How to Maintain Website’s Performance

website monitorIn this digital age, most businesses have their own professional website. Many of them are not realizing the importance of its performance. Your website performance plays a critical role for business like in terms of credibility, brand image, customers satisfaction, revenue, search engine ranking and many more.

If you ignore the importance of your site’s maintenance, you may lose the potential customers, profits and reputation. In this post, you will see how to maintain your website’s performance.

  • Profile your web pages: It is very important thing, you have to do from home page to the end page of your website. This is because it helps you to locate the components which needed to be optimized and which components to get rid of. Tools are available through which you can track the performance of your website like which components (images, CSS files, HTML files, java script files etc) are requested by your user, how big it is and how long it is taking to load, etc.


  • Save images in the right format: In website, you may use a lot of images in different formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc. It is very important to opt right format to save images in the website. JPG format mimics the original and it is very difficult to differentiate even at extreme magnification. And this is a good choice for nearly all photographs on the web with excellent quality even at high compression settings whereas GIF or PNG formats good for charts and logos.


  • Use the latest HTML: As languages has evolved, there are different versions of HTML came into picture. You have to use the latest HTML versions. Because it makes your site more reliable and it also protects your site from downtime due to programming errors and other issues.


  • Quality content: Your website should be vibrant and alive. For this, you need to provide fresh quality content or updating the old content. This helps the users to stick to your web-page because this what they are searching for. Stale content will takes away the visitors from your site.


  • Monitor web server performance: A web server is used to host website, data storage or running enterprise software. The function of the web server is to getting or sending the HTTP request to the users through the Internet. This helps you keep the website up and running. If you don’t monitor the web server performance, the money, effort and time you have spent on optimizing would go in vain.monitoring service


  • Utilize website monitoring services: You may have built a professional website with optimized content and images, latest HTML version, etc. You task doesn’t end here because your website may go up or down. So, you need to know about the website’s performance. Web monitoring services monitor and track the performance of your website from home page to a multi-page transactions and track the availability and performance of your website, web applications and server located in different geographical locations. Based on this, the monitor checks the performance and sends reports through email, SMS or RSS feeds. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme