Tips for Non-Written SEO in Social Media

Social media helps the people to gather at a single platform and allows to share comment and discuss on anything they like. So most of the businesses are looking for make this opportunity as leads. Having good presence in the social media websites will also help for good search engine rankings. The social websites are more visual optimizing, even though optimizing non written content is more important. The following are some tips for non written search engine optimization practices for specific social media websites.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an image centric social media network. Recently it has come out with analytics. Do the following practices to get the better search engine optimization from Pinterest.
    • Optimize your account description and account name.
    • On every pin include links back to your dealership website.
    • Use the appropriate keywords in the alt text of images you pin and file names.
    • To describe the image and to include keywords, take your own time with each pin’s description.
    • To amplify the social reach of your pins, incorporate the hashtags.
  • Facebook: The content along with photos on Facebook generate 53% of more likes than the average posts. Videos and images are obviously a huge part of encouraging the followers and fans. These are not only interact with your dealership’s brand, but also consume content and that moves them down the funnel. Share the most interesting, most attractive and most engaged themselves.
  • Twitter: With new multimedia updates Twitter is buzzing. The new vine video app is the biggest integration to Twitter has with multimedia content. By using vine app you have the opportunity to do the following:
    • You can include CTAs within your profile image.
    • On brand pages, can optimize cover photos.
    • With featured tweets you can showcase multimedia content.
    • You can identify what keywords your dealership account should focus on.
    • By creating a vine account you can incorporate your video strategy into this, if you have.
    • To optimize conversions and reach you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of Twitter and Vine.
  • Google Plus: The most important thing to think about with the Google plus is authorship. If you have the author image and it is next to an article’s listing in the search engine results pages will prompt it much more to click than the plain text.

In any social media website, make sure that your content is fresh, unique and valuable to the followers or fans. The goal for the non written search engine optimization in social media networks is not necessarily to be found by the search engines, but these are to make sure that you are using non written content to it’s full advantage. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme