Difference Between Internationalization and Localization of Websites

Internationalization and localization are the terms which appear to be totally in contrast to each other, but the fact is, though they are different from each other in terms of their definition, functionally they are inter dependent. Internationalization represents broader sense, whereas localization represents narrower sense. To be specific, localization is a part of internationalization and internationalization is incomplete without localization.

Going by the definitions, internationalization is a process which involves designing a web page according to the tastes and preferences of the universal audience. It is done keeping in mind the global tastes and preferences. Whereas, localization or is the process of customizing a website according to the tastes, culture and preferences of the target market. It is very specific in nature.

Internationalization is generally done to expand the business all across the global. It increases the business presence in each and every corner of the world. Hence, it is necessary for a business to adapt a more generalized approach, so that, the business can be related by each and every global citizen.

Coming to localization, it is a part of internationalization. Localization cannot exist without internationalization. The main principle involved in internationalization is to reach each and every audience in the world. Localization is tool which facilitates this process, as it is not possible to reach a niche or specific market without getting customized to their needs. For the business to be felt more relevant to the target audience, website localization is the best strategy. Web localization helps in increasing the usability and accessibility of a website.

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