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February 17th, 2011

Find the Necessity of Using Barcodes in Time and Attendance Systems

by Debbie Harry

Barcodes can be used for various purposes in different industries. They are also used by many companies in their time and attendance systems. A time and attendance system records the working hours of employees in order to calculate their wages.

Employee cards are given to the employees containing unique barcode number. The data like employee name and other professional details may be encoded in the barcode. So each employee will have a unique barcode number. Symbol barcode can be used for this purpose. These are printed by a specific barcode printer. Many companies use Zebra printers for creating barcodes for time and attendance systems. Employee cards are scanned by barcode scanners which record the time in and time out of an employee. A specific software used helps in storing and managing these data for calculating payrolls.

Let us know why barcode time and attendance system is essential.

  • Manual systems for managing payroll activities include high labor work. It may also be prone to human errors. It also takes lot of time and effort for storage and management of manual time and attendance systems. In order to avoid these issues, one can use barcodes in time and attendance systems.
  • When manual time and attendance systems are used, employees may enter wrong details of their time in and time out. It thus may include frauds and misuse. So it is necessary to apply barcodes in time and attendance systems.
  • Certain employees involved in checking payroll issues feel bored and laborious to do it. In the process, they may make some mistakes. They may not report the details to their supervisors in time. The barcode system should therefore be used to reduce their time and effort.
  • It must be implemented to eliminate payroll disputes with employees.
  • In order to reduce the time required for payroll auditing tasks, it is necessary to follow barcode time and attendance systems.

Because of these reasons, many companies prefer to use barcode time and attendance tracking systems which improves efficiency of payroll activities.

January 27th, 2011

Need to Know About Barcode Inventory System?

by Debbie Harry

Applications of barcodes is being increased in a wide range of industries. An inventory control can be considered as a set of hardware and software tools which help in automating the process of tracking inventory. Various kinds of inventory including clothing, food, books, equipment, and others can use barcode system.

A barcode system consists of four components including barcode labels, barcode scanners, barcode printers and a database. Barcode labels are the tags that contain the data of barcodes in various symbologies. Barcode scanner is the device that is used to read it. Barcode readers are of various types. Symbol barcode scanner, HP Laser barcode scanner and others are mostly used for reading data on barcodes. The labels are printed by means of a barcode printer. The data read by barcode readers is stored in a database. The database consists of the information of inventory.

It is necessary to ensure quality control in businesses that handle transactions including consumer goods. Inventory information of a product in a retail store includes the amount of quantity, description of the product, and the code number. Inventory management by barcode systems has many advantages. Manual checking which consumes time and errors can be avoided by application of barcodes. Barcode inventory systems can be applicable in storing patient records in healthcare industries. Patient visit, dosage of drug administration, any allergic responses, and other related information can be tracked by barcodes using a patient identification card with barcodes. When a patient visits a hospital, all the details can be known by checking the identification card which saves a lot of time.

Barcode inventory control system can also be used in locating items of order list of a warehouse. It also helps in encoding shipping information such as tracking numbers and delivery addresses. Location and analyzing inventory information can be made simple by using barcode inventory control system in real-time. With advances in the inventory management of various products, manufacturers of barocde components are facing high competition. Symbol scanners, Zebra Printers and others are some of the products of prominent manufacturers.

January 7th, 2011

Compliance Labeling of Barcodes

by Edwin Rosenthal

Barcodes are printed on labels called barcode labels. These are printed by means of a barcode printer. Certain companies may provide certain requirements and specifications for barcode labels. Based on the customer and trader needs the barcode labels have to be printed and these barcode labels are termed as compliance labels. This process of labeling is termed compliance labeling.

Compliance labeling has been becoming prominent in many industries ranging from automotive parts to electronic manufacturers. The main aim in compliance labeling is creating more efficient and useable barcode labels within a given industry or market sector.

All the information encoded, symbologies used, layout of the label, and additional text information and graphic required should be made properly. If the label does not meet the specifications mentioned then the customer may even level a penalty. Good label printers should be used for printing labels that meet size, construction and information requirements. These printers allow one to be assured that the compliance labeling needs have been properly met. This may result in reducing the expenses associated with failed labeling.

An on-line verifier system is the one which checks each barcode when it is printed. The printing is interrupted when an out of specification symbol is detected. This verifier system helps in the quality control of checking the labels. When less stringent requirements are there for a label, then a statistical sampling with a handheld verifier is sufficient.

When an industry decides to move towards compliance labeling, no hesitation should be there for finding a reliable professional source of labels. Different label printers are available that can be used for printing labels of any industry standards.

January 5th, 2011

Different Types of Barcode Scanners that Help Modern Businesses

by Debbie Harry

Barcodes have been used on all types of consumer goods and items. A complete identification solution is given by these barcodes for all types of businesses. Barcodes are used for various operations and activities. Usage of barcodes help in improving the efficiency in many fields.

There is a necessity to decode the information to be read from the barcode. The reading of the barcode label is done by a barcode scanner. A multitude of barcode scanners such as Symbol barcode scanner, HP Laser barcode scanner and many are offered by the market. Each model has its own specifications, uses and benefits. Let us now discuss about the scanners that are generally used in some modern businesses.

A document scanner is used by the organizations that have a chain of computers. In a storehouse hundreds of different types of products and materials have to be scanned and tracked. These are to be scanned many times as and when they go in and out of the storehouses. A modern barcode scanner should be used by such storehouses.

The selection of barcode scanner is important. It is also based on the type of business. The laser scanners are one of the type of scanners that work with a thin red laser that is released from the device. A laser scanner can read a barcode from a greater distance. Hence these are used mostly in industrial areas. Where as, the LED scanners are used in small retail stores.

Throughout the retail supply chain processes from factories to outlets the retail barcode scanners are used. Two types of retail barcode scanners are available. These include in-counter and on-counter barcode scanners. When there is high sales volume in the retail outlets, the in-counter barcode scanners are used. In stores that have limited space on the counter, the on-counter barcode scanners are used.

Linear image barcode scanners are also called as CCD scanners. These are full array imagers. Less maintenance is required by these scanners as no moving parts are present. Hence they are more durable compared to other types. Damaged and poorly printed barcodes, and the barcodes that are under a plastic film or covering can also be read by CCD scanners. They have compact size and are light in weight. Hence they can be preferred to be used ideally in offices.

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December 30th, 2010

Use of Barcodes in Different Departments

by Andrew Veazey

A barcode is considered as a small image of lines or bars and spaces that are affixed to retail store items, identification cards, and postal mail which are made for identifying a specific product number, person or location. The barcodes have a sequence of vertical bars and spaces for representation of some numbers and other symbols. The information or data is to be read by the barcode scanner. Many industries utilize Symbol scanners for retrieving the data. The applications of barcodes is varied in different industries and departments.

  • Each and every item of a grocery store or a department store have a barcode on it. It keeps track of large number of items in a store. This helps in reducing the instances of shoplifting that involves price tag swapping, however shoplifters can print their own barcodes. Both the retailers and consumers have been benefited by the savings generated after the use of barcodes.
  • Unique identification of a customer can be done by retail chain membership cards that use barcodes.
  • For patient identification, barcodes help in permitting the clinical staff to access health of vital patient data. The data includes allergy warnings, medical history, and other potentially important medical information.
  • Movement of rental cars, nuclear waste, airline luggage, mail, express mail and parcels can be tracked.
  • Certain entertainment event tickets may also contain barcodes. These are to be checked before the entry of people to theatres, cinemas, sports arenas, and fairgrounds.
  • Barcode is also being used by GS1 which is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world.
  • The barcode can be used in managing and tracking the vehicle fleet and the driver.
  • They can be used for security in locking and unlocking entrances and exits throughout the plant or an industry.
  • Two dimensional barcodes can be used to embed a hyperlink to a web page. This can be read by a capable cellphone and it helps in browsing the linked website.
December 20th, 2010

Importance of the Barcode Labels In Effective Data Management

by Dov Waxman

Technology advancement had changed the traditional pricing manner into barcode labels on products. This barcode has black lines and white spaces, which help to identify and classify the items. Barcode is imprinted by the barcode printed on the label, which is affixed on the product or item.

The information which is incorporated in the barcodes is read by the barcode scanners. Barcode technology is used for different applications like accurate calculations, quick billing with proper product code, and inventory management. GTIN a 12 digit numbering system is encoded into the black lines on the barcode label, which can read by the Barcode readers. Such number contains three parts: first set of numbers have company profile, second set of numbers is the item reference and last number is referred as check digit for measures of the security and accuracy conformation.

A well designed structure of the barcode labels provides many benefits to users in all businesses. Each product or an application are classified effectively and uniquely by the barcode labels. The rate of capturing data can be much faster along with entering the appropriate product code in records. It helps to do quick billing. Barcode labels helps to manage the inventory easier than the traditional method. Quick and easy collection of reliable data is facilitated by the barcode labels with the help of scanners. Symbol barcode scanners are the best example for such barcode scanners. Data is recorded in very faster manner. Mistakes are reduced and accuracy is increased by using this barcode labels. Accurate data collection causes to increase the cost savings and reduction in data collection error causes to reduce the revenue losses.

So in this way barcode labels are useful to many businesses for effective data management.

December 10th, 2010

Know about Barcode Equipment

by Andrew Veazey

Barcode system is used by many small and large companies today. Barcode system contains barcode software, scanners, printer and labels for printing the barcodes on any product or item. You can know details about these equipments.

Barcode software: Barcode software is a software, which is used to create barcodes. The common symbolizes, calculate check-sums automatically and providing different of output options with support for the most common images formats and EPS. All these are supported by barcode software. Selection of the label printing software is determined by the application dedicated and barcode label.

Barcode readers: They are also called as Barcode scanners. They are used to read the barcode label’s information. There are different types and different companies of barcode scanners. Symbol barcode scanners is the one of them. Laser scanners are most common scanners which produces fast results with out any errors.

Barcode printers: Barcode printer is used to print the barcodes on labels which are fixed on any item or product. Most barcode label printers today work in thermo direct or thermo transfer mode. You can choose Zebra printers, if you want to use these technologies. There are many types of barcode printers which are available in market. Barcode printers are coming with technology advancement, which are designed with different features.

These are the barcode equipments, which are necessary to use the barcode technology.

November 24th, 2010

Importance of Barcode Technology in Different Businesses

by Jonathan Cogley

Today, barcode technology is being used in many industries, as technology advancement. They are used by many business from shipping services to local hospitals to track everything from packages to patients. There is a necessary to use barcodes where accessing, testing, or research functions happen.

Barcodes are used by almost all shipping service companies and United States Postal Services on all of their packages to track the information. If you receive any package from these shipping services, you will find the barcode labels on the package.

Healthcare is the fastest growing sector to use barcode technology today. Barcodes are used by hospital admission offices on patient ID wristbands. Patient processing time is reduced hospital wide, and possibility of misleading and missing key information about patient is reduced by using barcodes. Hospitals can be assured that they have the correct patient and information by scanning this wristband before conducting any laboratory tests, then result in reduction in errors and potential liability.

Barcodes are extensively used in retail outlets on their products to find out the information regarding the products. Barcodes are scanned by using barcode scanners to get information. There are many companies of barcode scanners like Symbol barcode scanners which are commonly used by retail outlet owners.

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August 5th, 2010

Improve Businesses Efficiency with Barcode Scanner

by Debbie Harry

Now-a-days, barcode scanners are used in every businesses for increasing efficiency. Even small business owners wants to speed up their business. These barcode scanners can help them with that.

Today, portable barcode scanners are being considered, as one of the major components for business efficient operations in manufacturing and retail industry. There is a lot of necessity for the efficient operations of companies that need to manage inventory or for keeping track of movements like shipping or cargo handling industries. By using barcode scanner, manufacturing industry improved it’s operations from management of raw materials to product delivery. There is no doubt that barcode scanners are important for accurate and efficient retrieval of data from barcodes. There are many developments in barcode scanners. For example, cordless barcode scanners are used in hospitals for the purpose of patient identification wristband.

Even it checks the incoming and out going goods. Information can be sent by cordless barcode scanners to the data centers even from distances in three ways such as GPS wireless technology, Wi-Fi, and Blue tooth. Some portable barcode scanners carry the information by using all the wireless technologies. barcode scanner which offer all these three information transfer options are useful in the transport sector.

Two things that increase contributors production cost are efficiency and human errors. So, investing in technology can increase the efficiency and productivity and reduce the cost automatically.