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February 10th, 2014

Tips for Making Internet Ads better

by Dov Waxman

ad serverAdvertising involves spreading the message about the product or service to reach potential customers. Internet advertising is effective because it uses technologies that allow websites, analytical firms, advertising networks and others to create inferences about the tastes of the customers and provide feedback.

  • Be clear about your target audience: You need to know about your target audience before you start an Internet ad campaign. The ads need to be in such a way that your message is clear and in a way that it deliver to your target or core audience. Tell the audience that what you want to do with the ad, because users subliminally like to be told what they have to do. If you use classic learn more, enter here, sign up here, click here calls to action, the ad need to be instructive and informative. Even if your message is not clear, your target audience will click on it but you might not get the results you are looking for.
  • Make ads as offering a solution: The Internet users need to specifically pay the attention for the text ads. If you are using text ads, make sure that you are giving the right direction for your product or service to them. Give the details of your offering using simple language and with clarity. Place a hyperlinks that take to your business website page where they can find the exact information about your offering.

  • Interactive landing pages: A landing page is a web page that your ad hyperlink directs the user when they clicked on it. Some customers wants to know or do research before they are going to purchase or opting for free trail (in case of software). On the landing page provides some hyperlinks which guide them about the product such as which is best suitable for what type of consumers. It will helpful to the customers to decide on the product.
  • Keywords: Use the keywords in your ads that are customers most likely to use to find the similar products. There are some tools available to find the keywords. Use them to create your ad to target your customers more accurately.
  • Interesting head lines: Make the ad headline interesting and engaging. Which makes the users likely to read and go through this to read more. In most cases, you can crate more than one ad for each campaign. Create the ads with different titles. You can experiment with them and eliminate the low performing head lines. Creating multiple ads have another advantage is, the each customer attract with a different word.

There are some services that let you test your ads to determine the traffic to your website’s landing page. You can check how many are purchased and what is your ad. If you found disappointing results, you can place in a different way in a different website.
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November 15th, 2012

Important Points to Follow to Advertise Online

by Dov Waxman

Advertising is necessary for growth of any business either small or big because advertising is a way to communicate the marketing messages to a large adservernumber of people. The advertisement must match with the people needs the ads must be placed on certain demographics. If you are selling tennis shoes it must appeal youths and athletes.

Search engines must constantly work to provide an effective result to the end users. Search engine optimization improves the visibility of web pages in search engines by using metatags, title tags, keywords, backlinks etc. It is crucial to understand how customers are searching for the products online. The utilization of data that is readily available online provides an opportunity to generate leads. Offering special pricing online or providing value adds and positioning yourself as an expert for providing reliable information gives lead generation opportunities.

As Internet advertising is growing exponentially, the campaigns must be measured effectively and the ads must reach the right kind of people. For ad serverB2B buyers emails can be sent to thousands of email addresses with email spam to promote their brand. Use product reviews and testimonials into your content that are generated by customers. read more »

March 5th, 2012

Tips For Effective Online Advertising

by Andrew Veazey

Ad server solutionAdvertisement is an effective tools for business promotions. Not only it promotes business, it is beneficial in generating the new leads. Online advertisement is more effective than normal ad forms. It reaches wider areas to generate the relationship from there. Online advertising is important to business companies in promoting their business world wide. Hence, they need take more care on their advertisement creation.

Some important and useful tips for effective online ads:

Attractive landing page: The Landing page in a website is the website’s home page. Generally when people click on your ad, it directly shows your company home page. Take greater care on website home page making. When advertisement is more attractive and clear, people click that ad. Thus it is important to prepare your ad attractively.

ad serverIncluding proper key words: Key words are important in showing the searched results, when your ad have proper and regular used key words. It promotes your information to more visitors.

Length of your ad: Lengthy ads are not very attractive and can not manipulate the customers concentration. Always create your ad with simple and small length, these are effectively work in business promotional processes.

Positive words: Positive words in an online advertisement easily divert potential visitors’ interest. Positive words are: free, new, discount, hurry sale offer, etc., in your ad in popular search engine web pages also increase the advertisement effectiveness.

Check these to create your online advertisement to promote your businesses to wider markets. read more »

January 12th, 2012

Know Some Tips for Social Media Advertising

by Andrew Veazey

ad serverVarious social media services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have been used by many companies for advertising. Social media advertising demands very low costs when compared to mainstream paid services such as search engines. Having some tips for social media advertising helps you to improve your brand and focus on the customers.

First, you need to understand your targeted audience and the social media channel. Based on these things and your product or service characteristics, you need to choose the right social media service. Also, the target audience are important to consider. For instance, Facebook users include more of older and matured crowd than MySpace users. So, it is good to advertise about refinancing a home mortgage in the former one instead of MySpace. Considering the age, gender, interest, education, job function and seniority level, etc. of the users can help you narrow down the list of your preferred audience.

adserverEnsure that you target the correct users with your message. Having a social network presence is very much beneficial. Integrating social media ads with social media usage is very much similar to placing PPC ads. As the searchers seeing the brand name and PPC ads are likely to click for getting information on the same company, social media users can see the ads and search for the same company in Facebook or any other social networking site. When creating an ad, examine that it tailors best for your campaign. Check for multiple creative concepts and ads. Never forget to monitor, track, analyze and optimize your ads. These tips ensure you to enable best ads in the social media sites improving the brand and range of customers throughout the world. read more »