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September 19th, 2014

Techniques on Removing Fluoride in Drinking Water

by Jonathan Cogley

Presence of fluoride in drinking water leads to serious effects on human. Fluoride in traces promotes dental health. On excess amounts causes serious effects on humans such as crippling bones and discoloration of teeth. There are some techniques for the removal of fluoride in drinking water to control these effects.

Defluoridation is the process of removal of fluoride from water. This technique is expensive. During the process of removing fluoride, accumulation of unnecessary toxic sludge in the drinking water. It may cause some health hazards but it can be controlled by taking proper care while processing. Defluoridation process is divided into three basic types depending on the mode of action.

  • Based on chemical reaction with fluoride
  • Based on adsorption process – activated charcoal, processed bone
  • Based on ion exchange process – anion and cation exchange resins

Techniques for the removal of fluoride from drinking water (defluoridation) include:

  • Reverse osmosis filtration: Reverse osmosis filtration is used to remove fluoride from bottled water. So most of the bottled water contains no fluoride. This technique is unaffordable for personal use. In this hydraulic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution to counteract the osmotic pressure. Thereby pure water is separated from the concentrated solution and collected at the bottom stream of the membrane.

  • Activated alumina defluoridation: These filters are used by locale where fluoridation in water is prevalent. These filters are relatively expensive and need to change frequently. It is a better option for home based removal of fluoride from drinking water. In this process, alumina is processed to create pores on it. Then it attracts the fluoride atoms present in the water and forms a large mass. Finally it can be separated from pure water by distillation or sedimentation process.

  • Distillation filtration: It is one of the defluoridation technique for the removal of fluoride from drinking water. These are commercially available distillation filters that can be bought to remove fluorides from drinking water. This technique is reliable, advanced and efficient method for removal of fluoride from water. In this process, fluoride drinking water is taken into the distillation apparatus. Water is heated to form vapor. As the vapor is passed into the condenser, the flow of cooling water reduces the temperature of the vapor and forms liquid droplets. This pure water is separated from the residue and can be used for drinking purpose.

  • Electrolysis: The principle involved in the electrolysis process of defluoridation is adsorption. This process does not require addition of chemicals. In this, fluoride is precipitated with the freshly prepared aluminum hydroxide which is generated by the anodic dissolution of aluminum ions in electro chemical cell. The advantage of this process is it occupies less space and consumes less energy. It does not need any pre and post treatment.

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March 20th, 2013

Know How to Select the Right HVAC System for Your Home

by tocuser4

Centrifugal FanChoosing the right HVAC system for home is a complicated task and does not involve a single component to look after. It is an assembly of technologies that establish comfortable environment where you and your family members can live healthy. While investing on HVAC system, you need to reconsider a range of issues from its efficiency to getting comfortable environment in you home. This article discusses choosing best HVAC system for your home.

We rarely think about how to save money while installing HVAC system. Purchasing high performance (it does not mean to invest much to get a sophisticated HVAC; it means to get the system suitable to your home to create comfort) HVAC system is good at reducing overall energy consumption and to save money. While buying HVAC, you need to consider size of you house, size and capacity you need. If you buy an undersized HVAC, it will not give you adequate cooling during summer. Similarly if you buy overs-sized one, it will affect the comfort levels like improper humidity levels which consume more energy. You need to do the following tasks.

Measure size of your home
Poor sizing of your home and capacity of HVAC system will cause discomfort in terms of health and raising cooling/heating bills. In order to measure your home, you need to do simple math for calculating the area of your home like multiplying length, width and height of each room including basement, upstairs and attic. When you sum the area of each room it gives you will get total area of your home. Measure the exact size of you home in square footage and check with the companies that offers “home sizing and energy-audits” to identify the exact cooling capacity needed for your home. Professionals look for other parameters like doors, window, insulation and climate data of your place to fix accurate size of your home.

Calculate the amount of cooling required to your home
You may heard about BTUs (British Thermal Units) or tons. Do not bother about these terms and its science. BTU tells you about the amount of energy required to cool your room. You just need to know how much BTU is sufficient. A minimum 20 BTU is necessary to maintain cooling or heating per square feet. Multiply the area of your home with 20 BTU, gives the amount of energy required to cool your building. With this estimate you can check HVAC systems that is sufficient to provide cooling your building. Similarly calculate the heating capacity by considering 40 BTU as a unit and (minimum heating per square foot) multiplying it with total area of building.

Think about duct work
Air ducts are vital components as they provide ventilation to maintain humidity levels and you need take additional care before planning for duct work. Find out if any prior permission is needed before going for installing air ducts from building control departments.

Air ducts are sealed in walls of basements and ceiling and it is often cumbersome to maintain them regularly. A well-designed and sealed air duct is necessary to make energy efficient. While buying air ducts, go for those that are resistant to mold, dust and biological contaminants. Make sure you get enough air duct sealing, which helps you improve efficiency of HVAC. When air ducts are not good, you may experience difficulty in getting cool or heat and it might result in around 20% of loss of energy.

Look for high efficiency in HVAC systems
While looking for best HVAC systems, you need to check two parameters SEER and SHR. These parameters tell you how seasonal energy efficient is the HVAC.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) tells about cooling efficiency in per kilowatt power utilization in summer. The minimum federal standards must be at least 14 SEER. The higher the SEER is, the higher is HVAC unit’s efficiency.

SHR (Sensible Heat Ratio) indicates efficiency of maintaining humidity or moisture (cooling/heating load) in your home. The higher the number, the less is capability of HVAC system to remove humidity. The minimum levels of SHR on HVAC should be seven. For heating pumps, there is no need for heating efficiency as there is single standard for nation wide.

Whether you are planning to purchase new or a sued HVAC system, you need to think of its usability and budget. If possible, hire a capable contractor who can provide you efficient design and install quality HVAC system.

March 2nd, 2012

Tips to Choose Reputable Online Shopping Sites for Buying Electronics

by Andrew Veazey

Online shopping is really beneficial to both seller and buyers; it reduces the shopping risk and time saving process. Online shopping provides more secure and reliable shopping experience to customers. Purchasing products on online is beneficial, by using a secured website. Choosing reputable online websites are important which provide more customer reliability.

Some tips while choosing online shopping sites

  • Reputable sites always deals with the branded and quality electronic gadgets
  • Its provides the best possible deals with the customers
  • These sites are more reliable in customer satisfaction with pleasant purchases
  • These reputable websites deals with the wider range of products and its are update with new innovative products
  • These are reputed ones, so they have world wide reputations, its offer the products to different places
  • These sites provides the reliable warranty facilities on branded products and its beneficial to customers with competitive prices
  • These sites provide the secured shopping experiences to customers

These tips are important while using the right site, these sites are beneficial for getting the products with affordable prices too.

February 27th, 2012

Tips to be Followed While Purchasing Electronic Appliances Online

by Andrew Veazey

Online shopping is an easy option to customers. Customers get many benefits from online shopping such as saving of time and money. Online shopping also provides wider options to their customers requirements which give a better equipment option.

Online shopping is very easy but you have to be aware of online purchasing tips for making security purchases, those are:

Shop at secured website: All online companies exist in the online market with their own websites. Website security is important for protecting valuable information of products, customers and sales. Secured websites provide the security deals between customers and retailers to reduce online shopping risks for both.

Pre-research while online purchasing: Online marketing companies provide their addresses or phone numbers, use those information to do research on how these are effective and how many money return benefits you can get from them. After getting information on your issues then you approach that websites or companies for making a purchase.

Read website privacy and security policies: Every company protects its information by keeping it private. Online merchant data provides privacy shopping to their customers. Especially, for the customers who take memberships with the websites, need more security.

Keep your passwords private: Take care while doing online shopping. Don’t reveal your passwords for unnecessary information. Some companies provide information after getting logged in to their websites. If it is necessary for knowing the information use alternate log-in to get the information. When are you purchasing things then only use your original password.

Keep your buying copies: Whenever you are buying any thing online, take the printout of those buying receipts or documents, keep them safely until you get the product delivery or till the end of product guarantee period.

Along with these tips, take attention on paying and getting delivery, check website orders, look for the reputed websites, etc.

January 28th, 2012

Tips to Buy Consumer Electronics

by Andrew Veazey

Consumer electronics are being used widely in all fields. Improvements in technology are making these devices more user-friendly. Due to the increasing demand of these devices, manufacturers are coming with devices which are equipped with new features. Hence, buyers are having a wide choice to choose from. Before buying an electronic device there are few tips to be followed to make a smarter purchase. Let us learn about these tips.

Requirement: Before going to purchase any equipment, understand your requirements and necessity of the device like device for households, for institutions, for production processes.

Budget: After being clear on your requirements, decide on the budget of the purchased equipment. Remember, budget should be comfortable to your income levels.

Research on product: Researching on product is important. Its important for getting more advanced equipment. It requires market survey on the product technology, availability and prices. Do research online as it is easy and you can get much information from websites.

Find out best retailers: Find out the best retailer where you can get more benefits like warranty devices and device discount prices. Best retailers are important as they always sell branded ones. Sometimes they provide after selling benefits like free home deliveries and free installation facilities.

Due to the advancements made in technologies of consumer electronics, they are becoming more sophisticated, environmental friendly and also cheaper.

December 26th, 2011

Know the Benefits of Wall-mount Electric Heaters

by Andrew Veazey

When planning to find a right heater for your home, do not forget to consider wall-mount electric heaters. They are actually very much beneficial. Go on to know the benefits of wall-mount electric heaters.

These heaters, as the name suggests, can be hanged on the wall. Also, they can be simply placed over baseboards in your home. They are better choices when you have limited floor space. In another way, it can be said that they enable floor space. Also, wall-mount electric heaters, compared to floor heaters, are safer when they are on heights. Heaters which are usually intended to be placed on floor, generally have emergency shut off devices in case they are tipped. Still, they are prone to other risks like being splashed by water or other fluids from a falling glass or a kicked glass, which are the common accidents at home.

Wall-mount electric heaters are available in various styles that can fit to your desired space. They even bring décor to your room. They are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor home heating. You can place them in your bedroom, living area, or patio. Some people often use these heaters to heat up small spaces in home or office. Some others choose them as a supplement to the central heating in their house in order to get extra heat during very colder months of winter. Another characteristic benefit of wall-mount electric heaters is that their placement on the wall enables saving energy. Some of these heaters also have ionizers which are responsible for trapping particles of air pollution. Hence, don’t miss the chance to purchase wall-mount electric heaters to enjoy these benefits.

December 23rd, 2011

How to Get Comfortable Fireplaces

by Andrew Veazey

Heating your home is important to protect yourselves form bitter cold. Heating your surfaces is fun and little bit romantic sometimes, only when you have a good fireplace in your home. In the market various types of fireplaces are available with their own advantages, like wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces. In these types, some require low maintenance expenses and some require more.

Wood-burning fireplaces: These are traditional heat producing fireplaces, mostly, all the people know about these wood-burning fireplaces. In the present times, their usage has come down as they require cutting of trees. And also storage of wood indoors is difficult in the present day homes. Whenever the user is using these fireplaces they have to focus on the fire and take care about the fire accidents. Users also have to clean the chimney regularly. These fireplaces usage is risky when compared to other heaters.

Gas fireplaces: These are modern devices used for warming the enclosed areas, these are more safer ones than wood fireplaces. They produce heat without any real fire. Gas fireplaces provide more safe heat to surfaces. The maintenance of these devices is also very easy and we can operate these heaters simply by switching on. Gas fireplaces are also customized to heat larger surfaces and limited surfaces.

Electric fireplaces: These are getting highly popular these days as they use technically advanced methods of producing heat to surfaces. These devices come with instant heat producing facilities. These are cheaper heat producing alternatives than others. Electric fireplaces require electric power, which is then converted in to heat. The installation of electric fireplaces is easy and they require very less maintenance expenses. Portable electric space heaters are also available which are important at heating the limited surfaces to reduce the power wastage.

Observe the above mentioned information to choose the more suitable fireplace for your enclosed surfaces. read more »

December 23rd, 2011

How Beneficial are Electric Infrared Heaters for Home Heating?

by Andrew Veazey

Infrared heaters are technically advanced heat producers, these heaters convert electric power into radiations. Infrared heaters also come under our budget constraints, they require less installation and maintenance costs.

Infrared heaters are beneficial to homes, offices and other spaces, because these heaters produce safety heat to the surfaces. Infrared heaters are also safe heating options as they do not involve burning and producing fire, they just release heat by using electricity.

Some major benefits of infrared heaters are:

Instant heaters: These are technically advanced at producing heat to surfaces. They produce heat the moment they are on and stop heating the moment they are off.

Efficient ones: These heaters are more efficient heat producers. They convert 100% of electric power I to heat energy. They also consume less power to produce heat, hence they conserve energy.

Safety: These are technically advanced in converting electric power into heat. These technical advancements prevent the electric accidents while converting the electric power to heat. These devices emit the electromagnetic waves which are not harmful to us.

Hit the Objects: Infrared heaters emit the radiations which on hitting the objects get converted in to heat. This way the heating of the air medium is prevented. Hence, usage of heat unnecessarily to heat the air is avoided, thus eliminating the wastage of power.

Clean: Infrared heaters are environmentally-friendly heaters which generate the heat that is not harmful to the surfaces. Infrared heaters use the combustion and forced air systems which are used to blow the heat to the surfaces. Heating using these systems will not result in smoke, ashes or dust formation, thus ensuring clean heating process.

Installation and maintenance: Infrared heaters installation is very easy, they are available in the market with various sizes. Portables are very convenient to smaller surfaces. These heaters also need less maintenance expenditures.

Due to all the above said features which are user friendly, it can be said that electric infrared heaters are good options for home heating.

November 17th, 2011

What is Kitchen Ventilation and What is Its Importance ?

by Andrew Veazey

Proper ventilation in kitchen is essential particularly while cooking food. If there is no proper ventilation, the environment in the kitchen becomes suffocating. The vapors and smoke generated from the cooking not only makes it suffocating for the cook but also causes long term health problems.

Good kitchen ventilation system improves the air flow in the kitchen while cooking. It can be done naturally or mechanically. There are many approaches to ventilation in the kitchen. Ventilation fans are one of them which remove smoke and stinky air outside. They maintain indoor air quality in the kitchen as kitchen needs more ventilation than any other rooms at home.

Importance of the kitchen ventilation:

A kitchen ventilation system is important as it removes the odors, stream, grease and other contaminants that are caused when are coking. Ventilating the kitchen while cooking will provide cleaner, healthier and pleasant smelling home with decreased levels of indoor air pollution.

  • It makes your home free of disease by giving fresh air.
  • It gives healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • It controls humidity and moisture and protects you and your family from smoke.

Proper kitchen ventilation has many health benefits, hence care should be taken to impart good ventilation system.

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November 17th, 2011

Tips for Living with Pets Indoor

by Andrew Veazey

Clean indoor air is an important part of people’s lives. Exposure to contaminated indoor air increase the symptoms in the people who are suffering from respiratory illness. It is important to keep indoor air clean since most people spend their time indoors. When the weather turns cool, people come indoors and so do pets. Soon after coming from outside humans will wash their body, but pets do not, hence they contaminate the whole indoor pollution. Pet dander is one type of contaminant that is very irritating to the residents.

Some tips for improving the indoor air quality:

  • Keep out the pets from the bed room if possible, particularly out of babies and kids room. Childhood asthma is sky-rocketing and pets in bed is not a healthy idea. If pets sleep in the room, try to get it sleep on the floor and near the air filter.
  • Keep rugs near where your pet comes in and out so that their feet get wiped, and wash those rugs often.
  • Bathe your pets or have them groomed on the daily basis, this removes allergens on fur and skin. When combing out furry pets, have you air purifiers turned up.
  • Hands off is good when it comes to pet allergens. If you need to handle pets, wash hands immediately after that. Especially, in case of cats, if you touch your eyes after petting cats, it will cause irritation much faster.
  • Keep your air purifiers running for long time to keep the air you breathe free from allergens.

By following the above steps one can have a good health even while having pets at your home.

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