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Difference Between Internationalization and Localization of Websites

Internationalization and localization are the terms which appear to be totally in contrast to each other, but the fact is, though they are different from each other in terms of their definition, functionally they are inter dependent. Internationalization represents broader sense, whereas localization represents narrower sense. To be specific, localization is a part of internationalization […]

Types of Translation

Translation is the method of translating a text in document from one language to another. It is not just a mechanical translation of words. An accurate translation needs complete apprehending of the original text and then converting it into the target language. Machine translation: It is also called automatic translation, this can be any translation […]

Translation Jobs Are In Demand

Translation jobs are in demand right now because of several reasons. Two of these reasons are: the need to tap highly competent translators from other countries and the necessity of outsourcing translation jobs so that business outsourcing groups will have more time to do things that are more important and pressing. Translation jobs have been […]

The Elements of Linguistic Services

Language services are expanding in order to meet the emerging needs and requirements of the global community. This involves many important services which can be described as follows: Interpretation Although the terms translation and interpretation are often used synonymously, they actually vary a great deal in meaning. Interpretation is the intellectual activity that facilitates oral […]

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