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December 23rd, 2014

Things to Avoid While Choosing a Web Hosting Company

by Jonathan Cogley

Most people are not aware of what to look for when they are opting for a web hosting company. But knowing things to avoid while choosing a web hostwebsite monitoring service is helpful. This is also an important factor while you are choosing a web host because most people are not getting the right service because of considering the following factors. This article will help you know what to avoid when choosing a web hosting company.

Don’t get attracted to unlimited services at less price
Many people usually get attracted to the more services that web hosting companies offer without the knowledge that whether they really need all those services. However, you should make sure that, “you get what you pay”. Therefore, be aware of this point.

Companies generally offer unlimited services saying that they don’t charge for the services. In reality, they charge them in other way. No one offers their services for free or at a lower price without any benefit for themselves. Therefore, think twice about the services and whether they are require for your site. Make sure to check with this, before you make sign up for the web hosting company’s services. A genuine web hosting company offers the services what people require and charges only for those.

Thinking that price is everything
It is also not good to look for price in everything because some really cost more. In other words, technologies and services may vary from company to company or provider to provider. Therefore, if you are looking for the best service, it’s not the price alone. Make sure to assess the requirements of your site.

No proper research about the hosting company
Before you choose the hosting company, you need to research about the group of companies thoroughly. You should have a list of service providers. You should compare the plans offered by the service providers. Avoid going for only one company.

Get the feedback of the company you choosing from their clients. Do online research, check the reviews and ratings of the company. This all shows website monitoring pricehow credible the site is. Once you are done with the research, get the final review of the company.

Not looking for the customer support
Due to lack of knowledge or because of being new to the business, many web site owners overlook the customer support service, which is very important while choosing a web hosting company. It is necessary because when you are in the need of service or having some issue with the hosting service, they should be able to rectify your problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it affects your site performance. Therefore, make sure you check for the customer support by getting feedback from the clients that are already working with the hosting company. Choose only if the company is able to provide good hosting service, otherwise look for another.

September 3rd, 2014

Symptoms of Failure of Spark plug and How to Replace it

by Jonathan Cogley

Get to know about Spark plug
The main function of the spark plug is to ignite air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber/ cylinder. Spark plugs are mostly used in petrol engines. The electric spark is produced by the electronic control unit. The electric spark ignites the air-fuel mixture. The ignition coil sends high voltage electric spark to the distributor. The distributor sends High voltage electric spark plug according as required. Spark plug is an important component in the ignition system of a car/ vehicle.

Spark plug location
The spark plug is an essential component in the fuel ignition system. It is located above/top of the cylinder in the engine. A series of spark plugs are connected to the cylinders. Each cylinder consists of one spark plug. The number of spark plugs in the engine depends upon the number of cylinders.

Symptoms of failure of spark plug
Some symptoms of failure of spark plug are:

  • Poor acceleration
  • High fuel consumption
  • Engine surging

Poor acceleration

  • One of the common signs a faulty spark plug is poor acceleration.
  • When you accelerate your car, you will come across the issue of not picking up speed even you accelerate this is due to the failure of spark plug.

High fuel consumption

  • If spark plug is in bad condition, your car consumes more fuel than normal.
  • Due to failure of spark plug, incomplete combustion takes place and even misfiring of ignition system at the exhaust occurs.

Engine surging

  • If the spark plug is in bad condition, your car takes more air than in normal combustion process.
  • This issue can cause jerking of car and even continually starts and stops, it is also known as engine hesitation.

How to replace spark plug

  • First, switch off the engine of your car and locate the spark plug.
  • If you are not aware of where the spark plug is located, refer to the user manual.
  • The spark plug is located at the top of the cylinder/engine.
  • Disconnect the wires that are mounted on the spark plug.
  • Remove the spark plug wire carefully and gently to avoid breaking of spark plug wires.
  • Now remove the spark plug from its position.
  • Check spark plug you will find white lime built up around the electrodes of the spark plugs, cracks on spark plug.
  • Take a new spark plug, before installing clean surrounding where new spark plug as to be installed.
  • Now install a new spark plug and tighten the screws.
  • After fastening the spark plug, put anti-seize lubricant around the threads of the spark plug to prevent reaction between dissimilar metals.

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February 7th, 2014

Winter Driving Tips for Electrical Vehicle

by Jonathan Cogley

Most electrical vehicle (EV) buyers do not think about winter season. If you are in northern climates where temperatures are extreme, you should care your vehicle to do not trouble in the middle of the journey. In the winter seasons after charging your EV you can observe significant dip in range. The following tips will be helpful for you in the winter care of your EV.

  • Jump-start: If you live in North Dakota, Minnesota or other northern state where the the winter is extremely cold, you may asked the help or other asked you for the car needed jump-start. Nearly all the hybrid vehicles still use a 12 volt conventional battery within the system, jumpstarting the hybrid vehicle to start its gasoline engine should be easy. Check your operator’s manual, but expect to follow same process like other car. If you are confused and not having any clarity, call a professional. Before you are going for poking under the hood read and follow the warnings and instructions printed on the vehicle’s parts.
  • Monitor moving parts: The EV’s moving parts also effected by the cold temperatures. Tire inflation, wheel bearing and transmission are the major areas that you you need to pay some attention in winter season. The winter transmission lubricant is made in such a way that it does not get thick in cold temperatures, use it and keep transmission things properly moving. Lower temperatures cause to loss of pressure in tires, so regularly check the pressure of inflation.
  • Keep it warm: Cold temperatures affect on battery’s ability and efficiency to give out the power and take charge. If temperatures fall below zero, the battery capacity of an electrical vehicle will reduce by 40 percent. The large battery banks cars are less affected compared to smaller batteries cars in the cold conditions.

Newer technology in the electrical vehicles such as thermal systems and lithium-ion batteries help address this challenge. But you need to keep battery from getting cold as outside temperatures will help with range and starting. In the night time, keep your EV in a garage, if you have a heated garage, it is the best to keep. If this is not available for you, try the following as per availability:

  • Whenever possible park in the full Sun.
  • Do not let your EV for days without using in the freezing weather.
  • Keep the EV battery charged. It helps warm up.
  • To keep the battery warm overnight, use a heating pad or heat tape or an electric blanket.
  • If your batteries are not either thermal systems or lithium-ion batteries, insulate your batteries. Fiberglass batting or Styrofoam insulation will keep Your EV warmer.

Your driving habits will effect much on your EV battery. Those are like start and stop, acceleration, brakes usage, heater, etc. The other important one is aware of your surroundings in the regular journey and some tools to face winter and basic problems to repair, because it will be helpful in emergency.
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March 20th, 2013

Know How to Select the Right HVAC System for Your Home

by tocuser4

Centrifugal FanChoosing the right HVAC system for home is a complicated task and does not involve a single component to look after. It is an assembly of technologies that establish comfortable environment where you and your family members can live healthy. While investing on HVAC system, you need to reconsider a range of issues from its efficiency to getting comfortable environment in you home. This article discusses choosing best HVAC system for your home.

We rarely think about how to save money while installing HVAC system. Purchasing high performance (it does not mean to invest much to get a sophisticated HVAC; it means to get the system suitable to your home to create comfort) HVAC system is good at reducing overall energy consumption and to save money. While buying HVAC, you need to consider size of you house, size and capacity you need. If you buy an undersized HVAC, it will not give you adequate cooling during summer. Similarly if you buy overs-sized one, it will affect the comfort levels like improper humidity levels which consume more energy. You need to do the following tasks.

Measure size of your home
Poor sizing of your home and capacity of HVAC system will cause discomfort in terms of health and raising cooling/heating bills. In order to measure your home, you need to do simple math for calculating the area of your home like multiplying length, width and height of each room including basement, upstairs and attic. When you sum the area of each room it gives you will get total area of your home. Measure the exact size of you home in square footage and check with the companies that offers “home sizing and energy-audits” to identify the exact cooling capacity needed for your home. Professionals look for other parameters like doors, window, insulation and climate data of your place to fix accurate size of your home.

Calculate the amount of cooling required to your home
You may heard about BTUs (British Thermal Units) or tons. Do not bother about these terms and its science. BTU tells you about the amount of energy required to cool your room. You just need to know how much BTU is sufficient. A minimum 20 BTU is necessary to maintain cooling or heating per square feet. Multiply the area of your home with 20 BTU, gives the amount of energy required to cool your building. With this estimate you can check HVAC systems that is sufficient to provide cooling your building. Similarly calculate the heating capacity by considering 40 BTU as a unit and (minimum heating per square foot) multiplying it with total area of building.

Think about duct work
Air ducts are vital components as they provide ventilation to maintain humidity levels and you need take additional care before planning for duct work. Find out if any prior permission is needed before going for installing air ducts from building control departments.

Air ducts are sealed in walls of basements and ceiling and it is often cumbersome to maintain them regularly. A well-designed and sealed air duct is necessary to make energy efficient. While buying air ducts, go for those that are resistant to mold, dust and biological contaminants. Make sure you get enough air duct sealing, which helps you improve efficiency of HVAC. When air ducts are not good, you may experience difficulty in getting cool or heat and it might result in around 20% of loss of energy.

Look for high efficiency in HVAC systems
While looking for best HVAC systems, you need to check two parameters SEER and SHR. These parameters tell you how seasonal energy efficient is the HVAC.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) tells about cooling efficiency in per kilowatt power utilization in summer. The minimum federal standards must be at least 14 SEER. The higher the SEER is, the higher is HVAC unit’s efficiency.

SHR (Sensible Heat Ratio) indicates efficiency of maintaining humidity or moisture (cooling/heating load) in your home. The higher the number, the less is capability of HVAC system to remove humidity. The minimum levels of SHR on HVAC should be seven. For heating pumps, there is no need for heating efficiency as there is single standard for nation wide.

Whether you are planning to purchase new or a sued HVAC system, you need to think of its usability and budget. If possible, hire a capable contractor who can provide you efficient design and install quality HVAC system.

January 19th, 2013

Know How to Choose Right Accounting Software for your Business

by Edwin Rosenthal

It is a critical business decision to selecting the best accounting software for your organization, because it may take many resources, including time and dollars. Of course accounting software packages are available for each and every size businesses for small, medium, home-based and multinational corporations. It is a booming business that means you will have lot of choices. Except for the large entities, because that employ there own accounting software and information technology experts. But the most businesses needs the advises of the outside consultants to choose implement, upgrade and replace the accounting software.

The following are some of the points about the accounting software:

  • Select the software for accounting with extra care, because it is pretty difficult skip it and to migrate another software package. Making changes in a single module in the software is hard.
  • Knowing how to mine your data because although the accounting software allows the opportunity to exploit your accounting information, you have to ask for the exact type of the information you want and to insist that it will be pulled out of the accounting data.
  • You need to maintain the tight security over all the aspects of using the accounting software and who is authorized to make changes in any of the module of the accounting system, because the online accounting systems that allows to remote input and also access over the internet or through a LAN ie: local area network with multiple users that provides security problems. So think twice before putting your accounting system to online.
  • When you are evaluating the accounting system you need to follow the things like it should be ease to use, it should have the particular functionality and features that you need, and at last the likelihood that the vendors should continue to be around to update and also to improve the software.
  • Give your software to your that your business personal tough, because you need to design your business special reports and also you should have to make sure that these reports have generated correctly from the accounting database.
  • Setup your internal controls to limit your input errors, because the data entry problems can be critical problems in computer based accounting systems, so you can minimize these input errors, but its impossible next to eliminate them altogether. So strong internal controls for the verifications for the data entry are extremely important.
  • At last make sure that your accounting software leaves very good audit trails because the lack of audit trails looks very suspicious to the IRS.
November 25th, 2012

Tips for Choosing the Best Risk-Management Software Solution

by tocuser4

Risk management software plays an important role in businesses as it provides a best approach for making decisions in evaluating and mitigating the risks. It is, therefore, very important for companies to pay attention when it comes for choosing risk-Management software for their businesses.

Here are tips for finding risk-management software:

  • Don’t choose software that is difficult to operate. Many believe that if the software is difficult, it will work in a best way, but it does not. Best software is one that is easy to use and helps you out in any situations.
  • The software which you choose in your business should merge and automate each and every element of risk mitigation cycle.
  • Choose software that can access to your business central repository system such that it can update the latest standards of risk management.
  • The software that you have chosen must be able to create a brand-new strategy for risk management. However, not all software provide have this feature.
  • The software that you have chosen for your business must simplify risk management stages.
  • Choose software that manages and deals with risks related to your company’s industry.
  • The software should provide security measures to tackle the risks that come from within the company as well from outside the company.
  • Expenditure on software is also to be considered because it should be able to generate profits otherwise it is inconsistent to use it for your business.

Many risk management software’s are available in the market. Search in internet, you will find list of software’s. Go through it and make a best choice for your business.
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November 20th, 2012

Know How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

by Dov Waxman

website monitoring featuresWhile creating a website it is difficult task to choose right colors and we can’t avoid it because it is one of the important ways to attract the customers that has the power to catch the eye of the customer and convert them into your regular customers. Therefore, choosing a color for your website is not an easy task and it makes a huge difference to your website when someone visits, and decides whether to stay or not. You should, therefore, take care of the color when designing your website.

While choosing a color for your website, don’t choose yellow because it may strain the readers and they may choose another website. Also avoid black background because it will limit the text colors and also it makes hard impact on the reader’s eyes. While choosing your background color, choose them wisely, of course the white background with the black color text is always best suited colors also any light background with dark test is always better.

If you are choosing color for your business site then you must choose three to four matching colors. You can use different share of the same color, the customers will focus on the product, but when you don’t use it properly, definitely it will be boring color. Whatever you choose that should be effective and should reflect well on your businesses bring out the emotion which you want from your customers. Here the emotional reactions on colors will vary from culture to culture, but some connections are generally true for most of the visitors.

For example, red it is a persuasive and daring, but it can also be hard on eyes. It can, however be used to emphasize in text on white and black sites. Blue is good for sales pages, it emphasizes quality, seriousness, calm, trustworthiness and success. While using gray and brown suggests heaviness, stability and strength. Visitors may, therefore, visit your website confidently.

People of different ages will have the different tastes, so keep in mind the responses from different users and vary the colors according to the factors like age, gender and the cultural background.

Whatever the color you choose, you should bear in mind the targeted audience. The color which you choose should facilitate the site’s success, so prepare multiple variants of the color scheme and choose them professionally. read more »

September 13th, 2012

What Do You Know By Client Server Architecture

by Jonathan Cogley

A network architecture in which a computer or process on the network either acts as a client or server. The application processing in a computer network is divided between client and server. Servers are powerful computers that are dedicated to manage disk drives, printers, network traffic, etc. Clients are situated at workstation or PCs on which users run the applications.

Information can be exchanged in a networked environment between the clients and server where the server has some resources that are shared by the clients. Servers require high computing power.

In a client server architecture individual computers called as clients are connected to a centralized computer called server. Client computers have an interface to allow the client to request the resources and display the results given by server. The server waits for request from clients and directly responds to the clients request with its own resources.

Clients are generally browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, etc. where they interact with servers using a set of instructions called protocols. The protocols provide accurate transfer of data through the browsers request and servers response. HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Telnet are some protocols that are used on world wide web which is a part of internet.

An example of client/server network is file server. A file server is a central computer that acts as a storage space on the network for storing files, spreadsheets, databases, etc. Instead of storing data on every computer, the file server allows the clients to store these records on a single computer to make them sharable. read more »

August 28th, 2012

Information About the Rollover Prevention

by Jonathan Cogley

This system is the another layer of the electronic stability control. In this system the dynamic sensor feeds the information to the electronic control about the radial, lateral as well as the yaw movements. The yaw is the information about the car front situation – whether the car is going on the center-line or going in the up or down or back or sideways, in relation to the center-line.

This information can be achieved by employing anti-rollover system and rollover warning system. The GM calls it as Proactive Roll Avoidance, the Ford calls it as Roll Stability Control, and the Chrysler calls it as Rollover Mitigation.

How it works?
Most of the newer SUV systems are equipped with electronic stability control systems, but this system is a step further. When you make a turn too fast, then the car senses a potential rollover and then the system applies the brake and modulates the throttle as needed to help the driver to control the vehicle. This system applies brakes through the hydraulic unit and anti-lock braking system.

The rollover warning will work only when the impending vehicle rollover threat can be accurately represented.

Things to do:
Take your foot off the accelerator and allow the vehicle to slow down gradually. Once the vehicle has been brought down to a safety speed or is totally stopped, then gently steer the vehicle back onto the road surface by using the lower gear to assist the overcoming surface of soft shoulder or drop off. Under the conditions of soft shoulder, feather the accelerator to help to maintain the control of the vehicle while slowing down. Do not apply full brakes, but use the soft applications of the brakes, which are naturally decelerated and downshifting to bring the vehicle to stop or to the safe speed.

Facts which are alarming:
Most of the systems are attributed to emergency vehicle driver error only. Nearly all emergency vehicles rollover crashes are clearly preventable, and many rollovers do not involve other vehicles.

Take few minutes to review conditions, which can help you to be a better driver and which may possibly prevent the tragedies. read more »

August 10th, 2012

Tips for Managing Your Website

by Dov Waxman

website monitorFor any business owner who presents his business online, the website plays an important role because it is identity of your business online. The website should reflect the current trend or what type of business but not the last year. So, it is necessary to keep your website up to date to attract the new customers.

Customers whether they are old or new rely on only trust worthy websites which contain information that is current, accurate, and relevant. Else, the customers will drive away from your websites and go to other websites for shopping.

Websites will be hosted by webmaster and has various tasks to undertake for keeping the relevant website functional and useful all the time.

Below are some of the website maintenance tips that would help ensuring proper traffic is maintained all the time.

  • Your website may have hundreds of pages that contain information which may be outdated. So, you need to keep your content clean and updated because visitors want new data as outdated data nobody wants.
  • See whether the links of your website are functioning are not. If not working, please make them functional.
  • Appoint one man person to maintain your website.
  • Sometimes errors may occur while loading the page. So, keep a constant watch on the site and find out the problems. Then keep records of data pertaining to speed times, capacity of server, software upgrades needed.
  • Upgrade the website software with latest versions.
  • Check site loading time. If your site is loading slowly then increase the site speed.
  • Check whether your site is coming in relevant keywords typing (here assume you are a customer and do it).
  • If there are more number of hosting plans, on the host’s servers get the bandwidth increased.
  • Make sure that your website is user-friendly and is easy to use by customers. Only then will it attract visitors.
  • Never keep the information in your website which are not needed for your business. If more content is there, the time taken to load that page will be more and users may face difficult to assess your site.
  • Always change the designs of the website so that, customers will attract to your site.
  • Policy pages, terms and conditions, terms of service are updated then it will reflect the latest standards of your company.
  • If any product is released, make the documentation of it.
  • Test whether your website is opening in all browsers or not and make them compatible.
  • Some comments made by the users can degrade the performance of the website. So, always make sure that first you see the comments and whichever you do not like, you should block the negative comments made by savvy users.
  • Do not apply dissimilar styles and colors for printing styles. Use consistent colors and styles for your site design.
  • Always monitor the statistical data by tracking the visitors of the website.

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