Constructing a Garden Retaining Wall and Its Benefits

Do you want to construct or install a garden retaining wall? Here, are few simple steps you can go through for building this garden retaining wall. fairy garden ideasConstructing a retaining wall for your garden is very easy and you can do it by your own if you have few skills or otherwise take the help of your builder and instruct him during the construction. If you want to construct the retaining wall then, this article will help you. There are few benefits that your garden will have with this retaining wall.

Steps for constructing a garden retaining wall

At first, you should choose the type of the stone blocks that are necessary for building the wall. The stone can be granite, natural stone etc. of your choice or otherwise that matches the flooring of the outdoor place. This is the main part of the construction so, be sure in making a right stone choice with good shape and size.

Step-2: Once the stone selection is completed gather all the things and materials required for the construction, blocks of stones, tap for measuring, bricks jointer etc. I think an experience builder will help you in this matter. Along with this plan for the shape of the wall that you are going to construct and were your garden should be.

Step-3: Now, start the laying foundation. Dig the trench and before that measure the length, width and depth you need to dig for laying the foundation. Tamp the trench, add the layer of paver base, and level it. With this foundation will be completed.

Step-4: Now put the stone or brick block that you have chosen for the wall by shaping it properly to make a strong attachment with one another. Once the first layer is completed check the level of all the stones and if they are fine, fill the gaps between the blocks and then proceed in the same very to the last level of construction.

Step-5: Once, the wall construction is completed fill the remaining space in between the actual garden land and the wall with the gravel or pebbles. miniature housesThey not only covers the space but also gives a fine look to your garden landscape.
With this the construction of the garden retaining wall is completed. Now, we move to the benefits of having a retaining wall.

  • Garden retaining wall enhances the look of the garden and your home.
  • Gives a good protection for your garden plants and limits them in the space so, that they will be molded to the shape of the wall etc.

These are a few benefits and there are many other advantages that you get through the garden retaining wall as well. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme