What Does Quality Assurance of a Website Involve?

web site monitoringQuality assurance of a website involves all the information and the features of your website are functioning properly which shows the performance of a website. In quality assurance, the site is examined and validated for various issues and checkpoints, to make sure that performance and quality of the website are good. Some of the issues that are examined in the quality assurance are:

Checking for the broken links
To ensure that your website pages are available to the visitors without any errors, you must check for all the links in the website and make sure that they are redirecting to the correct location without any breakage in the link i.e., without any broken links, because this may slow down your website and leads to several other problems. So, see to it that your website doesn’t have any broken links.

Checking for spelling, grammar
Spelling and grammar will show the quality of the content at your website. Mistakes in the spelling and grammar will degrade the quality of the website and make your website vulnerable to loss of popularity.

People Won’t have interest to read your site’s content unless it is informative and meaningful. Therefore, make sure that your site doesn’t have any issues with spelling and grammar.

Check the file size
See to it that your files of the web pages are not too large. Because, if the file size is too heavy with more images or video files then, it takes your web monitoring servicepage to load slowly or the loading time of the website increases which in turn affects the website performance.

Check the languages and scripts
See to it that all the server side languages and scripts are functioning properly without any issue. Check if there are any holes and try to correct them. This won’t give a chance to the hackers to make any vulnerable changes in the website.

Check for proper functioning of applications
Make sure that all the applications and the forms in your website are functioning properly. This keeps the trust your website visitors.

Check for missing page titles and content
See if your website is having any issues like not having the page title or not loading the images in the content. If the page title is missing, give it a title because without page title visitors can’t recognize your information. In addition, check the size of the image file and try to compress it if it is too large to make the image visible in the web page.

Check for browser compatibility
See to it that your website is functioning properly in all the commonly used web browsers and check whether it is compatible to those browsers or not. Every website on the web should be compatible to all the common or basic web browsers because, people use various web browsers for loading the site. If it is unavailable people leave your site. This affects negatively affects the website rankings.

Quality assurance should be made for every website. Checking and making corrections for all these issues ensures that your website is of good quality that satisfies the search engines and visitors requirements. This boosts-up the rankings in the search engines along with the website revenue.

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