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November 7th, 2013

How to Identify Antiques?

by Dov Waxman

Antiques are among precious and valuable furniture that add an elegant look to your house. Whether you live in a modern or traditional style, antique furniture can be great in adding glamor to your home decoration.

However, knowing an antique whether it is fake or real can be a difficult task. In this article, you will read tips that will help you in identifying real antiques.

Tips for identifying antiques

  • Checking the hidden parts of the furniture: An antique that is real will have more than one material used for making it, whereas an antique that is fake is made using single material.
  • Checking the nails: If the antique furniture have nails and other accessories that perfectly look alike, it means that the antique is not a real antique as furniture in past was made by hand and the accessories would not match each other. Also make a note that unlike the present nails, nails in the past had big heads with square stem section.
  • Checking the carving on the wood: Antique furniture had hand carvings that are uneven and asymmetric, whereas the furniture that is freshly made uses machines for carving, thus making the design look even.
  • Color of wood: The color of the wood darkens as it ages and therefore you can recognize past ones over the present ones. Every wood has its own texture, color and weight. The most commonly used wood to make furniture in old days was oak and walnut. Antique furniture are smooth to touch and the pores are closed completely as they tend to shrink with age.
  • Checking the odor : Antique and old objects always have a dusty smell of odor, which helps you in identifying real over fake.
  • Checking for Veneer : Wood furniture is coated with veneer since ages. For identifying whether the antique furniture is real or fake, it is better idea to check the thickness of veneer on the wood, because the veneer used in past was thick whereas the layer of veneer is thin in the furniture manufactured today.

These are some tips for making out whether the antiques are real or fake. These tips are likely to help you in buying antiques successfully. read more »

June 10th, 2011

Tips to Choose Rain Barrels

by Andrew Veazey

Water barrels are also known as rain barrels. Rain barrels stores rain water effectively and they are a great way to store the rain water. Rain barrels are available in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit most water storage needs. A rain barrel is a system that collects rain water from the roof. A rain barrel works on the gravitational principle and it doesn’t have pumping system. It is a great method of resource conservation.

Following are the tips to choose a most suitable rain barrel according to your needs:

  • Rain barrels made out of plastic saves money for you and you can also contribute to protecting the environment by using plastic rain barrels made up of recycled material.
  • You can get the barrels for free of cost by searching in the industrial areas where some industries give barrels freely. Some companies sell the used barrels at lower prices than the prices offered by the retailers.
  • A plastic rain barrel is ideal for connecting a soaker hose watering and shrubs and garden areas.
  • Purchase a barrel which has spout at its bottom.
  • If you can’t find a drum with cover at its top, don’t worry, you can cover the top of the barrel with a screen type material.
  • Select a barrel which keeps the water clean for longer time periods and for this select a rain barrel in black plastic, which stores water for longer without being stagnant.
  • Select a rain barrel to which small pumps can also be connected, as these give sufficient pressure to operate a sprinkler rain barrel.

Keeping all the above points in mind, choose a rain barrel.

May 30th, 2011

Know How to Decorate your Kitchen Walls with Ceramic Tiles

by Andrew Veazey

It is obvious that we wish to have a beautiful and neat kitchen. Various unique ideas of kitchen remodeling make it more elegant. As you know, adding ceramic tiles to your countertops and floors is common part of your kitchen improvement project. However, consider decorating your kitchen walls with ceramic tiles to make it look more beautiful.

Adding decorative or hand-painted tiles in your tile back splash can be a part of kitchen remodeling. Take one prominent color and add a band of color using thin slice of a tile on the back splash. If you have archways between rooms, then you can bring the accent tiles to the kitchen walls. The architectural structure can be highlighted by adding tiles around it.

Placing mosaic tile images at the center of the wall above the stove in the back splash area is another great idea for decorating your kitchen walls. They give a different view to your kitchen and as they are water-proof and grease-resistant, they are easy to clean. You can even trim the kitchen walls and soffits with decorative tiles which form a tile border. Trim moldings with tiles look much better than using wood for the surfaces of countertops and floors.

Decorating with tile painting can add much beauty to your kitchen. You can even dress up your kitchen with long and linear stainless steel tiles. A ultra modern look is provided by adding these tiles to the ceramic and glass tiles. You can even bring some architectural results by using metallic-covered ceramic and non-ceramic tiles. Adding decorations with tiles to your kitchen may also enhance the value of your property.

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May 26th, 2011

How to Choose Good Wooden Furniture for Your Hotel?

by Andrew Veazey

If you want to renovate or build new hotel, you need to choose a quality and durable furniture for your hotel. Buying a low quality furniture will definitely control your expenses, but it will later increase the maintenance and operational costs. Even frequent repairs will lead to closure of your hotel often, which may result in creating a negative image in the minds of the customer. So choosing a good quality and durable furniture is better for your hotel.

a. Good looking furniture:
The ambiance, look and feel of the hotel adds a lot to the image of the hotel. Most of the customers will check the furniture that is present in the hotel. They will observe the quality, comfortability and its design. Good looking hotel will create interest in the customers and they will come again and again. Therefore, it goes without saying that the hotel furniture should be as elegant and tastefully done as the food and other aspects of the hotel. Make sure to maintain a good quality furniture without compromising on quality.

b. Choose good quality wood:
There are several types of wood found in nature to prepare furniture, so among all of them you have to choose good and durable quality wood furniture. Obviously good quality wood has higher cost than the low quality wood. But you have to choose a good quality and durable wood furniture, so that you need not spend on maintenance and repairing costs. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right type of wood for your wooden furniture, irrespective of the cost.

c. Select furniture that has guarantees /warranties :
Nowadays most of the products and services that are sold for financial conditions have warranties and guarantees. So, before buying furniture, make sure that the furniture has warranty or guaranty. It is required, in case your furniture is faulty or has problems, as it will help in repairing or replacing the furniture free of cost. You may be spending a bit more for the furniture that provides warranty, but it will be a payment that will be worth in the long run.

d. Ask for discounts:
Restaurant furniture is purchased in bulk. As the furniture is a long last product, a particular restaurant might not invest in the furniture for even a few decades. In general, demand for hotel furniture is low, but the supply is high. This leads to the rise in competion among the suppliers/maufacturers. As the competition is high, customer preferences too increase. Therefore, in this situation if you ask for a discount, you will get maximum discount on your purchase. Therefore, you will get good furniture at lower cost. But do not forget to take care of quality simultaneously.

By following the above tips you can choose good furniture for your hotel.

November 29th, 2010

Different Benefits of the Infrared Heaters

by Andrew Veazey

Infrared heaters are becoming more popular. Many people are using them as there are different benefits of the infrared heaters, such as:

Heats floor and people: Unlike other conventional heaters, infrared heaters do not waste the time by warming the air, instead they penetrate the object directly for heating it up. Thus, the heat from the infrared heaters will be absorbed into the floor and people.

Safe: Infrared heaters do not have open wires, flames. They do not run on fuel and they do not have moving parts which are breakable. Almost all the products used in these heaters are nontoxic. All these make infrared heaters safer.

Efficient: Infrared heaters are very efficient to convert the energy into heat. They will not disappoint you in this sense.

Clean: They are cleaner than other heaters, because they do not deal with toxins or fuels.

Instant heat: Many people don’t like to wait much time to get their room heat, so it is best for those people, because they have the capability of instant heating.

Cost effective: You can get them at lower cost. And it is more comfortable too.

They never reach the highest temperature, so no need to worry about accidental fires. Portable infrared heaters are also available which can be carried to outdoor. They are odorless and dust free and quick and easy to start and shut down.

These are the benefits of the infrared heaters which are more convenient to people than other heaters.

October 29th, 2010

How to Take Care of Hardwood Flooring

by Andrew Veazey

One can easily take care of hardwood floor, it is not a difficult task. There can be a damage of hardwood in the long run, it may cause some problems. Damages may occur because of many reasons. There are few preventive measures to avoid the common damages of hardwood, such as:

  • The main cause for damage of hardwood floor is dust, grit and sand. Scratches or dents can be caused by them, they act like a sand paper on the finishing of hardwood floor. So, they can be avoided. You can keep the mats on the wood floor to prevent the damage from dirt, grit and sand.
  • Hardwood floor can be spoiled by standing water. If plants are placed on the floor or placing them in pot or bowls on the floor can be prevented. Because water may drain through the pot, so it will affect the hardwood floor.
  • Hard cleaners can be avoided. Oil soaps can be avoided. Problems can be created by them when they are used on the floor. One can use special neutral pH cleaners which are made for hardwood floor, instead of using hard cleaners.
  • Dragging furniture: If you want to move it then lift it, but one should not drag on the floor, it causes damage to hardwood floor.

There are few tips to care about hardwood floor:

  • You can use vacuum cleaner to clean the hardwood floor. Vacuums with beater bars are not used to clean it.
  • Your hardwood color can become dull by exposure to direct sunlight. So, you can close the curtains and blinds and place mats to avoid UV rays from direct sun on floor.
  • If there are any stains then, they are to be cleaned immediately. Cleaning the hardwood regularly and frequently is important.

The above information is about preventative measures and tips to avoid the damage of hardwood floor and to make it long lasting.

September 29th, 2010

Kitchen Interior Decorating Ideas

by Andrew Veazey

Now-a-days, the interior design is the class type of decoration. But, this interior decoration or design should be functional in case of kitchen and also beautiful. There are some ideas for kitchen interior designing.

If you want to install interior design then first you have to define the space. You need to make the note about position of doors and windows and other measurements, you can try to get some ideas from interior designers about space layout.

You have to decide first about position of the cabinets, appliances, cupboards. After deciding the basic things then you can think about color schemes, furniture and other ideas about interior design.

You can install back splashes to your kitchen it will give the color, pattern and texture. You can update your kitchen by installing back splashes. A contemporary touch can be added to kitchen by the mosaic tiles. And metal back splashes give a designer feel to your kitchen. There are many type of materials to use for back splashes.

You can decorate the kitchen with flowers and candles. You can keep dishwash detergent in an attractive pitcher. Keep fruits in wire baskets, You can fill the clear jars with pasta or grain for storage, it will look good in kitchen.

You can use daring wall color, if you have neutral wood or laminate cabinets in your kitchen. You can display the decorative items in the cupboards like vases, glasses and dishes. You can use decorative lights in your kitchen.

These are the ideas that can help you to improve your kitchen’s design and beauty at your home.

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August 2nd, 2010

Know About Kitchen Back Splash

by Andrew Veazey

Generally, this back splash is used in kitchen and bathroom. It is a vertical extension to a counter and wall can be protected by this back splash from unintended splashes of water. It may be difficult to decide the design of this. This can be made with many type materials and colors and styles and designs. You can choose any one according to your taste and budget. It is a good idea to renovate your home.

This not only provides protection to walls but also easy to clean . And it depends upon some things like:

  • The cooking you do.
  • The type of cooking , how much time do you have to maintain that area.
  • How much time you spent in the kitchen.

You can make list of back splash ideas for kitchen. You can see in the magazine and internet to get the different designs and information. Whatever you love, you can select that.

Choosing the material:

  • Back splash can be constructed with different materials. So, you can choose any material, which is more convenient to you.
  • Back splash can be constructed in stainless steel. A modern look to kitchen can be created by this stainless steel. It is easy to clean and durable and heat resistant. But, it is expensive if you purchase high grade stainless steel.
  • This back splash can be installed with tiles also, you can choose any color, subtle or rustic, it is dependent on the type of tile. Glass tiles, metal, natural stone, ceramics, these are the some of the options of tiles. These tiles are easy to install and as well as easy to clean. It is stain resistant.
  • Another one is wall paper, it is easy to install and as well as inexpensive. But it is difficult to clean.

Other choices are mirror tiles, magnetic whiteboard, antique ceiling tiles, so there are many types of materials. You can choose any type of material which is more suitable for your requirements.

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April 25th, 2010

Planning Before Home Exterior Painting

by Andrew Veazey

Proper knowledge of paint and a good amount of preparation are two major key points for exterior home painting. It gives a fresh and a new look to the exterior of the house. While painting, choice of the color should be unique such that it looks consistent with the other houses around it. Exterior paint also should be in harmony with interior painting of home. For all these efforts following planning should be done:

Preparation of the Walls
Good wall gives a good paint finish. So before painting, it is better to repair damages like cracks, holes etc. on the exterior walls. Wall washing is the most convenient and simplest way to remove dirt and debris from the wall. Paint does not stick too well on a glossy surface. So, remove all loosely bound cracked old paint from the wall with the help of a paint scraper.

Types and finishes
Exterior wall paints have unique features. They can peruse regular expansion and construction along with the change in weather. Two types of paints are available in the market. They are latex based paints and alkyd based paints. A latex based paint is better paint because it gives a good porous finish and does not trap any moisture so it is highly durable. Exterior paints have three different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss and flat. Glossy give bright appearance while semi-gloss is good for main part of wall.

Types of brushes
This is a tool for exterior house painting and its selection depends upon the house category. For example: A horizontal siding house needs a big 4 inch brush while 2 inch angle brush works well for windows and doors.

This kind of planning helps a lot while painting process. Selection of color, shade and finishes are important aspects of painting plan. It is also very important to check weather forecast before painting process. You know that rain will wash away all the paint from the exterior walls.

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January 8th, 2010

Types Of Landscape Stones

by Andrew Veazey

Landscape stone is a type of ornamental component that is used to magnify the overall look and feel of decorative lawn designs around any home and business. The following are some examples of stones that can be used for ornamental design:

    • fairy housesRetaining Walls – There are number of different types of stones that are used when building retaining walls in the lawn. The retaining wall can be constructed around a small pond, or even a garden. Stones like Chilton, Lannon, Fond du Lac, Waukesha, Kodiak, and Bay De Noc are suitable.
    • Flagstone – Flagstone is a very much-preferred choice of stones that are mainly used for steps, or simple ornamental design.
    • Boulders – Many times, homeowners select boulders to perform decorative design of landscaping. Products, which are under boulders, include Birchwood, Wisconsin, Granite, and even Honeycomb Western stone.
  • Marble – Generally many individuals select marble for decorating their landscape. They are used to create signs in and around garden ponds, and marble fountains are used to bring out the natural beauty of a pond or garden area.
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone is usually a choice for small landscaping structures. This is  sometimes considered the most inexpensive stone regarding shopping and improving the home on a budget.

These stones comes in different colors, textures, and shapes. Other ideas that can use landscape stones are Gardens, Sidewalks, Outdoor Living Areas, Recreational Areas, Trails, Outdoor Cooking Areas, and Ponds. Depending on architecture, the size, color, and type of stone should be selected.