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April 8th, 2015

Ways to Fix Broken Links in Your Website

by Jonathan Cogley

website monitoringA broken link is a major problem of web sites. It defines the links which doesn’t work and fails to display the web pages that have been deleted or removed. It results in the error pages like web server error page or 404 or browser error page probably increasing the negative effects. Knowing the factors that affects the web site and solutions for resolving them are provided in the following article.

Effects of broken links

  • Broken links slows down your website
  • They result in making your website untended
  • Excessive broken links acts like stop signs that halts the further progress of search engines thus diminishing the value of your web site or blog.
  • Broken links also effects free traffic to your site making the search engines interpret this effect as a high bounce rate which have a bad impact on site rankings.
  • Dead links are not just trouble some their presence may cause damage to your online business revenue and its reputation in the internet.

Ways to find broken links
Broken links can be detected in your website by the display of non existing pages showing 404 errors or can also be detected by the help of link checkers available widely in internet.

How to fix broken links?

  • Presence of broken links effectively stops search engines from listing your website. Removing or fixing broken links from your website makes the search engines to index and tell the search engines that the website is not being neglected. In the process of optimization the web site links are tested and the broken links are removed and repaired. The following are few steps to fix broken links:
  • The incorrect links have to be corrected by editing and replacing the incorrect URL link with the right URL.
  • Try to replace with new updated and corrected link if the page which is linked is removed.
  • Removal of the link which is present in your article and no longer exists.
  • Broken links if present affect the websites speed hence to increase the speed try reducing the HTTP requests which usually slows down your website pages to load.

Broken links have to be checked frequently as a part of website maintenance or opt for a website monitoring company to perform such activity in addition with website maintenance. This act improves the performance of your website and boosts up revenue by developing traffic.

October 6th, 2014

What Does Quality Assurance of a Website Involve?

by Edwin Rosenthal

web site monitoringQuality assurance of a website involves all the information and the features of your website are functioning properly which shows the performance of a website. In quality assurance, the site is examined and validated for various issues and checkpoints, to make sure that performance and quality of the website are good. Some of the issues that are examined in the quality assurance are:

Checking for the broken links
To ensure that your website pages are available to the visitors without any errors, you must check for all the links in the website and make sure that they are redirecting to the correct location without any breakage in the link i.e., without any broken links, because this may slow down your website and leads to several other problems. So, see to it that your website doesn’t have any broken links.

Checking for spelling, grammar
Spelling and grammar will show the quality of the content at your website. Mistakes in the spelling and grammar will degrade the quality of the website and make your website vulnerable to loss of popularity.

People Won’t have interest to read your site’s content unless it is informative and meaningful. Therefore, make sure that your site doesn’t have any issues with spelling and grammar.

Check the file size
See to it that your files of the web pages are not too large. Because, if the file size is too heavy with more images or video files then, it takes your web monitoring servicepage to load slowly or the loading time of the website increases which in turn affects the website performance.

Check the languages and scripts
See to it that all the server side languages and scripts are functioning properly without any issue. Check if there are any holes and try to correct them. This won’t give a chance to the hackers to make any vulnerable changes in the website.

Check for proper functioning of applications
Make sure that all the applications and the forms in your website are functioning properly. This keeps the trust your website visitors.

Check for missing page titles and content
See if your website is having any issues like not having the page title or not loading the images in the content. If the page title is missing, give it a title because without page title visitors can’t recognize your information. In addition, check the size of the image file and try to compress it if it is too large to make the image visible in the web page.

Check for browser compatibility
See to it that your website is functioning properly in all the commonly used web browsers and check whether it is compatible to those browsers or not. Every website on the web should be compatible to all the common or basic web browsers because, people use various web browsers for loading the site. If it is unavailable people leave your site. This affects negatively affects the website rankings.

Quality assurance should be made for every website. Checking and making corrections for all these issues ensures that your website is of good quality that satisfies the search engines and visitors requirements. This boosts-up the rankings in the search engines along with the website revenue.
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July 31st, 2014

Website Maintenance: A Checklist

by Debbie Harry

website monitoring serviceDo you want your website to function to give your customers good experience? Then, this is possible through a proper maintenance. Maintenance includes several parts in both technical and non-technical aspects. To take appropriate care of your website, you can follow the checklist mentioned under. This will help you make your site get a good ROI and good page rank.

Website maintenance checklist includes the following.

1. Backups of the website information and database
Backups are very important for every site because if any security issues affect or if your website is under attack by hackers, you may lose all the data on your website, even if the data are in the database. Check whether your database and file backups are done at least on a weekly basis automatically, and see that the backup information is stored offline. If you want to know that the backups are valid, restore for every six months.

2. Removing unwanted or unnecessary software
Remove software or plug-ins that are really not necessary. Doing so, reduces the load. Also see to it that, you apply software updates that are available on which your site relies and don’t go for unwanted or non-critical software updates.

3. Checking page speed or loading time
Loading time of the page or page speed is an important aspect in website maintenance. Check whether your page loads quickly. You can use tools that are available to check the page speed. This will show you the issues that are affecting the page speed and warns you to correct them. If you take corrective measures for these issues, your website loads fast.

4. Website functionality
Check the functionality of your website, such as sign-up forms, contact forms, etc. Make sure that they are working correctly. If they are not working, check the problem and make them work. Or visitors may feel irritated and won’t get interested to come back to your site later.

5. Checking for broken links:
Broken links may affect your website in search engine rankings. So, to avoid this problem use link checkers that will crawl your website and gives yousite monitoring information regarding broken links i.e., whether they are any broken links or not.

6. Check whether your site has proper security:
This is the an important point that every site owner should take care of. If you are under a hosting service that is shared with multiple sites, you may or may not get security issues or there is a chance of getting hacked by an attacker. Therefore, it is better to take care of things such as installing security plug-ins (updated), framing difficult passwords, not disclosing your user name and password to anyone, etc.

Taking care of your site along the points discussed in the checklist will help the website owner to make it perform optimally.
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July 24th, 2014

Steps to Follow if Your Website Goes Down

by Jonathan Cogley

website monitoring serviceIs your website is down? If so, follow you need to follow certain remedial steps. You need to find the reasons that your site went down. You must check the possible reasons and correct them to make your site function optimally.

Check for the website is down really
At first, know whether your website is really down. The probable reasons might be Internet connection, number of visitors in a unite time, and so on. Check the problem by visiting your website and press shift+refresh and see you are getting any cached version. If yes, then your website is down otherwise not. If not so, check your Internet/broadband connection. If it is not the problem go to your hosting company to diagnose the problem. There are also other problems like networking problem, server crashing, expired domain, an programing error on a website, etc.

Check web server software of your website
After checking the aforementioned problems, you need to check your web server and check whether it is alive or not. This can be done by telnet command which will be available on windows, mac and Linux. Now it shows the web server is live or not. As this is a technical issue which you can’t handle, it is better to contact your host for a solution.

Host company for assistance
See if your hosting company can help you out in this matter. As there will be technical people serving you your problem will be solved if not go to the IT-support company or the approach the people who can solve the issue.

Take a back-up of your websitemonitoring service
It is you or your hosting company. If it is you take a back-up of all the resources of your website or if it is a hosting company ask them keep a complete back-up. This will help you preserve data and when lost, you can get get them into your web pages.

Make users know the problem
Don’t make your users leave your site for ever. Communicate with them through social networks and tell them the problem and make them aware of your site from time to time.

Have an up-time monitoring service
This service is important because it will let you know immediately when your site goes down. They will let you know through an SMS.

These are the few steps to be followed for a website to avoid the website down or down time of your website.
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September 17th, 2013

How to Maintain Website’s Performance

by Jonathan Cogley

website monitorIn this digital age, most businesses have their own professional website. Many of them are not realizing the importance of its performance. Your website performance plays a critical role for business like in terms of credibility, brand image, customers satisfaction, revenue, search engine ranking and many more.

If you ignore the importance of your site’s maintenance, you may lose the potential customers, profits and reputation. In this post, you will see how to maintain your website’s performance.

  • Profile your web pages: It is very important thing, you have to do from home page to the end page of your website. This is because it helps you to locate the components which needed to be optimized and which components to get rid of. Tools are available through which you can track the performance of your website like which components (images, CSS files, HTML files, java script files etc) are requested by your user, how big it is and how long it is taking to load, etc.


  • Save images in the right format: In website, you may use a lot of images in different formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc. It is very important to opt right format to save images in the website. JPG format mimics the original and it is very difficult to differentiate even at extreme magnification. And this is a good choice for nearly all photographs on the web with excellent quality even at high compression settings whereas GIF or PNG formats good for charts and logos.


  • Use the latest HTML: As languages has evolved, there are different versions of HTML came into picture. You have to use the latest HTML versions. Because it makes your site more reliable and it also protects your site from downtime due to programming errors and other issues.


  • Quality content: Your website should be vibrant and alive. For this, you need to provide fresh quality content or updating the old content. This helps the users to stick to your web-page because this what they are searching for. Stale content will takes away the visitors from your site.


  • Monitor web server performance: A web server is used to host website, data storage or running enterprise software. The function of the web server is to getting or sending the HTTP request to the users through the Internet. This helps you keep the website up and running. If you don’t monitor the web server performance, the money, effort and time you have spent on optimizing would go in vain.monitoring service


  • Utilize website monitoring services: You may have built a professional website with optimized content and images, latest HTML version, etc. You task doesn’t end here because your website may go up or down. So, you need to know about the website’s performance. Web monitoring services monitor and track the performance of your website from home page to a multi-page transactions and track the availability and performance of your website, web applications and server located in different geographical locations. Based on this, the monitor checks the performance and sends reports through email, SMS or RSS feeds.

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July 18th, 2012

What are the Problems with Website Downtime?

by Edwin Rosenthal

website monitoring serviceDowntime of a website refers to time period when the visitors are unable to access the website. It is important to know and understand the downtime to take preventive measures and make sure that this downtime will not happen again in your website.

There are a number of reasons for causing downtime. Some of the causes are when the host provider upgrades software, hardware and server upgrade. Failure of any component, file corruption and application problems can also cause website downtime.

Business websites have a great impact on website downtime. They may lose customers visiting the website to review the products and services. If the website is down for an extended period, the sales are also decreased and ranking in the search engine comes down. Websites will not be working efficiently. The business may also loose advertisers and potential investors. An online business must have a web host that provides optimum uptime of website.

Frequent server failures and inaccessible website loses customer loyalty and finally the customer. This results in loss of money to the business. Employees who rely on network connections are unable to do their job which causes loss in time and money. It also decreases employee productivity and efficiency.

If it is difficult to find the cause of downtime, you should seek for technical support from experts. A web host provider provides immediate and efficient support and gives an assistance to improve downtime. It should provide maximum website uptime and 24/7 server monitoring. read more »

March 15th, 2012

Advantages of Using a Trail Website Monitoring Service

by Andrew Veazey

website uptimeWith the increased demand for the website, server, application and other network related monitoring things, we can find substantial number of service providers who offer these services at variable costs. Due to the competition among these providers many are providing different offers to attract more number of customers or clients. However if we really look into few of the offers they are some what beneficial for the clients. For instance, let us consider this free or trail version of website monitoring services.

Many companies are offering these trail packs for free of cost and let the clients experience their services and after that they can either opt for them or simply reject, there is no obligation. So, in such cases the users have the convenience to check the services offered by different service providers and can opt for the best one. If we really look in to the benefits of using a free trail, we can definitely find somethings like below. So, have a look.

One best benefit is that we have better experience about how the service provider would be even before opting his services. You can check him on different parameters like the quality of the service and his ability to handle difficult tasks, from which you can find whether he is a reliable provider or not.

If you are the first time user, you might not be aware about the process of these monitoring services and how they handle different things and how they are beneficial for your business. So, with a free trail one can get a clear idea about everything and anything and let you understand the concept of monitoring much clearly. Having a practical experience is always important to take a better step and to make a proper choice.

Comparison between different service providers let you understand all the available features and functions of website monitoring services. This helps you to have a big picture about these services, hence enabling you to choose a better one. read more »

January 18th, 2012

Tips to Purchase Better Network Monitoring Software

by Andrew Veazey

website monitoring serviceIf you want to purchase a network monitoring software, you are required to know useful information for getting the best one. Always purchase better featured network monitoring software which is important in increasing business revenues and performance. Better performing network monitoring software is really helpful at smooth running of the business operations to increase the business productivity.

Some important tips to remember at purchasing network monitoring software are:
1. Suitable company monitoring software: Always search for the suitable company software which is strategically perfect at monitoring the network. In the market place, there exists a number of companies with various monitoring software programs including efficient and inefficient ones. Get the information from reliable sources before purchasing efficient monitoring software.

2. It should be helpful to your company requirements: Choose the most suitable network monitoring software which is helpful for your company requirements. It should be helpful in improving your company’s performance by achieving higher customer satisfaction levels.

3. Features of software: Features of network monitoring software are also important. The features of monitoring software programs should monitor your systems regularly and should be helpful in preventing network troubleshoots.

4. Latest versions: Choose the latest version network monitoring software, which is strategically updated for reducing network breakdowns and minimizing the application downtime. Monitoring systems should be updated for performing trouble shooting also.

5. Reduce money wastage: It is also important while choosing the network monitoring software. Though technically updated latest version monitoring software incurs more expenses for installation, it is helpful in reducing future expenses of changing the software regularly and it also requires less maintenance expenses.

Remember these important tips while purchasing network monitoring software for your business. Don’t forget that efficient monitoring server motivates the business profits. read more »

December 15th, 2011

What is Page Load Time and How it Affects the Page Rankings?

by Andrew Veazey

Speed of the internet is considered as the determining factor for most of the audience since it enables the user to take decision whether to stay on the page or to leave the page. Many surveys have shown that the average time a visitor spends on single site is 3 minutes, if your site does not completely load in 3 minutes, he will definitely switch to another site which means that you are loosing a valuable customer. In order to prevent such things, your page load time should be in seconds. Let us see what is page load time and how it affects the ranking of the page.

website monitoring service

Page load time is the time taken by the server to respond to the request made by the visitor, i.e., whatever the user requests like entering a search work, reload, returning to the previous page etc. The time in which the page completely loads considering the request by the user is called as page load time. The lesser the page load time the faster the page gets loaded and hence the visitor gets satisfied browsing your website.

The search engines have been using this page load time in their page rank algorithm from long time. That means the site which loads faster is ranked high and hence can be viewed by most number of people.

For instance, let us take the search engine giant Google. It measures page load time in two ways. The first is using googlebot, which is the program that crawls websites for indexes. It measures how fast your site is responding to the googlebot in order to rank it. The second technique is comparing your page loading time with the page loading time of your competitors.

So depending on the page rank given by the search engines you have to optimize your website in order to rank better than your competitors, so that maximum traffic will be received by your site which increases your revenue.

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