Tag: Mental Health

Marijuana’s Effect on Neurotransmitters

Marijuana is a drug; it is green, brown or gray mixture of dried stems, seeds flowers of the hemp plant. Marijuana abuse has impact on body as well as brain. Naturally a chemical is produced by the body that is very similar to THC; these chemicals are called as endogenous cannabinoids or endocannabinod. THC or […]

How To Forget Troubles?

Troubles are the situations that we don’t want to face in life but unfortunately we all gets in to. Most of the people try to face the situation instead of ignoring it. Got so many troubles that are weighing down? Then it’s a time to pick up your droopy face and turn sorrow into joy […]

Models Of Stress management

The stress management contains the technology to care for to equip the person take the mechanism which effective deals with as to deal with the pressure, is defined with the stress took to triggers person’s physiological reaction which or external stimulates with the fight either the flight response interior. The stress management is effective when […]

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