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December 7th, 2010

Different Ideas of Mens Jewelry

by Jonathan Cogley

Generally people feel that jewelry is only for women, but it is wrong. There are many types of jewelry items to men to wear. Men like simple jewelry pieces to wear. Mens jewelry signifies a certain degree of class and personal look. here are some mens jewelry ideas, such as:

  • You can give the simple designed rings for men. It can be the great idea for any occasion, like birthday, engagement, wedding. Before you choose ring, you need to see the size of the finger of the man to whom you want to gift a ring.
  • You need to give the pieces of jewelry which polishes the overall look of your man. You can give cufflinks, which are decorative pieces worn on two sides of cuffs on the dress. You can get them in unique shape to customize them. You can present fine safety pin, matching tie clip, collar pins to hold the tie. They can be worn for many of the social and professional events and they provide a powerful impression for men.
  • You can present him a watch. This type of gift can be functional. You can give wrist watch or pocket watch. Wearing watch provides a decorous appearance for men. There are plenty of varieties in watches, you can choose any one from them.
  • You can consider the neck chains or simple necklaces. Wearing a simple chain or silver necklace with sports shirt gives a nice look for men. But they should be in simple designs.
  • You can present them earrings and mens bracelets as well. Simple designed, and gold or slender design of rings can be look good. Men can wear bracelet for any occasion.

Gift jewelry to men, but you should consider their likes, and sizes, before you purchase any piece of jewelry for men. A person who knows that his man likes jewelry, gifts jewelry.

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October 12th, 2010

Tips to Care Handmade Jewelry

by Dov Waxman

During the olden days, women are much eager about wearing jewelry. But as of now, both the men and women are found eager about wearing jewelry. Depending upon the need of customers, the jewelry makers are making different types of jewelry to satisfy the needs.

Out of which the most famous jewelry is the handmade jewelry. One can also prepare the handmade jewelry at home. This is an excellent hobby. This is a creative work. Even the remaining pieces of the jewelry are also made as the new jewelry piece.

But these handmade jewelry items are very delicate, and they must be handled with care.

So, for caring the handmade jewelry one should follow some of the tips which are mentioned below.

  • Never wear the handmade jewelry while you are cleaning the dishes. The detergents used for cleaning the utensils, will spoil the handmade jewelry items like bracelets, rings etc.
  • Tarnishes occur because of exposing the jewelry to air because of humidity. So, always store the items in a airtight plastic bag.
  • Apply hairsprays well in advance before keeping earrings so that the chemicals will not be absorbed by the jewelry.
  • Store the jewelry in a such a way that they will not bend, damage or scratch.
  • Do not use the handmade jewelry while you are swimming, bathing or taking a shower.

These are the different tips which are helpful for caring the handmade jewelry, in order to maintain and use them for a long time.

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August 2nd, 2010

Tips For Cleaning Pearls

by Dov Waxman

Pearls add extra beauty to the jewelry. They are generally white in color and they look classy and they are not hard as the other gemstones. Pearls have a great appearance and they make the jewelry look extraordinary.

So, to maintain such beautiful items care must be taken. They are even the pieces of investment. So as to maintain its beauty, they must be cleaned throughout the life.

The jewelry cleaners which are used for cleaning the jewelry of gold and silver must no be used. They are the chemical cleaners which can be used only for the gold and silver items. Those cleaners consist of the chemicals like ammonia which may damage the pearls. Never use bleaching powders, detergents and also baking sodas for cleaning the pearls. Just use simply use mild soap and water. Some times avoid soapy water and always don’t clean them with chemical solution. Apart from this way, clean the pearls with a soft cloth which should be free from fibers. Don’t use rugged clothes for cleaning the pearls.

Instead, if you don’t have time to do all these things, go for the jewelry store and ask them to clean it. Because of the dust present in the body and as they are exposed to the atmosphere, they look pale and with lot of dust. So, always after using them clean them and store them in a cloth. While adorning yourself with the perfumes, hairsprays which are chemicals always apply them first and then go for wearing the pearls as the chemicals present in the perfumes will stain on the jewelry.

May 4th, 2009

Online Jewelry Retailer Sales Not Affected Due To Recession

by Edwin Rosenthal

The integrated 2008 sales of the 500 comprehensive U.S. web retailers increased by 11.7 percent to $115.85 billion from $103.69 billion in 2007. According to Internet Retailer, which expects that entire U.S. business-to-consumer e-commerce sales will increase year over year by over 4.6 percent to $178.18 billion from $170.41 billion.

Despite of recession, the combined sales of the top 500 companies in 2008 increased about eight times faster than the complete retailing market, according to Internet Retailer’s.

According to the outcomes, e-commerce achieved sales which could not be achieved by stores and catalogs. In 2008, the combined sales of the 100 largest merchants in the Top 500 Guide increased by 14.3 percent to $98.60 billion.

The top 100 retailers corresponded to 55.3 percent of U.S. web sales. Smaller niche Top 500 merchants also overtook little bit of the e-retailing industry’s total growth rate. In 2007, the collective revenue of the Top 500’s 100 smallest merchants companies with annual gain of $9 million to $15.2 million grew by 13.2 percent to $1.20 billion from $1.06 billion.

Web-only merchants reported the biggest increases in Internet sales over all merchant categories in 2008.

The e-commerce market was not recession proof during 2008, Internet Retailer reported. In 2007, 74 Top 500 retailers reported flat or declining sales, compared with 25 in 2007 and only 13 in 2006. The Internet became the channel which increased sales for several merchants, particularly chain retailers.

For 31 of the top 50 chains, Internet sales grew while total sales were reduced. And for those chains, 41 of 50 had web sales which increased while comparable store sales reduced.

February 4th, 2009

Jewelry Retailers Could Not Make The Annual Top 100 Rankings

by Jonathan Cogley

According to STORES magazine, in Top 100 Retailers ranking in 2006, Wal-Mart topped the list as the nation’s largest retailer in 2006. It has sales of $348.65 billion, an 11.7 percent rise over the year 2005. Wal-Mart’s 2006 revenues were very high than those of the next five huge U.S. retailers combined. Wal-Mart is also the nation’s huge jewelry retailer.

The Top 100 list prepared in July 2008 in magazine, which is published by the National Retail Federation. Among retailers who sell jewelry, those designating the Top 100 list were mainly mass merchants and national department stores.

Costco, with incomes of $60.15 billion in 2006 topped fourth on overall in the survey, whereas Target ranked fifth with revenue $59.5 billion. Sears Holdings topped sixth in the survey with revenues $53 billion, making up the retailers which sell jewelry who were among top ten of the survey.

Among department stores, Federated Department Stores topped 13th, with incomes of $26.97 billion, and then JCPenney (17, $19.9 billion), Kohl’s (23, $15.54 billion), Nordstrom (23, $8.56 billion), Dillards (41, $7.85 billion), Neiman Marcus Group (74, $4.1 billion), The Bon-Ton Stores (86, $3.45 billion), Belk 94, $3.15 billion), and Saks (100, $2.94 billion). was the only pure-play Internet retailer which consists jewelry in its product mix, that enabled the rankings at 32 with an income of $10.71 billion. QVC, the television, and online retailer ranked 44 on the survey with revenue of $7.07 billion.

Berkshire-Hathaway Retail, whose assets include Borsheim’s, Helzberg Diamond Shops, and Ben Bridge Jeweler, was ranked at 89 in the rankings with $3.33 billion in revenues.

Jewelry retailers was not found in top list in 2008. In the 2007 year’s survey, Tiffany & Co. ranked 96 and Zale Corp., 97.