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February 3rd, 2014

Tips for Non-Written SEO in Social Media

by Debbie Harry

Social media helps the people to gather at a single platform and allows to share comment and discuss on anything they like. So most of the businesses are looking for make this opportunity as leads. Having good presence in the social media websites will also help for good search engine rankings. The social websites are more visual optimizing, even though optimizing non written content is more important. The following are some tips for non written search engine optimization practices for specific social media websites.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an image centric social media network. Recently it has come out with analytics. Do the following practices to get the better search engine optimization from Pinterest.
    • Optimize your account description and account name.
    • On every pin include links back to your dealership website.
    • Use the appropriate keywords in the alt text of images you pin and file names.
    • To describe the image and to include keywords, take your own time with each pin’s description.
    • To amplify the social reach of your pins, incorporate the hashtags.
  • Facebook: The content along with photos on Facebook generate 53% of more likes than the average posts. Videos and images are obviously a huge part of encouraging the followers and fans. These are not only interact with your dealership’s brand, but also consume content and that moves them down the funnel. Share the most interesting, most attractive and most engaged themselves.
  • Twitter: With new multimedia updates Twitter is buzzing. The new vine video app is the biggest integration to Twitter has with multimedia content. By using vine app you have the opportunity to do the following:
    • You can include CTAs within your profile image.
    • On brand pages, can optimize cover photos.
    • With featured tweets you can showcase multimedia content.
    • You can identify what keywords your dealership account should focus on.
    • By creating a vine account you can incorporate your video strategy into this, if you have.
    • To optimize conversions and reach you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of Twitter and Vine.
  • Google Plus: The most important thing to think about with the Google plus is authorship. If you have the author image and it is next to an article’s listing in the search engine results pages will prompt it much more to click than the plain text.

In any social media website, make sure that your content is fresh, unique and valuable to the followers or fans. The goal for the non written search engine optimization in social media networks is not necessarily to be found by the search engines, but these are to make sure that you are using non written content to it’s full advantage.
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September 25th, 2013

Importance of Email Marketing for Small businesses

by Andrew Veazey

Email marketing is a cost effective tool to send your commercial messages to your current and potential customers. These emails contain information of your product offers, achievements, latest updates, etc. Email marketing helps you keep touch with your customers and also a way to build brand awareness, loyalty among the audiences. In this article, we discuss how email marketing helps small businesses.

Why do you need to go for email marketing?
Email marketing is affordable, easy to set-up, implement, and gives real time results. It doesn’t matter which business you are doing. You need to make sure that the message you are sending is receivable, understandable and actionable.

Increases your sales conversion: Email marketing helps you build a good relationship with your potential customers, and a scope to build credibility and trust. This ultimately gives a way to turn your leads into sales.

People visits your site in search of products. They will not directly jump into buying them. They will do research, send queries about your products. Your response and interaction makes them convert into sales. The matter does not end, you need to keep in touch with them regularly. Email marketing helps you in doing this.

Generates repetitive sales: Email marketing campaigns helps you build a one-to-one relationship with the current and potential customers. A well written message engages and is likely to generate good quality leads. In this way, a good campaign increases the frequency of repetitive sales from your existing customers. By this, you may get a purchaser who might purchase your products in many years to come.

Gives valuable feedback: Email marketing campaigns are generally of two types. One is to strengthen relationship with your customers. Two, to get direct feedback from the customers.
Customer feedback is valuable for every business. This feedback helps you know what their opinion is on your products and services, and, what their needs and interests. Accordingly, you can improve your services.

Builds customer loyalty: Email marketing is an effective way of establishing a long lasting relationship with your customers. This happens by sending regular updates, offers, newsletters, event invitations of your company. A good relation with your customers always drives profit to your business.

Quickest form of communication: It is one of the quickest methods of communication. Thus, you can instantly access to their replies or queries and can revert back with a solution in a short period of time. This builds a confidence in the minds of the customers.

Convenient: Email marketing is convenient way of marketing your products. It is easy to send emails, track the feedback, update the email list. It is convenient to separate interested subscribers from those who are not so.

Email marketing campaigns boosts customers and the revenue of small businesses. Then go ahead and create its campaigns right away.

November 23rd, 2010

How to Get High Rankings on Search Engine Results Page

by Debbie Harry

The main objective of every website is to rank top on the search engines. This is possible when the people search for your website with the related keywords. Basically you should know the factors, which influences the search engine ranking, so that you can focus your efforts on them.

There are two main factors that influence your website in search engine rankings. They are on-page factors and off-page factors. The on-page factor influences directly on your website and are hosted on server such as, content, Meta tags and header tags. While the off-page factors encompasses things that affects outside the website and influences your rankings such as, link popularity.

Things you can do to improve search engines rankings
Good content, Page titles and Meta tags are the three major factors to increase your website ranking on search engine results pages. Beside these 3 things there are few other things that can improve your rankings. They are:

  • Use Target Keywords in the Content: Find the keywords that users frequently type in the search engines to find their sites. Get these target keywords in the content of your pages, in titles, in tag descriptions and at all the places where they make sense in real sentences.
  • Get High Value Links: The efficient way to determine High Value Links is to install Google Toolbar and use the Google’s Page Rank to determine link value. This is because if there is more High Value Links it can lead to better search engine popularity. It is better to have few high quality linking than the than many irrelevant links.
  • Relevant Value Added Content: Append the appropriate value added content for your website. This includes articles, blogs, news, and relevant tools to your business or industry. If your site has 100 pages of good quality content then there is a possibility of ranking top, than the site that has only 10 pages.
  • Create A Site Map: The major search engines like, Google, Yahoo have their standards for website rankings. It enables your visitors and search engines to navigate your website.
  • Use More Text Than Images: To display all the essential names, content, or links use more text than images. Search Engines do not recognize text contained in images or flash content. If there is a need to use images, then always use the Alt tag to describe the link.
  • Revisit Keywords On Regular Basis: There are several ways to search for the similar text and the search patterns vary frequently. You have to use the keywords according to those changes.
  • Submit Site To Directories: These directories include Yahoo and DMOZ. DMOZ is the Open Directory Project and is used to power thousands of sites and directories. If your site is included in this directory it gets you links to 1000’s of other sites.

This information suggests the ways to improve the rankings of your websites at search engine results page. Besides these, you may also require some other suggestions, depending on your need.


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November 20th, 2010

Google PageRank vs Alexa traffic rank

by Debbie Harry

PageRank (PR for short) is the method by which Google evaluates the importance of any given site. Pagerank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance.

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on a logarithmic scale (like Richter scale), meaning that the gaps between the integers increase logarithmically the closer you get to 10. So, for example, the gap between the 2 and 3 is quite small, whereas the gap between 7 and 8 is huge in comparison. As such, boosting your PageRank from a 2 to 3 would be quite easy, and going from a 7 to 8 would be quite hard.

Does pagerank only matters for getting a high ranking?
No. pagerank is not the only thing that matters, things like keyword density, and the anchor text used to link to the site will also have varying degrees of effect on Google.

But somehow pagerank matters because it is one of the factors that determine a page’s ranking in the search results. It isn’t the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

At one point, PageRank (PR) was a major factor in rankings. Today it is one of hundreds of factors in the algorithm that determines a page’s rankings.
Google updates its algorithm regularly to keep its results relevant. So, the formula used to determine pagerank and Google rankings is not constant.

Alexa Traffic Rank:
This is a ranking system set by (a subsidiary of Alexa traffic rank gives rough indication of the traffic your website is getting. The traffic rank provides historical traffic data. The traffic rank number gives the three months aggregated data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users. And it is a combined measure of page views and users.

The lower your rating on Alexa the better. If you have a ranking under 100,000 then your website should be getting good traffic. 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 ratings are for new sites mostly, or sites with no traffic basically. While a rating of 1 will be for the website with the most traffic.

Alexa’s objective is to show the actual traffic of a particular website, the number that it shows serves as only a random sample of the actual traffic of that website. This is because only a small percentage of internet users are using Alexa toolbar, where Alexa Traffic Ranking algorithm solely base its computation and ranking. In addition to this, Alexa Toolbar works only with the Internet Explorer browser and on Windows operating systems.

Thus, Alexa Traffic Rank has a considerable percentage of error and doesn’t really reflect the exact and actual traffic of a website. But since the traffic was base on a random sample and assuming that the sampling is close to uniform, it could still be a good bases for giving idea of the amount of traffic and traffic ranking, just always remember that it has some percentage of error.

Google Pagerank and Alexa Traffic Rank though both attempted to rank the websites. On the other hand, they are entirely different in their objective, (Google rank web pages according to its popularity and importance based on inbound links while Alexa rank the websites according to its traffic, which is randomly sampled). That is why it is more often that they show a different and contradicting statistics, specially, for a relatively small and new websites.


November 19th, 2010

Role of Internet Marketing In Automotive Industry

by Jonathan Cogley

In recent times, many retail businesses are considering Internet marketing as their preferred marketing solution to reach consumers. Many businesses consider taking their business online an issue with Internet Marketing. However, it’s about understanding, and utilizing current marketing trends effectively to enhance a business’s web presence. With Internet marketing, automotive businesses can take their services to higher levels.

Role of Internet marketing in automotive industry
When it comes to the automotive industry, Internet marketing plays a huge roll.

  • 24/7 services: Internet marketing brings 24/7 services to your business. As soon as you implement Internet marketing, your services are on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your services are made available to everyone through various Internet marketing methods like SEO, PPC, and Local search marketing etc.
  • Cost effective and flexible: Marketing for any automotive company through traditional media is expensive and the length of time your ad is visible to your consumer is limited. It is different when it comes to Internet marketing. Internet Marketing is cost effective and stays visible for longer periods of time and also appeals to a wider audience. This helps your automobile business reach both your existing and potential customers more effectively.
  • Improve credibility: Your website is an online representation of your business and it is your mouthpiece. All information about the company, and its products, are available on the website. Internet marketing provides your customers a place to read information about your business & services
  • High returns on investments: Costs of Internet marketing for your business are significantly lower when compared to the costs traditional offline marketing methods; such as TV, radio, and print. Internet marketing can represent your automobile business in a better way too. You can laser-target your audience very specifically based on multiple categories such as zip code & city. This means, ROI for Internet marketing is far better when compared to offline marketing, which works on mass marketing basis.
  • Two way communicative marketing: Anyone who searches for an automobile online should find your website in no time through online marketing. Search Engines provide an insight on how your potential customers are searching for services and their response to the various marketing methods you apply. There is two-way communication between you and your customers through Internet marketing unlike traditional marketing.
  • Add value and satisfaction: Internet marketing adds value to your automobile business with its tailor made solutions that are suitable for you. There is great satisfaction knowing the result of each penny you spend on Internet marketing.

Your automobile business can achieve measurable and immediate results by implementing Internet marketing. Internet marketing can help make your website easy-to-find, user-friendly, and convert leads.

Source: Search Optics

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