Dressing Tips for an Air Plane Journey

Most travelers are clueless as to what to wear on the air planes but they are too crazy and enthusiastic that they wear whatever they like. Nowadays, sudden situations can arise in landing airplanes or journey of airplanes that you certain dressing styles can also save you in some situations. Mostly the dressing sense in the air planes should be comfortable as well as it makes others to feel comfortable but not irritating to co-passengers.

Following are some of dressing tips for airplane journey:

  • While traveling in airplane, you need to consider many aspects such as medical conditions, weather conditions, emergency landings, fires etc.,. So, in accordance to it, you have to select the dressing style and wear it.
  • The outer garments which you wear should be of warm clothing, breathable and comfortable to you. Make sure that you better wear long sleeves because there will be sudden change in the weather conditions of the plane. Whenever plane lands, suddenly the temperature inside the plane will be so cold.
  • Never wear tight clothes because it can hamper your blood circulation.
  • Choose a dark colored dresses because when plane lands, the foods in your hands can spill on you. The spilled food cannot be seen in dark colored clothes.
  • Do not wear thin clothes because you may feel too cold.
  • You should wear inner garments made of natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. If you wear other than these fabrics, you may be injured or get irritated by skin burns if any fire incidents occur.
  • Wear jackets or sweaters in the plain to get rid from the cold.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes inside the airplane because you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never wear metal jewelry because it will raise alarm at security check counters.
  • Do not bring and apply perfumes, balms, lotions before landing because it may irritate co-passengers.

Updated: December 24, 2013 — 4:53 am
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