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‘Past Performance Predicts The Future Performance’ In Interviews

The past performance of candidates will predict the future in the interviewing process. By knowing the past performance of a candidate, the interviewer can assess the future behavior of the candidate in different situations. In the interviewing process, the interviewer should check the person’s past performance by focusing on candidate past experience, behavior, attitude, and […]

Translation Jobs Are In Demand

Translation jobs are in demand right now because of several reasons. Two of these reasons are: the need to tap highly competent translators from other countries and the necessity of outsourcing translation jobs so that business outsourcing groups will have more time to do things that are more important and pressing. Translation jobs have been […]

Home Work Issues May Cause Eye Problems

One in every 20 students is suffering with various degrees of convergence insufficiency, where eye muscles work harder to focus up-close. Children and teens who suffer with convergence cannot focus on the books. Teen’s slowly plagued with headaches and may have missed vision problems. Eye-strain, headaches, double vision or reading problems are few symptoms and […]

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