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January 7th, 2012

Benefits of Drug Testing Your Teen at Home

by Andrew Veazey

Teens often get used to unhealthy habits such as substance abuse that should be detected and controlled by parents. Lack of proper parental supervision is found to be one of the causes of substance abuse habits in teens. Home drug testing is one of the effective measures to control this habits. One can assure many benefits by drug testing teen at home.

Home drug testing is the best investigative tool to find teen substance abuse. The drug test kits intended for home drug test kits are easy to use and interpret results. They provide fast and accurate results. Drug testing at home helps to maintain your privacy. The teens may feel uncomfortable to get tested in schools or in laboratory. However, no such privacy issues arise by home drug testing. Also, they are affordable.

Drug testing at home helps you to identify teen substance abuse. It gives a chance to intervene as early as possible. So, it avoids the risks of any physical or mental health problems that may arise with substance abuse in future. Best treatment can be provided with early intervention. Also, home drug testing acts as the best preventive measure to control teen use of illicit drugs and alcohol. Regular and random drug tests conducted at home make kids alert to substance abuse. Even if attracted to use drugs, they avoid taking them with the fear of getting caught in home drug tests. Also, drug testing at home helps the kids to know how to control peer pressure. It enables them to handle stress conditions and stay away from unhealthy habits. So, better conduct drug tests for your teen at home and ensure they are in the right path. read more »

May 31st, 2011

Benefits of Hair Drug Testing Over Other Drug Tests

by Edwin Rosenthal

Drug testing has got a lot of significance these days. Different types of drug testing kits are used these days at workplaces, homes, schools, and other organizations. Urine, hair, blood, and saliva drug testing methods are conducted to check for the presence of illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, amphetamines and so on. However, hair drug testing is associated with many benefits when compared to other tests.

Hair drug testing method has a longer detection window. Compared to any other tests, hair drug test can detect drugs that are taken in the past 90 days. The positive result of the urine, hair, and saliva drug tests indicate the usage of illegal drugs in the recent past. Where as the hair drug test detects drugs that are even taken a long time back. Drug testing methods other than hair drug testing cannot determine the drug history of the person that is very much important in many cases. Hair drug testing is most beneficial as it can determine if the person is a drug abuser or an occasional or one time drug user.

Hair drug testing is the most non-invasive method compared to the other drug tests. Where as blood and urine drug tests are more invasive methods. Also, people may feel that it is difficult to collect the urine or saliva sample at workplaces, schools, or any other place at the time of drug testing. However, there are no privacy issues associated with hair drug testing. The sample can be obtained from chest, head, or legs. Storing and shipping the specimens is also very easy.

There are no chances of adulteration when it comes to hair drug testing. Many people adulterate the urine and saliva samples in order to have a negative result. Though some people try to use shampoos and others to pass the test, hair drug testing can still detect the drug present in the hair sample. The other advantage is that, even small traces of drug metabolites are detected through hair drug testing. It is because of these benefits that hair drug testing has become popular these days.

February 16th, 2011

Necessity of Nicotine Drug Test

by Debbie Harry

Nicotine is most commonly used by many people. Long-term nicotine smoking leads to dangerous effects on brain, heart, lungs, and liver. A nicotine test is the test which helps in determining whether a person has consumed nicotine.

Nicotine drug test can be conducted by urine and saliva samples. Drug test nicotine through urine detects the presence of cotinine, a primary metabolite of nicotine, in the sample. However, nicotine can be detected in a saliva test. A cut off level is provided for any drug test which defines the concentration of drug or its metabolites. The standard cut off level for nicotine drug test is 200ng/ml. Many nicotine drug test kits are available in market. These can be used at workplaces, home and any other organizations.

  • Nicotine drug test is conducted by employers to maintain safe workplace. Nicotine smoking by employees arises many problems that affects individual and overall company productivity. So it is necessary for employers to conduct nicotine test. Many organizations conduct pre-employment nicotine tests on job applicants to avoid hiring of nicotine addicted people.
  • Youth are more commonly prone to nicotine addiction. It is necessary for parents to check nicotine addiction among their children. Home drug test kits are used for conducting nicotine tests by parents.
  • Nicotine tests are also conducted at schools. Nicotine smoking students are found to have lack of interest in studies. They are also involved in crime related activities. Therefore, now a days, schools are also conducting nicotine drug tests.
  • Insurance companies conduct drug test nicotine on people who apply for insurance. It is believed that nicotine addicted people are subjected to serious health effects. Therefore, insurance companies conduct nicotine tests to check whether an applicant is a smoker or not. Generally, smokers are subjected to more premiums when compared to nonsmokers.

In addition, nicotine drug tests are conducted at the time of accidents, and many other issues. Various methods of nicotine tests are done based on the situation.

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February 15th, 2011

Importance of Random Drug Testing at Workplace

by Debbie Harry

Strict guidelines are designed for workplace safety in the United States. The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 made it mandatory to conduct employee drug testing. This helps in minimizing the risks of accidents or injuries at workplaces. Random drug testing has got a lot of significance in ensuring safety.

The procedure of random workplace drug testing is based on various factors. Some of them include, type and nature of workplace; nature of workforce; and rules and regulations laid down by the company.

Random drug testing is conducted on employees without giving any prior notice. There is no time given to the employees and hence they cannot adulterate the sample. So it is an effective method of finding drug abused employees. Random drug testing is conducted on officials of aviation industry in order to avoid occurrence of accidents. They are also conducted on professionals who are involved in sensitive work like those in security and defense industries. These days employers of various industries prefer to conduct random drug testing to maintain safety and discipline.

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January 11th, 2011

How a Blood Test is Performed for Detection of Marijuana

by Debbie Harry

Marijuana drug test is essential for determining if a person has consumed the drug. It is done by collecting samples which may be urine, blood, saliva and hair. Let us now know about a blood test which is performed for detecting marijuana.

The active presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be known through blood test. The levels of THC in blood plasma are higher with a concentration of 100ng/ml. The concentration remains higher at the time of consumption and declines rapidly. However, when marijuana testing is done through blood tests, the drug can be detected at a level of 1-2ng/ml for eight hours or more.

Detection of THC by blood tests acts as useful indicator for marijuana usage. High amounts of THC in blood indicates that the person has consumed marijuana recently. This can be helpful in certain cases such as road accidents, workplaces and autopsy.

Apart from THC, its metabolite carboxylic THC can also be detected through blood tests. It can be detected for a couple of days for a single use of drug. However, in chronic users, it can be detected for a few weeks. Hence this may not be used as a valid indicator for confirming the drug usage. Another metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC can be detected through blood tests. It is a byproduct which is produced by processing of THC in liver after oral consumption of the drug.

Blood tests for marijuana drug tests are conducted at various organizations. Many drug test kits are generally available that can be used at home. However, these are not available for performing blood tests as the administration of sample is difficult. Also these tests require proper laboratory analysis for achieving proper results.

The cost of blood test for marijuana is relatively higher. It also involves a long procedure that lasts for about four to six days.

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January 10th, 2011

Employee Drug Testing

by Debbie Harry

Finding out drug abuse problems among employees is the most serious problem for organizations these days. Hence there is utmost significance for employee drug testing. Certain advantages of drug testing at work place are increase in employee productivity; professionalism; prevention of absenteeism; and reduction of addiction related crime, accidents and injuries. Let us know the benefits which lead to the importance of employment drug testing.

Safety at Workplace:
A safety workplace is formed by conducting employee drug testing. The work environment is made free from any form of addiction related crimes, injuries, and accidents. Pre-employment drug testing helps in preventing addicted people from joining the organization. This helps in avoiding the spoiling of workforce environment. Also any drug abuse by the current employees is also reduced by employee drug testing.

Improvement of Productivity:
The most important thing for any business establishment is employee productivity and professional environment. Decrease in employee productivity; encouragement of negative traits; and unprofessional behavior arise due to drug abuse. This becomes a potential threat for employers. Drug testing helps in finding the drug abused people and this leads to a healthy work environment. This results in increase of work productivity and quality of work which helps in increasing profits of a company.

Reduction of Health Costs:
Elimination of drug addicted employees helps in cleaning the system. This reduces lot of money that is spent towards health insurance premiums and other health costs for employers.

Maintenance of Integrity and Discipline:
Positive qualities such as integrity, discipline, productivity, professionalism and so on are developed by drug-free work environment. Less workplace conflicts and unscrupulous behavior can be ensured through removal of drug addicted people by drug testing. Hence integrity and discipline is maintained which provides a harmonious environment.

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December 18th, 2010

Know About Conducting Nicotine Test

by Jonathan Cogley

Nicotine is one of the drugs, which can be tested to find the use of tobacco. Smoking is the one of the way to take nicotine, which can cause many diseases in smoker. Companies conduct the nicotine drug test, because use of tobacco and it’s products can effect the health of employees, so that may effect the work and productivity of the company.

Cotinine, which is metabolite of nicotine is identified by the nicotine test. In order to measure the cotinine, urine test is the effective way in terms of result, which can detect the cotinine after 3 days of the consumption. Drug test nicotine abuser using saliva test check she or he used it in recent past.

Using cotinine test device is best way to measure the qualitative cotinine detection in the sample of urine. Make sure that such device must be placed on a clean and level surface, before testing. Sample should be taken into the provided dropper, which should be held vertically. Three drops must be transferred into the S part of the test kit. Make sure that there are no trapping of air bubbles in the S part of the test kit.

One must read the interpretations of the results after the five minutes after providing the sample into the test kit. You can see the two ends in the testing kit labeled as C (control line region) and T (test line region). In such ends the coloured labels lines will appear. It is the indication of that cotinine concentration is below cut off level that means negative, if you see the coloured lines appear at the two regions. You can also consider as negative, if there is a faint shade of line in T region. You can consider the positive for cotinine abuse, if there is no coloured line in the T region, but it is in the C region of the testing kit. The test will be invalid, if there is no line appear in the C region. This means incorrect testing procedure.

The above information is about conducting nicotine test. That can be easy by using test kit.

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December 17th, 2010

Why is it Important to Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Testing

by Edwin Rosenthal

Nowadays, Pre-employment drug testing has become common in many organizations. It is conducted on the job applicants before hiring them. So in order to get the job, they need to pass such drug test.

Generally, drug testing in the workplace prevents drug abuse among the employees and ensures safe and drug free environment. It also helps to improve the productivity and profits of the company as well. In the same way pre employment drug testing prevents the drug abusers from entering the organization. Conducting the pre-employment drug test is important to the employers to main a drug free workplace.

Conducting pre-employment drug testing on potential employees helps employer to have better idea on the overall character of the person. Then employer can be alert in choosing right persons.

Using any type of drug can have adverse affects on the user and people around him and especially at the workplace. So this test also helps employers to keep the existing employees safe.

Employers can save the money on medical costs. Accidents at workplaces can be avoided. They need not spend huge amounts of money on insurance claims for such employees.

This is beneficial for employees as well. Because, they need to avoid the using drug and alcohol to get job in any organization. So they will be safe from negative effects of drug abuse.

Conducting pre-employment drug testing is important for employer and employee as well.

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November 19th, 2010

Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

by Dov Waxman

Due to rising number of drug abuse cases, organizations are forced to use methods like random drug testing in order to control drug abuse among their employees. However, it is better to avoid recruiting candidates with drug abuse habits instead of spending time and money on monitoring them. Pre employment drug testing is the best way to know if the applied candidate is a drug abuser and thus avoid recruiting him.

It is important to conduct pre-employment drug test before appointing candidates in organizations. Because drug abused employees can cause many negative attributes to the company.

The percent of employees who use drugs is increasing these days. According to the NSDUH, 8 percent of the full time employees who are aged 18 or older used drugs in US in 2009. This number is alarming to the companies who are adopting pre employment drug testing to avoid it among their recruited.

Pre-employment drug testing helps employers to develop a productive and healthy workforce with healthy environment at workplace. Company will not recruit the persons as employees, who use drugs or alcohol. It helps organizations to avoid extra costs that may require to monitor drug abuse or alcohol use of accustomed employees. This will automatically improve the productivity and profit of the company.

In this way pre employment drug testing is helpful for any organization to maintain a healthy and drug-free environment.

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