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February 14th, 2011

Prevalence of Usage of Marijuana

by Dov Waxman

The prevalence of use of marijuana is more among the whites when compared to blacks. Also, the drug abuse is more prevalent among people from 18-25 years of age and is declining in people after the age of 34. Many of the adolescent people are involved in marijuana abuse due to peer pressure. Experiments conducted on 456 students in the U.S to know about the reasons of usage, continuation and quitting of marijuana consumption revealed that the initiation of the drug consumption was due to social influences. However, it is known that the reason for quitting marijuana is due to influence of health and well-being of the individuals on their family and work relationships. It was revealed that people who use drugs by social influences stop the drug consumption than those who consume for their psychological reasons. The age distribution of normal marijuana users is different from that of the medical marijuana users. The usage of medical marijuana is more in people aged above 35.

January 11th, 2011

How a Blood Test is Performed for Detection of Marijuana

by Debbie Harry

Marijuana drug test is essential for determining if a person has consumed the drug. It is done by collecting samples which may be urine, blood, saliva and hair. Let us now know about a blood test which is performed for detecting marijuana.

The active presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be known through blood test. The levels of THC in blood plasma are higher with a concentration of 100ng/ml. The concentration remains higher at the time of consumption and declines rapidly. However, when marijuana testing is done through blood tests, the drug can be detected at a level of 1-2ng/ml for eight hours or more.

Detection of THC by blood tests acts as useful indicator for marijuana usage. High amounts of THC in blood indicates that the person has consumed marijuana recently. This can be helpful in certain cases such as road accidents, workplaces and autopsy.

Apart from THC, its metabolite carboxylic THC can also be detected through blood tests. It can be detected for a couple of days for a single use of drug. However, in chronic users, it can be detected for a few weeks. Hence this may not be used as a valid indicator for confirming the drug usage. Another metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC can be detected through blood tests. It is a byproduct which is produced by processing of THC in liver after oral consumption of the drug.

Blood tests for marijuana drug tests are conducted at various organizations. Many drug test kits are generally available that can be used at home. However, these are not available for performing blood tests as the administration of sample is difficult. Also these tests require proper laboratory analysis for achieving proper results.

The cost of blood test for marijuana is relatively higher. It also involves a long procedure that lasts for about four to six days.

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September 27th, 2010

Advantages of Marijuana Drug Testing in Organizations

by Andrew Veazey

There is a significant importance of employee drug testing in organizations. Drug abuse problems are found out by this test. Employee productivity, professionalism are supported by maintaining a drug free environment and absenteeism, addiction related crimes, accidents and injuries are prevented by the drug free environment. Addiction is avoided by conducting pre-employment and random employee drug testing and safe and productive work environment is ensured by it. There are many advantages, such as:

Safe work place: Work environment will be free from any form of addiction related crimes, injuries, and accidents, if employee drug testing is conducted by the organizations. Safety at job is increased by employee drug testing and safe and secure environment is maintained. Addicted persons joining the organization, who spoil the working the environment, can be prevented by conducting the pre employment test.

Improvement in quality of work and productivity: It is important for employee productivity and professional environment for any organization or establishment of business. Employee productivity is reduced and negative traits and unprofessional behavior is encouraged by drug use. A healthier working environment is led by detecting drug abuse among present and future employees. Productivity and quality of work will be improved by healthier working environment.

Reduces the health costs: Because of drug use, employee is affected from sudden mood swings and irrational behavior which results in work place accidents. The drug addicted employees are eliminated by the drug testing and system is cleaned by this. So in this way, it helps to be free from such employees to save the significant amount of money which is given by employer for health insurance premiums. Health costs are saved by the company towards medical treatments of such employees due to accidents.

There are many advantages of conducting drug tests in organizations. It helps to have safe work environment and increases the productivity.

August 11th, 2010

Know About Marijuana Addiction

by Dov Waxman

Addiction is a chronic disease which may occurs a result of consumption of the drug. Sometimes, the general usage may lead to addiction. Because of the changes in the brain due to drugs, the addiction becomes a compulsive behavior. Initially, when a person starts the using one may feel pleasant and happy because of the reactions in the brain. At the end, if they want to get rid of from the usage of the drugs they cant withdraw from the usage because of the mood swings.

Now coming to the marijuana addiction, it occurs because of excessive usage of marijuana. Here in this type of addiction, uncontrollable cravings towards marijuana will occur. One might take a strong decision regarding the quitting the marijuana usage but the relapse conditions will overwhelm the marijuana usage.

By the use of marijuana, one becomes both physically and mentally addictive. Once the person gets addicted, the person cannot think beyond marijuana and it will rule him. Marijuana contains the THC component which will effect the changes in the brain.

One can easily find out a person who is addicted to marijuana. He/she who is addicted will always stay in the isolation. One can see the joints of used marijuana in his pockets or in his room. His clothes stink. They carry huge amounts of marijuana with them when they travel. They look always stressed and depressed.

After a person gets addicted, he/she might do illegal things as a part of their behavioral changes. Generally, they steal money for buying marijuana, even link up with the persons who sell marijuana, do crimes because of behavior changes. All these can be avoided by regularly using marijuana drug test kits; if addicted, getting an effective treatment for curing the addiction.

July 2nd, 2010

Marijuana’s Effect on Neurotransmitters

by PT

Marijuana is a drug; it is green, brown or gray mixture of dried stems, seeds flowers of the hemp plant. Marijuana abuse has impact on body as well as brain.

Naturally a chemical is produced by the body that is very similar to THC; these chemicals are called as endogenous cannabinoids or endocannabinod. THC or delta 9 is one of the ingredient and chemical found in marijuana.

Neurons are cells in brain; information will be processed by this cells. These cells are authorized by neurotransmitter chemicals to communicate with each other. These cells release in to gap between the neurons known as synapse. There are some proteins in neurons called as receptors which are specific to neurotransmitters. Various cellular mechanisms are turned on or off by these receptors. Production, release or re-uptake of various neurotransmitters are effected by the drugs. Actions of neurotransmitters are blocked by the marijuana drug. It interferes with the mechanisms which associates with the receptor. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which associates with pleasurable sensations externally. This dopamine production is reduced by drug use. Indication for this harmful behavior of the user. Neurons are activated by this drug leading to high sensation of feelings.

Marijuana users thus experience reduction in pain and increased appetite. They may get sleepiness, impaired attention span, mellow feeling, and blood pressure can be reduced.

There are so many adverse effects of use of marijuana on brain and body of human beings. Some times it may lead to cancer as well as death.