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March 7th, 2015

Matching Countertops with Your Cabinets

by Edwin Rosenthal

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Then, you need to take care of two things – one is countertops of your kitchen and the other is the kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen looks beautiful if both the countertops and the cabinets match each other. Therefore, when it comes to matching theme selection is an important aspect. Selection of the countertops and cabinets will depend on many factors. So, are you ready for selecting the good countertops that match the cabinets, which makes your kitchen beautiful? Then, here are a few facts on selecting the countertops that help you match the cabinets.

Based on lifestyle
Lifestyle varies across families, and the people have different requirements. So, when it comes to selection of the cabinets, the first thing that you need to consider is the life style. Consider the lifestyle of your entire family from small to big. See to it that the cabinets are available to all the people in your family and even your kids too. After that go with the countertops that matches the look of your cabinets. If you are regular user then you need the countertops that are durable and maintenance is must for any type of countertop. For more usage consider the dark colored counterttops and see to it that it matches with the cabinet.

Based on the style
The style of the countertops and the cabinets must match each other. If your countertop is sleek, then try to pick the right cabinet that matches its look. This is suitable for the homes that have contemporary look. If you want to create a contrast between them, then select the dark colored countertops with white or light colored cabinets or if you want to make the coordination between them, then choose the similar color choice. It depends completely on the style of your kitchen.

Based on the color and texture
Some countertops are natural and the color of the countertop comes naturally with various patterns and the cabinets were also prepared by the natural wood, metal or glass. So, see to it that they both match with each other in the pattern and color. Most people love dark countertops with light colored cabinets. But, few conutertops like laminate will have more no. of colors and patterns, so with this various patterns and colors it becomes easy for you to match both your countertops and cabinets.

Based on the budget
Budget is one of the most important factors that you need to consider and above all are completely dependent on the budget that you have for spending on your kitchen cabinets and the countertops. Some of the conutertops are pre-built which can save lots of your money but, they don’t come with finishing sometimes. So, you need to paint them. Custom designed cabinets are pre-counstructed and finished and just you need to install them in your kitchen. These are economically friendly countertops. So, you can match up them if your budget is low otherwise go with your own customized countertops and cabinets.

This is how you need to select and match the countertops and your kitchen cabinets based on the above factors.
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October 28th, 2014

Raised Garden Bed and Its Benefits

by Edwin Rosenthal

Raised bed gardening is one of the popular gardening that consists of elevated soil were planting is done. The planting can be done in large planter boxes or else in the big area were you can construct the raised bed yourself. So, do you want to know how to construct the raised bed and advantages of raised bed gardens? Then, this article will be helpful for you.

fairy housesConstruction of raised beds
Construction of raised bed garden consists of several steps but, here we are briefly explaining it to you in few simple steps.

  • Select the location according to the structure that you need for your raised beds. The location that you choose for the raised bed must have the facilities required for the plants growth, it includes, sunlight or shade, temperature etc.
  • Next, take the help of a professional gardener to start the construction. At first plan the design that you need for the garden with the help of the professional.
  • Prepare the list of appropriate materials for construction and that suits the design of the location. Raised garden beds are constructed with wood, garden rocks, bricks, concrete etc. So, see to it that you need temporary or the permanent bed for the garden and based on that you should choose the materials.
  • Prepare the area for the raised bed by leveling the soil and avoid any distractions near the raised bed.
  • Now, start the construction of the bed with the materials gathered and with the help of the professional. Lay the border of the bed with the material selected for construction and then, fill it with the soil through proper leveling. Also use good quality composite for helping the plants to get enough nutrients.
  • Water it in regular intervals after the construction to make sure that soil is settled completely in the bed. With this the construction is completed.

Benefits of having raised beds in the garden

  • Raised beds are good for organizing the same species of plants in a group.
  • You can separately prepare the beds for various types of plants in a confined area.
  • Soil erosion will be less in the raised beds during the heavy rain when compared to the other areas in the garden.
  • It is a good option for the gardens that are having the small space.
  • Raised garden beds are good for the long rooted plants which require several layers of the good soil.
  • With the nutrient rich and weed-free soil you can control weeds in the small space of raised beds.
  • Maintenance is easy in the raised beds.

This is all about he construction and the benefits that you can get through raised garden beds. Garden beds are also attractive parts of the garden. So, you can use them even if your garden is big or small.

October 8th, 2014

Choosing Container Materials for Your Garden Plants

by Edwin Rosenthal

miniature gardenChoosing the right container is very important for your plants to grow well. Based on your plant type you need to choose the container. It also depends on the design of your garden and your budget. There are various types and sizes of containers available, choose the one that fits in your needs.

Some containers made of wood are long-lasting and good for water retention. Especially the containers made of solid hardwood barrels can be used for permanent plantings with good rustic settings. Containers made of hardwood can resist the rot. Though wood container is good for permanent plantings you need to use some preservatives to make it lasting. To ensure that soil doesn’t come out of the container you should check the joints of the container while you are selecting it for your plantings. If you are planting woodland plants then rustic wood would be the best choice.

Clay pots are traditional choices of many people of its huge benefits against the other containers available in the market. They add sculptural touch to your garden. Clay pots come in variety of sizes and shapes. They are usually inexpensive than the designer pieces like metal and many other containers. The major disadvantage with clay pots is they dry out quickly. So to prevent them from drying out you need to place them in a semi-shaded area. Make sure the containers are frost proof.

Stone is a good choice for maintaining soil moisture and temperature. It has a solid and ornamental look. Stone containers can be used for permanent plantings as they are strong enough to withstand the climatic conditions especially in winter. For plants which need plenty of space choose large stone containers. Containers made of concrete are less expensive as they are available in huge quantity, but some genuine old stones are very expensive. Soft stone containers give a beautiful look to your garden.

Metal is a good choice for winter containers. Metal containers are known for their durability. But, the major drawback with this containers are they heat up quickly and dries out through which they damage the roots if regular watering is not done. If you need to add decorative pieces to your garden, you can use them but, you need to take regular care of plants planted in metal containers.

Many people think that synthetic is a natural material, but the fact is, it is man made. But, the benefits with synthetic containers are, they are light miniature gardenweight, inexpensive and durable. They come in variety of finishes, sizes and shapes.

Baskets or bags
Apart from the above containers, you can also use old baskets or bags that are available in your home as a containers for small plants or shrubs. This saves some of your money on containers. Baskets are light weight and can be hanged anywhere in your home as a decorative pieces. Grow bags are also lightweight and are very compact. Bags can be used for temporary home plants.
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September 11th, 2014

Gardening Tools, Equipments and Their Uses

by Andrew Veazey

Basic gardening tools are required for gardening. There are some basic gardening tools used in gardening such as:

miniature treesGloves
Gloves are the one of the essential basic tool in the gardening. It protects our hands from blisters, cuts, sunburns and thorns. Gloves are designed in different forms based on the tasks around the garden.

Seedling gloves are water proof gloves and provides extra Dexterity. Leather gloves are lack of flexibility and protects us from thorns and sharp objects. Full length glove reaches elbow and protects our hands from sun burn.

Watering can
Watering can is an essential gardening tool. It is used to provide water to the plant and to provide weedkillers or fertilizing the plants. Water cans are designed in different material such as copper, plastic, brass and ceramic and also available in different sizes from half liter to 10 liter cans. Plastic cans with 10liter cans are light weight and can use easily than others.

Utility bags
Utility bags are important through out the gardening process. It is used to hold all the tools for gardening. It is also used to place all the discarded weeds and debris from the garden. These are available in collapsible pop up styles and fold down polypropylene bags.miniature houses

Pruners are used to cut overgrown shrubs, stems and branches. These are available in knives and saw forms. Pruning knives are used to cut shrubs and prune branches. It is used to break up the soil before planting seeds. Pruning saw has larger teeth with rough surface and used to cut small branches and limbs and also fireworks.

Gardening forks
Gardening fork is a basic tool in gardening as it has several uses in gardening. It is used to dig the soil and to break up the compacted soil. It is also used to collect the loose materials such as leaves, compost and tree clippings as a result of pruning. It is used to lift the potatoes with out causing any damage.

Spades are long and having narrow blade at the edge. Transplanting spade is used to dig the soil to accommodate the plant root in the soil. It is used to avoid occurring damage to the adjacent plants and also to remove damaging weed. Fork spades are used to gather all the loose debris such as leaves, tree clippings, etc.

HoesFairy houses
Hoes has a long handle with flat and perpendicular blade at the end. It is used to remove weeds and drilling soil for plantation. There are two types of hoes are available one is push hoes and other is draw hoes. Push hoes is moved backwards on the un-hoed ground and avoids walking on the newly hoed weed. Draw hoe is moved forward and walks on the newly hoed weed.

Scissors is one of the basic tool required for gardening. It is used to cut overgrown stems and branches. It is also used to remove dead flowers from plant.

Aerators are used to aerate soil by penetrating into the earth and increases the uptake of oxygen, water, nutrients and encourages the plant growth.
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September 4th, 2014

Constructing a Garden Retaining Wall and Its Benefits

by Jonathan Cogley

Do you want to construct or install a garden retaining wall? Here, are few simple steps you can go through for building this garden retaining wall. fairy garden ideasConstructing a retaining wall for your garden is very easy and you can do it by your own if you have few skills or otherwise take the help of your builder and instruct him during the construction. If you want to construct the retaining wall then, this article will help you. There are few benefits that your garden will have with this retaining wall.

Steps for constructing a garden retaining wall

At first, you should choose the type of the stone blocks that are necessary for building the wall. The stone can be granite, natural stone etc. of your choice or otherwise that matches the flooring of the outdoor place. This is the main part of the construction so, be sure in making a right stone choice with good shape and size.

Step-2: Once the stone selection is completed gather all the things and materials required for the construction, blocks of stones, tap for measuring, bricks jointer etc. I think an experience builder will help you in this matter. Along with this plan for the shape of the wall that you are going to construct and were your garden should be.

Step-3: Now, start the laying foundation. Dig the trench and before that measure the length, width and depth you need to dig for laying the foundation. Tamp the trench, add the layer of paver base, and level it. With this foundation will be completed.

Step-4: Now put the stone or brick block that you have chosen for the wall by shaping it properly to make a strong attachment with one another. Once the first layer is completed check the level of all the stones and if they are fine, fill the gaps between the blocks and then proceed in the same very to the last level of construction.

Step-5: Once, the wall construction is completed fill the remaining space in between the actual garden land and the wall with the gravel or pebbles. miniature housesThey not only covers the space but also gives a fine look to your garden landscape.
With this the construction of the garden retaining wall is completed. Now, we move to the benefits of having a retaining wall.

  • Garden retaining wall enhances the look of the garden and your home.
  • Gives a good protection for your garden plants and limits them in the space so, that they will be molded to the shape of the wall etc.

These are a few benefits and there are many other advantages that you get through the garden retaining wall as well.
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August 21st, 2014

Tips to Make Beautiful Home Garden

by tocuser4

Want to make your home garden more beautiful? Then, these tips will help you a lot. Garden is the reflection of your home. The design, the texture everything reflects your taste. Proper maintenance is necessary for the garden to make it look beautiful. But, in order to maintain it properly you need to follow some simple tips.

fairy gardenDead plant removal: The first thing you need to do is, remove all the dead leaves, aged and worn out plants from your garden. Because this will effects the other plants of your garden and gives an unnatural look.

Clean the garden: Once you remove the dead plants out of your garden, clean your garden well and prune all the un-even plants. Pruning helps to improve the growth of the plant. This will make our garden look good up to some extent.

Add color to your garden: If the pots and plants of your garden are too old better replace them. Use more of flowering plants because they spread out fragrance around your home. This will keep your mind fresh with fresh ideas. Replace the old pots with new colorful ones which give your garden a new look.

Place fragrant plants at the entrance: Now, start planting with fragrance spreading plants. Place them at the entrance of your home that spreads out fragrance and makes people enjoy the essence when they enter your home.

Decorate: Decorate your garden by adding some miniature pieces and fairies. This gives your garden aesthetic look. Many people love miniatures so, if you are a garden lover you too will love having miniatures in your garden.

Use various plant sizes: The size of the plants that you are placing in the garden should vary from one another, through the sun lights spreads out on all plants equally and create unity among the common plants which vary from other plants.

Make a beautiful lawn: If you have a big area in your garden for walking, then make lawn. Lawn will not only give a beautiful look to your garden, but you can also spend your snack time over there.

Maintain it well: Once you are done with all the above steps, then start maintaining it properly from time to time according to the seasons, and grow them well.

These are few tips that will help your garden look more aesthetic. A well maintained garden makes you feel fresh.
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May 30th, 2013

Some Tips to Organize Your Home

by Edwin Rosenthal

You think that you are the only person who are disorganized in your whole neighborhood because of not organizing your home properly. No body wants their home to keep their home in a bad condition but they don’t have any time to do. However below are some of the tips to organize your home with in a less amount of time.

  • Always think before starting to organize your home: that is where to start, make the schedule of it. Never consider bigger rooms to organize first because it takes more time.
  • After thinking where to start, you always schedule a time when to do this otherwise you will postpone to do this and it will never happens.
  • Plan how to organize by taking help of your friends or relatives but this plan should not distract you from what you want.
  • Then decide how you want to use the space and for which it is really meant.
  • Get for the preparation tools that will help you to organize and run smoothly such as cleaning products, clothes, broom, and vacuum cleaner to clean in and out the areas you are sorting from before putting items back.
  • While organizing if you find any items alike then identify and combine them to place in a required position.
  • For containers and boxes include:
    1.   A box for everything( for putting items) that does not now belong in this area but you will put these items later where it is required.
    2.   A trash can for putting real trash.
    3.   Recycle box for putting items such as glass, paper, and plastics.
    4.   Other boxes where the items can be kept to plan for storage, sale, thrift stores etc,.
  • Instead of sorting the items at that place, you remove the entire items, then clean and shine with the damp cloth or polishing cloth and put the items back whatever you want.
  • Once you finished your room cleaning then again reschedule the work by distributing all the designated boxes to the respective rooms.

Instead of organizing at a time, if you maintain daily you need not to worry and take risk to organize. read more »

October 12th, 2012

Carpet Maintenance Tips

by Jonathan Cogley

Your carpet is one of the most important characteristics of your home. It can make your home look clean and fresh, or dirty and drab. If the carpet is not cleaned well, it can make subtle difference to your home.

Carpets should be cleaned because they contain stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens. Carpet cleaning mainly used for beautification. In order to maintain or clean the carpets there are several traditional and modern methods are there.

Clean carpets looks more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets. So, below are some of the tips for carpet maintenance.

  • It is better to use doormats at entrances of your home because a mat reduces the amount of soil transferred onto your carpet. Whenever you walk on hard surface and keep your foot on the mat, it absorbs some amount of soil.
  • Regular vacuuming should be carried out on carpet especially where the carpet receives a heavy traffic. Each time you vacuum, it prevents the soil build up. Always vacuum with slow and firm strokes to get better results. To achieve more results complete four passes of the backward and forward motion over the same area for a thorough clean.
  • If your carpet has not been cleaned thoroughly for some time, then your home vacuum cleaner can not be able to do the job. So, in this time hiring a professional can get your carpet back. To maintain a carpet for longer life, it should receive a deep clean every 12 months.
  • Clean your carpet with hot water extraction/steam cleaning method but it is important to make sure that it should be done by professionals.

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April 10th, 2012

Greenhouse – An Elegant Extension in Your Garden

by Andrew Veazey

miniature treesA greenhouse is often referred as a building where plants are grown. However, it has certain specific features for protecting the plant growth from extreme environmental conditions. Different kinds of elements like flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. can be grown in a greenhouse. Building it in your garden not only expands your garden space but also offers many benefits.

Building your own greenhouse in your house shows your interest and passion for gardening. It is often considered as a next level to the gardening. It is an advanced facility which improves the value of your home too. As you can grow different species of fruits, vegetables, etc., a greenhouse helps in saving your grocery expenses.

A greenhouse maintains the control over the temperature of garden. Seasonal plants can be planted ahead of others. It is also a multipurpose gardening spot and is a wonderful land that can include almost any plant you like. Popularly, people use greenhouses to plant stuff like vegetables, miniature housesfruits, flowers, herbs, cactus and even bonsai.

It’s often a great idea to build a greenhouse in your garden. However, you should consider proper location, ventilation and many other factors to make
it efficient. Different kinds of materials like plastic, metal, glass and wood are used to build a greenhouse. Though it is considered to be expensive, the benefits it provides are worth the value. Gardening in a greenhouse can be a relaxing and productive way as well to spend your time. It not only makes you fit but also reduces your stress levels. read more »

March 30th, 2012

Creative Lawn Décor with Homemade Items

by Andrew Veazey

A plain and simple lawn can be boring to look at. It can be made more interesting and beautiful with decorative pieces. Don’t just get worried of the expensive ideas of lawn décor. There are even many simple ways to add beauty to the lawn with homemade items through creative ideas.

Central lawn decorations act as a focal point for the lawn or a yard. You can keep objects like child’s wagon, a large wagon or even a simple wagon wheel. You can fill them completely with pumpkins, potted chrysanthemums, and even bales of hay.

Corn stalks are dried and yellow husks from the summer corn crops. They serve the ideal traditional décor for your lawn. Collect clumps of corn stalks from your farmer or purchase them. The stalks can be made to stand upright and they can be twined tightly around the center. Simply disguise the tied knot with a decorative and colorful ribbon. You can set the stalk in the lawn near your front door. Also arrange pumpkins, dried corn, scarecrow, and other decorative items around the bottom of the stalk to enhance its elegance.

Whimsical baskets, old Christmas stars, kid’s toys, plant pots or milk jugs, etc. can be used to design decorative arts and add beauty to the lawn. You can even make stylish homemade lawn ornaments like copper tree with copper tubing, strands of crystal beads and prisms. Also, you can add bits of broken ceramics, mosaic tiles, and glass cabochons, to a plain bowling ball and turn it into a mosaic and colorful one. Designing a rock wall is another great idea to enhance your lawn beauty.