alarm at security check counters.
  • Do not bring and apply perfumes, balms, lotions before landing because it may irritate co-passengers.

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December 20th, 2011

Planning to Buy a Carpet -Follow These Steps

by Andrew Veazey

Everybody love to decorate their houses with huge variety of products available in the market. One among the different things which makes your home more colorful is the Carpet. Since it gives a rich and aesthetic look to your room extra care and precautions should be taken while purchasing them.

Here are few factors one has to keep it mind before buying a carpet.

Size: Always check the size of your floor where you exactly want to place your carpet. In general common carpet sizes are 9 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot. Just decide which size is apt for your room and go.

Cost: Even though this factor depends on your budget but still don’t go for very low cost carpets. This is because carpets are purchased once, and hence they need to have greater durability. You can buy a better carpet in your own budget.

Quality: The quality of the carpet should be given the highest priority. Some stain resistant carpets are available in the market, so it is better to go for them than the ordinary ones. Carpets made of polyester are popular for stain resistance. Also go for a good quality pad so that the life of your carpet extends.

Color: The color of the carpet also effects the durability of the carpet. Never ever go for light colored ones because they can easily show off any dirt and dust. Go for some darker shades so that they don’t need any extra care.

Placement: Your carpet stays for a longer time if you place it in an area with less traffic. So select the area in the house where the people will be moving less frequently and place it there.

It is fun buying things, but, maintaining them in a proper way is also very essential. Vacuum your carpet regularly and clean the dirty areas with some detergent solution to make it stay for a longer time. read more »

December 20th, 2011

How to Maintain Different Fabrics

by Andrew Veazey

Fabrics are the most important things in our life as they serve the most basic need of clothing. It is not only important to buy the latest varieties but also necessary to maintain them in a proper way. Following are the different types of fabrics and tips to maintain them properly.

Cotton:This is the most common fabric. In particular this fabric needs much maintenance to retain its look and texture. It is better to hand wash them instead of machine washing and if you put some starch the fabric looks well with its perfect texture.

Silk: The fabric which is used most extensively after cotton is silk. There are lot of varieties in silk like the chiffon, satin silk, jacquard and so on. They all need a similar kind of maintenance as below. They are easy to wash and hence you can hand wash them in cool water. Rinse until the water drains out and press with low heat.

Linen: For linen, machine wash is preferable and the water used in the machine should be less than 50 degrees centigrade. It is better to use non chlorine washing powders to stop the fabric going yellow. Don’t dry the fabric in hot sun since it shrinks easily.

Wool: Wool is a very delicate fabric and should not be washed with chlorine based products. Check the label on the apparel and wash it accordingly. If it is saying hand washable, use wool washing detergent and with out soaking. Scrub gently and rinse well in luke warm water, squeeze little and again rinse in cold water. Dry the clothing using a towel but not twist it.

Cashmere: This is also a very delicate fabric. Since the clothing made from this fabric does not get dirty very easily you can wash it after using 2-3 times. For this fabric also, use special wool washing powders and wash it in machine with an optimum speed. Rinse carefully in cold water until it becomes clear.

These are the few tips which help you in maintaining that particular fabrics properly.

December 19th, 2011

How to Choose Clothes to Wear at Home

by Andrew Veazey

Many of us have different sections of wardrobes in which one definitely belongs to the clothes that we wear at our home. Apart from the sleepwear we tend to use some clothes which we love to wear during holiday. Many people keep the old clothes for this purpose and use them. But it is not right. Here are few tips which let you know about choosing clothes to wear at home.

First thing is, they need to be different from the formal wear which we use daily to our work. Secondly, they need to be comfortable and at the same time need to be stylish. Since everyone is bored of wearing the same dress entire day, the clothes we choose to wear at home should be different from them. They should neither look formal nor look completely casual. Let us say them as semi formals. If you don’t bother about any visitors in between your holiday you can go for a complete casual wear.

Coming to the colors, try some different colors which you don’t feel like wearing them outside so that you can have a feel of experimenting with new things and at the same time you can get used to that color. We tend to work some or the other things when we are at home. So there is a possibility that something may spill on your clothes. So it is always better to choose dark colored clothes when we are at home.

We can even follow trend and style even at home. Try to wear tee shirts and capris and you can really look fabulous. Sleeve less tops and loose pajamas also work well as you look trendy in them. They give you positive energy and make you feel fresh. If they suit you well, you can even wear them while you are going out also.

Never overlook or ignore the clothing you want to wear at home because they reflect the actual you and how much you care for yourself even if nobody are watching you. They speak much about your attitude and self image.

December 19th, 2011

Benefits of Choosing Plus Size Clothing for Women

by Andrew Veazey

Previously, over weighted women felt difficult to get readily stitched dresses as the ready made dresses were available only till particular size. But the advent of plus sized dresses made them wear stitched dresses and helped them to look fashionable. They are gaining much popularity among over weight women who want to look stylish and fashionable. Apart from the benefits regarding the size here are few more benefits of plus sized clothing.

Women will no more struggle with the less sized clothes which fit their bodily tightly and make them feel uncomfortable. They will no more look unattractive and never feel difficult to breath as they are wearing loose apparels. They can find sufficient breathing space in these clothing and are able to look stylish as well.

As the designers are also trying to make more plus sized clothes they can get a variety of them now so that they don’t need to worry about what they are wearing and how they are looking since designer clothes can make any one look better and beautiful.

Not only in designer things but plus size clothing is also available at all the retailers and one can get them for affordable prices and cost. They can be purchased as mix and match varieties which can become a perfect outfit even for larger and oversized women. These outfits range from formal to casual and hence can be used for any occasion or for daily office use.

Since all these varieties are readily available both in the retail stores and in the internet market, you can get them easily. Moreover, over sized people who always feel less confident can become more confident due to their dressing as they start believing that they are looking beautiful and attractive like the normal women.

June 1st, 2011

Colorful Pillow Covers for Home décor

by Jonathan Cogley

Pillow covers not only protect the pillows from different things but also help a lot in decorating our homes. Even though they are not complete until they were worn by pillow, the pillow looks incomplete with out a pillow cover. How ever colorful the pillow may be it gives a good impression only with a pillow cover.

Here are few tips to decorate your home with different pillow cushions.

  • A designer pillow cover mainly breaks the monotony of the room or the furniture. If your room is painted in a single color, then you can definitely use a multi colored or a contrast colored pillow color to make it look attractive.
  • If your wall is decorated with a fine master piece of painting, choose pillows that match the colors of your painting which gives a complete look to the room.
  • Velvet and satin pillow covers give a rich and royal look to your home. Use them if your furniture is supporting the royalty.
  • Pillows covers with beads, sequences, laces add a perfect decorative touch to your furniture.
  • Even some plain colors and simple designs of pillow covers goes well with the rooms with high interior designing.
  • Choosing pillow cover colors in such a way that they contrast your wall color is also a better idea.
  • Matching your walls with the pillow covers is a general thing which we usually do. It looks unique if you have some different wall colors like purple, blue and red.
  • Using Pillow covers with some cartoons and animal postures in kids rooms attracts them a lot.
  • You can also try mix and match different designs when you are using a heap of throw pillows to decorate your furniture.

Add a little bit of creativity to your taste and I’m sure you will definitely create wonders.

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