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September 17th, 2014

Traveling Tips: Learn the Art of Packing

by Debbie Harry

Packing is an art
Believe it or not, packing luggage is an art and everyone is not capable of doing it well. Good packing leads to less luggage and a nice journey. It is good to prepare a checklist so that you do not miss out on any important things.

Perfect clothes for perfect trip
You should do a little research about the culture, climate and tradition of the place and pack your clothes likewise. Just the required number of clothes will do and you do not need to stuff a whole boutique for a trip. Keeping light and comfortable clothes is preferable. You should restrict to clothing that do not violate the cultural and religious beliefs of the place. Clothes that attract the attention can make you victim of burglary or molestation. So be wise while choosing clothes. Be comfortable, be appropriate.

Don’t forget cameras and other gadgets
Life has become tech savvy now-a-days. We have gadgets and devices for everything. Likewise, if you want to go on a trip, gadgets are there. Camera being one of them is very important while on the trip. It helps you to capture memorable moments that make you nostalgic long after the trip is over. You can capture every bit of your fun and trip if you keep a camera with you. You come across some wonderful thing, snap it with and share it with friends and family. Always keep Mp3 players and video games with you so that you can keep yourself amused during hectic and dull journeys.

Keep the first aid and medication
Becoming sick can devoid you of the fun and enjoyment. Just as a matter of precaution, keeping a first aid comes handy, particularly if you are traveling with children and old people. Likewise, if any of you is already undergoing some medication for some ailment, you have to make sure that medicine is bought in enough quantity. Always keep antiseptic lotion, band aids, antacids and few other medicines while traveling.

Extra space to accommodate shopping
Sighting different things and colorful things in the market, tourists develop a tendency to go for shopping. Usually they shop a lot and thereafter they do not find space to accommodate them. So if you have any such plans, take with yourself some extra luggage.

Passports, visas and tickets
Get passports, visas and tickets renewed and keep them in a safe place and do not forget them at home. It is necessary to keep them safe during the trip. Missing them can place you into legal complications. Preferably, keep copies of these documents or mail them to your email account.

Organize your stuff
Though every thing on your checklist is important, while packing you have to pack in a good way. You have to prioritize your things. Packing should be done in such a way that if you want something from your bag during the journey, you do not need to get everything out. Also the things should be kept in a organized manner in bags. Proper packing saves a lot of space. So, it can reduce your number of bags and accommodate more in less space.
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March 16th, 2014

Tips for Renting Cheap Holiday Villas

by Edwin Rosenthal

If you are planning renting a villa for your next trip, you need to do some research on it. This is likely to prove beneficial to you. You can get number of options and in that you can select your best option. It is helpful to save your money while in the vacation and one more thing is that you can get extra space.

By doing research on particular location which you want to go you can get many options. There are many types villas available in your destinations. Choose the best one which suits your requirements. Following tips will help you to choose a villa so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Book early
Booking a rental villa in advance will save your money and especially in peak seasons.
Because in peak seasons it is very hard to get renting villas, all are booked before only. If you book in advance you can get many options to choose. So it is always better to book early.
And one more important thing is don’t forget to book flight tickets in advance.

Book through reputable company
Many companies offer villas for rent. You must know about the company reputations and services. Some companies will not only give you a villa but also they will help you to planning process in that location. Some companies will help you to book most suitable flight for your travel.

Get all information
Before transferring the fund make sure did you get correct information regarding the renting villa. The rental company should present you with a contract that is required for you. You should know all these conditions before making agreements with them. Need to ask about services and don’t forget to check with owner that your villa for rent is truly existed or not.

Watch for some red flags
In this industry fraud is common, so you need to be very careful while choosing and booking. If the price of that villa which offered you is very low, be careful while transferring money. If you are dealing with private contractors be careful while payment. Make sure that the company which offered you a rental villa is having any office in that location or not. It will helpful while traveling.

Know what you are paying for
Know about the all details regarding the services and maintenance of that rental villa. Because some rental home having only options like cleaning and gardening. Make sure that what you are paying for. And what are services that they offered you while payment.
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October 3rd, 2011

How To Become a Good Taxi Driver

by Andrew Veazey

Taxi services are getting popular now a days with many people using taxi services in their regular travel usages. Taxi drivers require more skills and interest for driving. They should remember that driving is their profession. If you want to become a good taxi driver, you require skills, experience and good track record on vehicle driving. Taxi driver becomes professional when he sticks to his job responsibilities. Some of the basic requirements for taxi drivers are:

Should have knowledge about vehicle maintenance: It is very important to taxi drivers to maintain their vehicle. Professionals can maintain their vehicle neatly, remember passengers always want to travel in clean and well maintained taxis only. Driver should take care of his vehicle condition and external and internal neatness of vehicle.

Safety driving: Professional drivers are the licensed drivers, they are very familiar about the traffic rules and they know the routes very well. They become professionals with regular driving so they have good experience of driving. They make the travelers reach their destinations safely.

To become a taxi driver is very easy when you have license and vehicle maintenance skills. Drivers require patience also which is very much beneficial.

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May 12th, 2011

Shoe and Foot Care While Traveling

by Edwin Rosenthal

It is important to consider the foot care while going for a holiday. It is very much essential to pack suitable footwear for a holiday trip because while on vacation, you will walk and wander continuously. Make sure that the shoes that you take on vacation are designed for walking and select the shoe based on the type of the activities you need to do on the tour.

Following are the tips which helps you to take care of your foot while you are on the trip:

  • Pack the shoe neatly and the packing of the men’s shoe requires lot of space in the luggage bag because of their large size.
  • It is suggested to take a minimum of two pair of shoes for a holiday trip because it takes 24 hours of natural drying for the air to wick the moisture out of a shoe that has been worn during a normal tourist’s day of wandering and walking.
  • If you have at least two pairs your feet will be more comfortable because of the rotation.
  • If your shoes get wet, dry them at least twenty four hours before wearing them and never dry the shoe near the sources of heat.
  • Inserting news papers in drying shoes can decrease drying time and help retain shoe shape.
  • If you are going to do lot of walking during you vacation take along a sturdy shoe designed for comfort during walking.
  • Make sure that your shoe fits properly and problems regarding cushion can be solved by adding a pad to the inside of the shoe.
  • Do not wear socks more than one day without washing and thoroughly dry them before wearing next time.
  • Socks made up of cotton are best suited for the person who need to do lot of walking on a vacation because they absorb the moisture form your feet.
  • If you have foot problems take care because amount of walking during your vacation will surely complicate the problem.
  • If you wear orthotics in you shoes, make sure that the shoes that you take on vacation are ones that work well with your orthotics.

Shoe and foot care is something which most of the people neglect while planning a holiday. But these are very much essential for one to have a comfortable vacation.

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March 26th, 2009

The Present And Future Of US Travel

by Andrew Veazey

The recession has taken down all the major industries and its major players. Now they are all eager to spend on the present and future of the industries in order to take wise decisions. US travel industry is one of those.

According to a survey report released by The Traveler Sentiment Index, the US traveler sentiment surprisingly rose to 90.2 percent in February 2009 from 78.2 percent in 2008 October. The decrease in travel rates and increase in affordability of travel is reported to be the key reason for this.

Business travel is estimated to decline by 5.6 percent in 2009.

However, the airlines industry is facing losses due to decrease in its traffic and demand. The losses are reported to increase to $4.7 billions from $2.5 billion, three months ago. This situation is likely to continue for airlines industry for a certain period.

Off all these situations, the federal government reported that the travel industry is likely to slash around 450,000 jobs in 2008-09.

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December 4th, 2008

My personal Experience with Holiday Planning

by Edwin Rosenthal

Holiday season has come and many holiday trip planners are low in this season for so many reasons. One of them is, people are not showing interest because of the spending involved.

Recently, my uncle went for a holiday and saved more than 20% of money on the trip. Every one can save money on the holidays, if we follow the following steps. My uncle planned a holiday 2 months earlier. If we plan a holiday before, we can purchase the tickets when there is a discount offered by the airlines and he got 15% off on the air tickets.

The day on which you are planning will also affects the expenses, there are particular days, on which they will be a rush to travel. If you plan on the same day, no discounts will be available for you. So better decide a day on which there are discounts on the charges of airlines.

November 16th, 2008

Top 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss In The United States

by Jonathan Cogley

The United States is perhaps the most glorious and diverse country on Earth. In each state have the different vacation spots. Here are 10 most attractive travel spots for who are visiting US first time.

Orlando, Florida: Orlando is one of the beautiful places in the world. The important places you need visit in Orlando is the Mecca of theme park fun, with giant Disney World, plus Universal Orlando and other attractions.

Williamsburg: Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia takes your family back in time: not only to stroll past historic buildings, but to see real-live people of the period too, with a cast of hundreds who bring the Revolutionary years of the US to life.

New York City: In New York City have the dozens fun places like Top of the Rock, Harbor Tour on a crazy fast boat, Natural History Museum, Blue Man Group performance, movie tours.

Anaheim – San Diego, California: This southern part of the Golden State offers the chance to combine a beach vacation with theme park fun.

Myrtle Beach- South Carolina: SC is the biggest tourist spot after Florida, more than 13 Million visitors visits the Myrtle Beach.

Cancun, Mexico: Cancun gets some 20% of Mexico’s tourism, thanks to its 25-kilometre Hotel Zone of double waterfront (ocean and lagoon), and is wildly popular with night-club-goers, shoppers, and diners-out. Cancun also has many all-inclusive that welcome families, and is a convenient launch-pad for day-trips in the Mayan Riviera

Riviera Maya, Mexico – Highlights and Resorts: A top vacation spot for families, the Riviera Maya (in the Yucatan Peninsula, south of Cancun) has all-inclusive resorts plus so much to explore: Mayan ruins; barrier coral reef; “eco-archeol

Atlantis Bahamas: This mega-resort is a high-volume destination for families, with two areas of thrill waterslides, Water Park with river float; large kids pool area

Caribbean Beach Resorts: Families especially those in the northeast US love to do getaways at a Caribbean resort; all-inclusive are a popular choice.

April 16th, 2008

I Choose Holiday Cottages

by Debbie Harry

Beautiful rental in holiday destination of your choice is possible. Holiday cottage is well maintained and available at reasonably affordable prices. This is true and good option to make your holiday memorable. You may feel this option strange because you did not know about the option in past.

Personally, I like holiday cottage, as I book for tickets and rooms in resort and many more. This option is similarly to them but brings more fun and adds new attraction to the holiday. Renting a holiday cottage is not complex process. Finding a good and affordable holiday cottage is simple.

As soon as I finalized my holiday destination, I am ready to book a holiday cottage for my family and me. In every holiday destination, the option of rental apartments is available. I selected a holiday cottage based on my requirement and taste like number of bedrooms required, view of the home etc. Options like swimming pools, golf, and other activities are available with holiday cottages.

The thought of my vacation in a holiday cottage in Southern Ireland is wonderful experience.

March 4th, 2008

My Top 5 Favorite Family Vacation Spots in The World

by Andrew Veazey

Recently I have completed world trip. Now I explain my top five favorite family vacations spots in the world.

Paris & London: the Eiffel Tower, is top attraction ever; the river Seine with its wide walkways so perfect for strollers; and wonderful patisseries. We also loved our week of London Sightseeing.

Orlando Walt Disney World: Is the theme park capital of the world, and Walt Disney World is still the colossus, with four huge theme parks, two watermarks, 14 resorts, and an area the size of Boston. Visitors enjoy attractions, great rides, character greets; spectacular parades, fireworks, and live stage shows.

Italy: Rome, Venice, Hill Towns in Tuscany: There’s nothing like wandering the streets of Rome and Venice, eating gelato all the while. We’ve had other kind wonderful times in Italy too.

Breezes Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil: Admittedly, this is long-haul for a getaway. with five miles of unspoiled beach; shared equestrian, golf, and lake activities; shared village with restaurants, entertainment, kids play zone, sophisticated shopping interesting nearby eco-outings, and tour of historic Salvador; kids’ program and infant care; fabulous seafood; and in general, a very fun and Brazilian ambiance. This is where many Brazilians take holidays.

Quebec Carnival – Winter Festival Quebec City, Canada: Ice Palaces, ice sculptures, snow sculptures, giant slides for sleds Quebec City is easily reached from northeast cities, and its 2-week carnival in February is a joyous and friendly good-time-for-all, especially kids.

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