Different Types of Barcode Scanners that Help Modern Businesses

Barcodes have been used on all types of consumer goods and items. A complete identification solution is given by these barcodes for all types of businesses. Barcodes are used for various operations and activities. Usage of barcodes help in improving the efficiency in many fields.

There is a necessity to decode the information to be read from the barcode. The reading of the barcode label is done by a barcode scanner. A multitude of barcode scanners such as Symbol barcode scanner, HP Laser barcode scanner and many are offered by the market. Each model has its own specifications, uses and benefits. Let us now discuss about the scanners that are generally used in some modern businesses.

A document scanner is used by the organizations that have a chain of computers. In a storehouse hundreds of different types of products and materials have to be scanned and tracked. These are to be scanned many times as and when they go in and out of the storehouses. A modern barcode scanner should be used by such storehouses.

The selection of barcode scanner is important. It is also based on the type of business. The laser scanners are one of the type of scanners that work with a thin red laser that is released from the device. A laser scanner can read a barcode from a greater distance. Hence these are used mostly in industrial areas. Where as, the LED scanners are used in small retail stores.

Throughout the retail supply chain processes from factories to outlets the retail barcode scanners are used. Two types of retail barcode scanners are available. These include in-counter and on-counter barcode scanners. When there is high sales volume in the retail outlets, the in-counter barcode scanners are used. In stores that have limited space on the counter, the on-counter barcode scanners are used.

Linear image barcode scanners are also called as CCD scanners. These are full array imagers. Less maintenance is required by these scanners as no moving parts are present. Hence they are more durable compared to other types. Damaged and poorly printed barcodes, and the barcodes that are under a plastic film or covering can also be read by CCD scanners. They have compact size and are light in weight. Hence they can be preferred to be used ideally in offices.

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