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May 5th, 2011

Few Facts about Installing Glass to Your Conservatories

by Jonathan Cogley

Conservatories were mainly invented to grow plants at your homes, but of late they have become a part of home extensions. Conservatories are value addition to a home. They are an addition to the already existing home, providing extra room for your home. You can enjoy the outdoor environment with your family and kids by sitting in a conservatory. They can add some extra entertainment to your family during free time. They can be used in many ways like study room, dinning room, music room, living room, etc. Depending on the phase in which they are present, they make your home even more beautiful.

In the making of conservatories, much part of the conservatory is made up of glass. Whatever might be the style of the conservatory, glass takes the major part in the construction. Hence, it is necessary to know some facts about glass and which type of glass is better for your conservatory.

For safety: For the safety purpose, a toughened and laminated glass must provide more security. Laminated glass provides security by preventing break – ins and cuts. Around 90 % of the sun light UV rays fade due to glass furnishing.

To stay cool: To keep your conservatory place cool, you should use cooling glass. If your conservatory faces to the sun exposure ( east or west face), use solar control glass such as K2’s Celsius performance glass or bronze polycarbonate panels for the roof, which reduces the temperature by several degrees in the summer.

For ventilation: Some conservatory roof systems have rigid ventilation and lights. To give more ventilation for your conservatory, you should use a glass which provides good ventilation. You should also consider the position of the windows and doors to allow cross flow of air, when it opens.

For noise: The glass is good sound reducing material. It does not allow the sound from outside to inside. So as to reduce the noise in the conservatory from outside environment, you should position the glass in the right way.

Glass to a conservatory not only enhances its look but also provides many other valuable benefits.

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March 31st, 2011

Add T-shaped Conservatories to your Home

by Andrew Veazey

An extra living space can be provided to your home and garden by adding a conservatory. Among various designs and shapes of conservatories, you can choose one that best suits your home. A T-shaped conservatory is one such model which is mostly preferred for larger properties with a long wall. It is suitable for all house styles and bungalows of these days.

The style of a T-shaped conservatory is in such a way that the top of the ‘T’ is joined to the property. The bottom part of the conservatory extends forward from the middle. This conservatory includes a combination of lean-to conservatory and a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory.

Because of its larger design, it is most suited for buildings having a larger space. The central projection of the conservatory can give a ‘porch’ effect. It is also a better option for those who have a large garden in front of their house to build a T-shaped conservatory. The bottom section of the ‘T’ can extend away from the house into the space of the garden. Thus you can use your garden space for various purposes. When you have single storey dwellings and other buildings are having restrictions on height of the conservatory, then you can use a hipped back roof with a box gutter.

A T-shaped conservatory can be used as a dining room or as an extension to the lounge. Two separate rooms can be made inside the conservatory. Availability of large space, versatility, and provision of dual rooms are the benefits provided by a T-shaped conservatory.

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March 30th, 2011

Know about a Gable-End Conservatory

by Andrew Veazey

Those who wish to add extra living space in your home garden can construct a conservatory. A conservatory is a glass or a hardwood structure where plants are cultivated. It can be used as a kitchen, office, playhouse, library, gym and so on. You can build a conservatory of different shapes including lean-to, P shape, T shape, gable ended and many others. Let us now know about the gable ended conservatories.

A Gable-end conservatory is similar to an Edwardian style of conservatory and is rectangular or square shaped. The front side of the roof of a gable-end conservatory is not sloped back to the center. It is left upright just like the end of a house. Because of this, the conservatory is given the name ‘gable-end’.

As it is rectangular in shape, maximum space is available. You can plan various styles of interior designing. The pitch of the roof of the conservatory is much higher than those of any other styles of conservatories. It gives a great look to your conservatory. You can use special glazed glass which helps in maintenance of heat inside the room. A gable-end conservatory can add a real grandeur to your home.

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March 29th, 2011

Need to Know About P-Shaped Conservatories?

by Andrew Veazey

A conservatory can be constructed in many shapes including P-shape, B-shape, T-shape, lean-to, gable ended and so on. A P-shaped conservatory is suitable for all house styles and bungalows. The conservatory is considered ideal for large and detached properties. It is said to be a combination of lean-to conservatory and Victorian or Edwardian models.

The conservatory is given the name based on the shape of the floor plan. The plan includes two parts, one part is the vertical line with a lean-to designed structure and the other part is of a semi-circle model that is attached to the lean-to part. The semi-circle part of the conservatory may be of Victorian or Edwardian style. Hence, a P-shaped conservatory has a wide variety of styles included in it. The conservatory includes a method of joining roofs which are both sloped towards each other. The two styles of the roof are combined by a portion called valley.

A P-shaped conservatory provides a spacious living area and you can opt for a more interior designing. You can even divide the space into two rooms. So it can serve you as a dining room as well as a place for relaxing. You can include furniture and plants that suit the environment of the room. The conservatory also improves the elegance, look and value of your property.

The important benefit of the conservatory is that you can choose a P-shaped conservatory when you want to use for dual purposes. As it combines different styles, you can feel a grand design for the conservatory.

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March 28th, 2011

B-shaped Conservatories Providing Large Living Space

by Andrew Veazey

Do you need to enjoy the nature of your garden without being affected from the environment? Then choose a conservatory that best suits your home. A B-shaped conservatory provides you much larger living space than any other types. It is a combination of both a lean-to conservatory and either a Victorian or Edwardian or gable-front conservatory. The conservatory is suitable for all types of house styles and bungalows.

A B-shaped conservatory consists of two large end sections having shaped walls. They usually have a hexagonal style as opposed to the square end. The middle section of the conservatory is set in such a way that it is closer to the house than the ends. A lean-to design of the conservatory can attach to the rear side of the property and the two sections of the B can extend outward into your garden.

The conservatory gives you an appearance of being constructed in three separate portions. You can divide the large living space of a B-shaped conservatory into three rooms and use for various purposes. You can use one room as playhouse, the other two for relaxing and dinner purposes. In addition you can also use them for kitchen, gym, media room and so on. The most important benefit of the conservatory is the provision of a large living space.

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November 23rd, 2010

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Conservatory

by Edwin Rosenthal

Adding a conservatory to your home makes a lot of sense – it gives you additional space, provides a delightful link between your garden and your home, is perfect for entertaining and adds considerable value to the property. But who do you choose to construct it? The choice of companies is bewildering, to say the least! You are making an important financial investment, and one that has profound implications for your lifestyle, so the decision is an important one. These seven tips will prove invaluable and make the selection process simpler.

Tips for Choosing the Right Conservatory:

First of all you need to decide on what type of home extension you want. There’s actually quite a variety – conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms and pool enclosures, all of which can be created in traditional or more contemporary styles. The choice is a matter of personal taste, but you should also consider the architectural style of your property, how it will integrate into your garden, how you will use the extra space given your lifestyle and what budget you have available.

The main choices are between timber, aluminium or PVCu. Each one has its own particular features and benefits – PVCu is cheaper than timber and is maintenance-free, while aluminium gives a more contemporary look. You have to decide which material is most aesthetically in harmony with your home, which is most attractive in your eyes and which one best fits your finances.

Whatever budget you have to play with you’ll want to get the most for your money. The design and materials will have a significant impact on this, but you should look at what else the company provides in the way of help with planning and building regulations, quality of footings and installation, plus important details like heating, lighting, furnishings, flooring and interior decoration. A home extension of this kind is an important investment and choosing the cheapest option can often prove a false economy.

Windows and Doors
These are an essential element of the overall design, and once again there’s a wide choice that includes casement windows, sash windows, patio doors, French door and bi-folding doors. Not only must their style be in keeping with those in your existing property, but they must operate in a way that maximises your usage of your new space. They must also be robust and secure, with the correct fittings for ease of use and complete security.

Heating, lighting and ventilation
As part of your home your new extension must be comfortable – and that means careful consideration must be given to heating in winter and ventilation in summer. The glass itself plays a crucial role. Solar-controlled glass is more expensive but it will keep the room warmer in the depths of winter and cooler when the sun is out. Insulating glass is also a way of keeping the heating bills down. Blinds have an important role to play, while opening vents in the roof offer added ventilation. Finally there’s the matter of lighting – this is an important factor and one that gives you the flexibility to create different moods for a variety of occasions and times of the day and night.

Interior design
You not only have to consider how the extension will enhance the exterior appearance of your house – it’s also going to have a dramatic impact on life indoors. You’ll almost certainly want to spend a lot of time in there, so the decor is all-important. The floor, the furnishings, the colours and decorating scheme – all these must be carefully co-ordinated to achieve the desired effect, suit your personal tastes and be appropriate to whatever uses you have in mind for this very special room.

Once you have weighed up all these different factors it is vital to find a company that can actually do everything you want. Despite the fact that there are so many companies in the market you’ll find that many of them will not be able to accommodate all your requirements. You also need to choose a supplier with a proven wealth of experience who can show you a wide range of completed projects, in the style you want and for the kind of budget you have in mind. They should be able to answer all your questions, and provide all the information you require – this is essential if you are to proceed with complete peace of mind.


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