Compliance Labeling of Barcodes

Barcodes are printed on labels called barcode labels. These are printed by means of a barcode printer. Certain companies may provide certain requirements and specifications for barcode labels. Based on the customer and trader needs the barcode labels have to be printed and these barcode labels are termed as compliance labels. This process of labeling is termed compliance labeling.

Compliance labeling has been becoming prominent in many industries ranging from automotive parts to electronic manufacturers. The main aim in compliance labeling is creating more efficient and useable barcode labels within a given industry or market sector.

All the information encoded, symbologies used, layout of the label, and additional text information and graphic required should be made properly. If the label does not meet the specifications mentioned then the customer may even level a penalty. Good label printers should be used for printing labels that meet size, construction and information requirements. These printers allow one to be assured that the compliance labeling needs have been properly met. This may result in reducing the expenses associated with failed labeling.

An on-line verifier system is the one which checks each barcode when it is printed. The printing is interrupted when an out of specification symbol is detected. This verifier system helps in the quality control of checking the labels. When less stringent requirements are there for a label, then a statistical sampling with a handheld verifier is sufficient.

When an industry decides to move towards compliance labeling, no hesitation should be there for finding a reliable professional source of labels. Different label printers are available that can be used for printing labels of any industry standards. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme